Sunday, January 2, 2011

We need a resolution

2011 is here! Holy crap! It's a time for us to start over and to forget all the dopey crap we did in 2010 and vow to make a change for the better [read as: give ourselves unrealistic goals to achieve which we ultimately abandon by February]!

I could say that I am gonna cut back on my caffeine intake or exercise more and whateva', but those kind of resolutions don't require much actual work. The tingz I want to actually chisel away @ improving are more long-term goal accomplishments [aka improbable]. And since mah goofy azz bloggyskatez language makes it hawd for me to really articulate anything of real value, I'ma leave it to some of mah favo musical superstars to vocalize my resolutionz para el año nuevo!

"I will be strong on my own."

As Christina Aguilera prophesized yearz ago, the only way to reach your dreams is to learn to rely on yourself and only yourself. Sure, having friends and family and significant otherz make life fun and exciterbiking and shit, but the only way anyone will ever love you, is if you love urself or some crap. I find mahself often times leaning too heavily on those around me for resolution #1 for 2011 is to be more self-sufficient!

"Make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes."

2010 had a lot of difficult momentz that were really hard to get through, and I know that 2011 will also probably be chock full o' stress and turmoil, but I know that I just have to listen to the teachingz of Kris Allen and remember that all the bullshitting fuckery we are forced to trudge through ultimately benefit us in the long run. Another 2011 resolution? Grow a thicker skin to get through the lowest of lows unscathed.

"You're gonna leave them all in awe."

I have this self-destructive and ridiculous habit of thinking too lowly of mahself. I sometimes have a self-est33m that resembles a sort of trembling shower scum, waiting to be washed down the drain. No matter how many times p33pz say they are proud of me, I still have difficulty in thinking that I'm able to achieve any sort of level of greatness. So that's why, whenever I am in doubt of mah own awesomeness, I dive into the wise w3rdingz of Katy Perry and think about another of my 2011 resolutions: have faith in myself, no matter what.

"There are roads left in both of our shoes."

We all have bad days. We all feel like giving up. We all have momentz in our st00pid little vidaz where we think that life couldn't get worse. A significant other breaks up with you? Get hollered at by your boss? Gain ten LBs while ur on a diet? Have you favorite American Idol contestant not make it to the finals?! is filled with ups & downs. Thankfully for us all, Death Cab For Cutie have addressed this fear and reminds us of my 2011 resolution to remember that tomorrow is always another chance to change your life and make it not suck!

"I've got to be unstoppable."

To summarize. My 2011 resolution is to basically just continue my weird transformation from dumbo early 20-something scarredy cat baby to a REAL GODDAMN PERSON. It's a terrifying journey and while I definitely feel like I'm more of an adult than I was a year ago, I still have a long journey to go. To wrap-up all of my resolutions into one cute, neatly tied package [feat. pwetty lace bow], I will call up the genius of Santigold and say that for 2011, I want to become UNSTOPPABLE.

To all you bloggy p33pz, tanx for traveling on this crazy road with me. May your 2011s be full of joy, fun & seasonz in the sun. Lovez ya!


Dave2 said...




Dave2 said...

It had to be said.

Hope you have a great year, Josh!

Michelle M. said...

Those sound like some great resolutions. Much better than my "lose x amount of pounds". Good luck!

hoteltuesday said...

Those aren't the wise words of Kris Allen, but Kara Dioguardi!!! YAY!!! And I-I-I-I-I'm in looooove.

Polt said...

You don't abandon your unrealistic goals until February? Shit, dude, I've already abandoned the ones I made Friday night.


Mel said...

Well said, pop stars. Well said.

Chris D. said...

I applaud your aspirations toward personal growth and improvement!

Some of my issues are similar to yours, though, I may have coped with them differently in my life. I can tell you that time and experience will heal many of the insecurities of youth. You will build up such a pool of incremental successes that you may more fully appreciate your own capacity for achievement.

I'm still working on loving myself, but I'm closer now than I was in my early 20s.

Thanks for reminding me of that Santigold song. I previously heard it somewhere, liked it, and promptly forgot it.

I think my objective for 2011 is going to be to take a more active roll in my life and become more involved in the world around me. I want to be someone who makes things happen.

Anonymous said...

To. Get. A. Job. Then start saving to get my own place!!!

Graduation is in MAY! Wooohooo!
Can hardly believe it!

And I'm thinking of helping to plan a protest in Trenton sometime in April against a neo nazi group that plans to hold a rally there...stay tuned for the details! And most important, spread the word to anyone that wants to get involved in fighting hate against others!