Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Musical ABCs! - O

PHEW! It feelz like foreva since we've had an installment of Musical ABCs. I know all you peepz breathe for these entries [aka me forcing my music tastes down your gullets]. And we're about to be visited by one of my LEAST favorite Letter People, the loud and rude Ms. O. Bitch is soooo nasty wiff her big fat gob wide open and her swollen pink tongue smacking us in the face. SICK! But let's ignore her obnoxious oval overblown grossness and create an overjoyed overview of all our favorite O-songs!

"The Ocean" by Mae

"The season has changed. The wind, it blows colder now."

As I have mentioned a bajillion timez since I started this blog, I had my first serial grown-up crush during my freshman year of college. In mah eyes, dis d00d was da bee's knees and I attributed an entire catalog of songs to hopelessly exxxpressing [aka hopelessly posting lyrix in my AIM away messages] how I felt about him.

Also, as I've blabbed about, it was during my first year of college that I really started to exxxplore different kinds of music and bands I had never really heard of. And while surfing about on my college's illegal file-sharing network lawfully browsing the compact disc selection at the local record store, I came across the band Mae. They are melodically brilliant, dramatic in their productive and create some of the most lovely lyrix I've ever had the pleasure to become obsessed with.

Their song, "The Ocean," is all about having a secret rendezvous with that certain someone special and rekindling all those goofy, gooey, loveydovey asshole emotionz. It became more or less an emotional footnote to all of the vundervill late-night meet-upz I'd have wiff that certain d00d. But taken out of the nostalgic value, I still find the build-up of song [feat. dramatic piano] to be goddamn breath-taking. Seriously...can't...breathe...


"One of These Days" by Michelle Branch

"On the Radio" by Regina Spektor

"The One" by Vanessa Carlton [feat. Stevie Nicks]

"Our Lips Are Sealed" by Hilary & Haylie Duff


john said...

Ooh La La: Goldfrapp
The Other Side: Scissor Sisters
Out Of Love: Pleasure
Oye Mi Canto: N.O.R.E feat Tego Calderon & Nina Sky
One Too Many Morning Anthems: Brad Breek
Open Your Mind (Chiisana Hane Hirogete): Ishida Youko
Obscurity Knocks: The Trash Can Sinatras
Obsessed With You: The Orion Express

Michelle M. said...

"One Day" The Verve
"One Love" Bob Marley
"One Slip" Pink Floyd
"Orinoco Flow" Enya
"One Thing Leads to Another" The Fixx
"Only A Dream in Rio" James Taylor
"Only the Young" Journey
"Our House" CSN and Madness
"Oops! I Did it Again" Britney
"Only Hope" Mandy Moore or Switchfoot*

* "The Ocean" sounds a little Switchfooty to me.

anne marie in philly said...

(waves to josh's mom)

I'm first cause I don't have a life! let's see how many of these you know!

only you - the platters or ringo starr
oh carol - neil sedaka
octopus garden - the beatles
ob-la-di, ob-la-da - the beatles
old brown shoe - the beatles
oh what a night (december 1963) - the four seasons
ohio - CSNY
once in a lifetime - talking heads
our lips are sealed - the go gos
opposites attract - paula abdul
1-2-3 - miami sound machine
one - three dog night
out of touch - hall and oates
owner of a lonely heart - yes
over my head - fleetwood mac
oy como va - santana
oh darling - the beatles

PS - word is "wizin" - heh heh heh; don't do it in this cold or you will freeze on the spot!

Anonymous said...

Good ones anne marie! You thought of quite a few I didn't. Now, check some of these out...

Open Arms - Journey
Our House - Crosby, Stills,Nash & Young
One of These Nights - Eagles
Oh Very Young - Cat Stevens
On the Turning Away - Pink Floyd
One of These Days - Pink Floyd
Outside the Wall - Pink Floyd
One Day More - from Les Mis

Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
On the Run - Electric Light Orchestra
One Love - Bob Marley
Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
On the Road to Find Out - Cat Stevens
Only the Young - Journey
Oh What a Night - 4 Seasons
Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison
Oh Darling - Beatles
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da - Beatles
Old College Avenue - Harry Chapin
Only You - The Platters

Well, that's it for "O", at least for now.

Josh, I like your first choice, nice song.

Love mom

Ryan said...

I love Mae!

My favorites:
Oh! ~ Eric Hutchinson
On a High ~ Duncan Sheik
The One I'm Waiting For ~ Relient K
One More Night Alone ~ Friday Hill
One More Time ~ Daft Punk
One Night in Bangkok ~ C21
One of Those Days ~ Rooster
One Slowdance ~ Rufio
One Thing ~ Finger Eleven
One Week ~ Barenaked Ladies
Only One ~ Yellowcard
Only Tonight ~ JLS
Ordinary Day ~ Vanessa Carlton
The Other Side of Down ~ David Archuleta
Our Time ~ Hidden in Plain View
Out of My Head ~ Fastball
Outside Villanova ~ Eric Hutchinson
Over Now ~ Busted

Chris D. said...

I tend to be one to like dramatic piano buildups. The first singer's voice reminded me of another singer whose name I can't remember, because I'm not nearly as with it as you are in these matters.

So what happened to your freshman crush? Did you get over him? Any tips on how to get over someone? Consider blogging about it one day, if it suites you.

Totally Unrelated: Have you heard the White Houses acoustic cover by Bristopher Crowder AKA Christopher Browder? It may just be my favorite version of the song, with your own cover of it my second favorite.

Milo said...

Oh What a Night - Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
One Wish - Roxette
Orange Crush - REM