Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday Muse of 2010 Showdown!

Holy nutz! After months y months of voting, we've come so close to picking the Monday Muse of 2010!!! I'm so exciterbiked that I could scream [read as: yawn delicately]! Our five finalists are below and have each pummeled to death the other 34,958 Muses I've featured on my blog this year [side note: that number is a rough estimate aka I just pounded the keyboard]. They are all of the highest caliber of elegance, beauty, hilarity and passion, but only one can be the Justin Timberlake of the group. Who will triumph and who will falter and fail [ala Lance "Asstronaut" Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fat-One & that other guy who looks like a woodland creature]?

For the next month, we will eliminate one bitch each week. Fight to keep your favo in the competition. Who is your supastar?!

[Click da names below to review]

Marcel the Shell

Movie Concessionz

Awesome Toyz

Missy the Cat

Next week, only four of these lovelies will still be standing. One will be dragged to Hell (not in good way). Save your favorite from certain torture!


Justin said...

ARRRGGHHH! So harrrrddd!!! I don't know how I can bear to see any of those muses eliminated! *sobs uncontrollably* [feat. trying to get the energy to get my ass off the couch and away from the laptop and into bed where it f***g belongs]

Mel said...

Yay, Missy the Cat! She's gonna scratch the shit outta all y'all bitches!

Ryan said...

Apocalypse ponies always get my vote.

Tam said...

I had to vote for Missy. While Marcel is adorable, anyone who does snarky as well as that cat series always gets my vote.

john said...

This was a difficult choice. I do love me some Missy for exactly the same reason as Tam mentioned, but I went with Marcel.

hoteltuesday said...


Michelle M. said...

Marcel. Forever.

And john, you are my favorite.

Polt said...

I'm not telling who I voted for, cause I prefer the secret ballot, but I WILL say I LOVE the modifications you made to the NSync cover. Only made it better! :)


adam said...


David said...

Three of the five battled for my heart, and I figure two of them will easily proceed to the next round, but I want to see my dark horse stay in it, so that's how I voted.