Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Muse of 2010 Showdown!

Wowza...we are done to the final 3. Even though I found Movie Concessionz to be unbelievably delectable and educational, apparently the rest of you have no taste cherished the other three more! And while we bid farewell to LaToya London Chris Daughtry Jason Castro our animated cinematic treatz, we must suffer though our sadness and remember dat we all still gotza jerb to do!

The goddamn New Year is right around the corner, and a Monday Muse Of 2010 has yet to be chosen! Our three finalists are all fierce contenderz, and I for serial could see any one of the them elegantly chiseled [aka GIF-pasted] onto the side of mah blog, right underneath Steven the Beautiful.

So let's get to bizzzzznezz. You know the drill...links below...poll beneath that...VOTE FOR YOUR FAVO!!!

[Click da names below to review]

Marcel the Shell

Who made it soooo far only to ultimately fail and crash and burn and die in the flames of failure?!


Tam said...

I'm going to keep my vote a secret in case one of the losers seeks out revenge.

Chris D. said...

Marcel! Marcel! Marcel!

Mel said...


Michelle M. said...

Marcel forever!

Tam, you are one smart cookie.

adam said...

El Diablo for evah!

hoteltuesday said...

El Diablo ftw!