Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best Picture Battle

So the Oscars are almost here! The movie industry's biggest night! It's where childhood dreamz become a reality! Where our favo starz are honored. Where crossed American Idol contestants get their just dessertz! And I can't wait!

The show is on 2.27 [aka mah birfday!!] and in preparation, I am desperately trying to see all of the filmz nominated for Best Picture. Since the Academy is trying to exxxpand the playing field & include filmz of overlooked genres is trying to make mi vida even hawder, starting wiff last year, they have bumped the nominees from 5 filmz to 10!!!

So far, I've seen 6. And I am dizzyappointed cuz I desperately wanted to be able to recap all ten for you. But since I need sumfing to blog about today I love class participation, I'll take a stab @ summarizing the six filmz I've seen just ten werdz & leave it to you bloggy readerz to summarize the 4 I haven't yet seen!

✔ Black Swan - Ballerina gets role of a lifetime and loses her shit.

❒ The Fighter - ____________________________

✔ Inception - Peepz crack into the unconcious mind and fuck shit up.

✔ The Kids Are All Right - Spawn of lesbian couple hunt down their incredibly sexxxy father.

✔ The King’s Speech - Duke of York becomes king, sucks at talking, gets help.

❒ 127 Hours - ____________________________

✔ The Social Network - Guy who kinda sucks kinda steals idea for Internet phenomenon.

✔ Toy Story 3 - Army of forgotten toys fart about and make audiences bawl.

❒ True Grit - ____________________________

❒ Winter’s Bone - ____________________________

I think it's gonna come down to The King's Speech & The Social Network snagging the trophy. Although, The Black Swan does have the artsy underdawg feel to it, so I wouldn't be surprised if that swiped that little golden man.

What about you?! Which of deez films have you seen dis year? Which were your favorites? Have you seen Winter's Bone, True Grit, The Fighter or 127 Hours and have a 10-word synopsis you'd like to enlighten us wiff? C'mon and share...dis is a blog of giving!


Tam said...

I have seen, out of the ten, I believe, the total of ... ONE. Inception. I don't really have any desire to see the others either. I thought 127 hours was "Man cuts off arm stuck in crevasse, following the Adam Sullens method of weight loss".

I will watch of course because I need to see what everyone is wearing and who makes the lamest speech and please let Nathalie Portman's water break while she's on the stage. Just because it would throw everyone into a tizz and be talked about for generations.

Polt said...

I haven't seen any of them. But that's not unusual for me. The only one I want to see is The King's Speech. I might catch Inception on netflix though. As I mentioned somewhere before, I'm rather meh about the whole Oscars things. None of the movies I enjoy are ever nominated, or if the are, they never win. So whatever.

But i hope all you guys who DO enjoy them have a good time watching them!


Adam said...

The Fighter - Marky Mark has 25 sisters and they're all trashy wonderful.

Winter's Bone - Poor girl's dad goes missing and it is so boring.

True Grit - Girl's dad is killed and they hunt down the killer.

127 Hours - HOT D00d gets arm stuck so he hacks it off.

I love, love, loved 127 Hours, but with all the King's Speech buzz, I guess it has no chance of winning. My favorites are 127 Hours, King's Speech, Social Network and Black Swan. Inception was visually awesome, but it doesn't feel like a best picture to me. The Kids Are All Right, True Grit and Toy Story 3 were all really good, but don't deserve the prize. Winter's Bone was an awful snore. I have no idea how it was even nominated.

Dave2 said...

I've seen all of them except Winter's Bone. I have no idea who "Winter" is, but I have no desire to see his bone, so it's better that way.

Personally, I think "Toy Story 3" is most deserving.

Michelle M. said...

I've only seen three. And they're the three you've blurbed about. But a comment is a comment.

Anonymous said...

We talked about this today so you know I've only seen Inception! Great movie even though I was confused half the time! lol Going to the movies is sooo expensive! :)
But will catch the others on Netflix, especially looking forward to The Black Swan (dancing and psycho-drama in one movie!) and The King's Speech (love historical pieces).


David said...

I've seen Black Swan, True Grit, Toy Story 3, The King's Speech, The Social Network, and The Kids Are All Right. That's an all-time record for me. In fact it's one more movie than I'd have needed to have seen all the best picture nominees back in the old days. Figures once I finally get up to speed, they change the speed.

I do want to see 127 Hours and will probably have to wait for Netflix for Inception, I probably won't see The Fighter, and have mixed feelings about Winter's Bone.

anne marie in philly said...

I saw the king's speech - loved it; I see colin firth as best actor.

Chris D. said...

I don't see movies in the theater much anymore. Between the obnoxious teenagers, and dopey parents bring babies, I've come to find the theater going experience diminished for me.

However, I did make a rare visit to the theater to see True Grit. I went, not because it was up for an award, but because a guy I liked asked me to go. ;)

I enjoyed the movie, it was a fun cowboy flick. I can't recall if I saw the original. I barley recognized Matt Damon with the thick full beard.

I saw a Single Man on Saturday. I may be blogging about it. I really liked Colin Firth, so I probably should see The King's Speech.

Now that I have Netflix, I imagine I will be watching more movies. Perhaps I won't be so clueless about many of your pop-culture references.

Laurie said...

Jeff Bridges + eye patch = sexiest man alive I would bang