Friday, December 31, 2010

Buzz off 2010

It's the last mañana of 2010. I am sitting on Enrico's floor while he lays in bed. We're going to attempt to go dancing tonight in Philadelphia to celebrate the ending of the year. And while I wait for him to awake from his peaceful slumber, I am nostalgic and reflecting on all that occurred during the past 365 days...le sigh...

...Okay...enough of the melodramatic memory crap. Basically, 2010 was a clusterfuck of emotions, events and changes. Some good, others not...for multiple reasonz it will be a year I will always remember. I made friends, I lost friends. I worked incredibly hard and had my first real taste of what it means to be a grown-up adult real person. I spent a lot of time wiff my lurrrrved ones, but also made sure I had enough freedom to myself to keep from going nutzo.

And as always, I watched a lot of shit, read a lot of shit and listened to a lot of shit. Thanks for all the good schtuff, 2010! Now get your feeble ass outta my sight...I got some 2011 ass to go start kicking.

But before I got make 2011 my bitch, I decided to help you all relive my 2010 year in entertainment, by putting together these handy (not-so-much) & exciting (probably not) slideshows of all the books, movies & music I experienced dis year! Enjoy ( of you watch?!)!

What I Watched Dis Year:

What I Read Dis Year:

What I Listened To Dis Year:

What about youuuu folks?! What books/movies/albums did you enjoy this year?! Are you excited for 2011?? Raise your glass to hoping that it doesn't blow chunks!


Justin said...

This year was a pretty amazing one for me, too. I got to meet (almost) all you puntabupeeps on Long Island; I marched in both the Boston *and* the NYC gay pride parades (I had never marched in any and I had never even *seen* the NYC parade before); I got to go to England and Ireland and Paris for my birthday and meet some of my favorite UK tweeps; I started back into the dating game after a multi-year hiatus; I fell in and out and in love more than once (oops); and I actually bought pop CDs for the first time in multos años -- Kylie Minogue's latest; Hot Chip, Ting Tings, Basement Jaxx, P!nk, and others.

On the whole a pretty eventful year for me - as compared to most years these days :)

Gonna just stay at home with Lisa and the dogs to ring in the new year tonight -- Happy New Year, Josh and Happy New Year to all the puntabagang! :)

madtexter (corey james) said...

Ha! Hey, Josherz. All best to you in 2011. OMG, can you imagine just past the turn of the century and saying 'Happy 1911'?

I wish you all well and good for the year ahead. Remember, every day is really the start of a new year...another chance to make good.

Big hugz,

Michelle M. said...

You watched Human Centipede? I think that movie would scar me for life.

I watched/read/listened to a lot too. But I'm ancient and can't remember any of it.

Have a fun New Year's Eve with Enrico - make sure he doesn't cry. And here's hoping 2011 has only wonderful things in store for you!

hoteltuesday said...

What good entertainment choices! I loved most of those books/CDs/movies!

2010 sucked for a bunch of reason (mostly towards the beginning) but I do think we had a pretty awesome summer! The fall was eh. I think that's how every year is though. Have you ever been happy for a whole year?

anne marie in philly said...

happy new year, josh! enjoy your dance party tonight, and don't blow chunks on my city's streets, k? just sayin...

Tam said...

Too many books to list and not high brow lit like you read. :-) I did see a few of those movies, the big popular ones and heard lots of music but just a piece here and there, not whole albums.

Wishing you many wonderful things in 2011. Maybe all your dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

Nice varied selections! This year was not a good year for me book wise with all the reading for school, and the summer just went by way too fast! Movies, I did enjoy; Inception, 500 Days of Summer, Kill Bill (need to see the other movies!), An Education (seriously, no parent would let their teenage daughter do the things she did, and the guy was an ass, but a good point in the end). There were more movies but can't think of them now.

Music, love Alicia's unplugged cd, got into listening to Phil Ochs during the summer, listening to the Dave Mathew's mix you made me all the time (!), Kate Perry for fun music, glad that Em got a cd out that represents his talent, and just listening to my old favorites.

Happy New Year! 2011 should be interesting!!


Anonymous said...

Good selections Josh!

For me, I read a lot of books, but I would say 2 of my favorites are "Water for Elephants", and of course being the huge Stephen King fan that I am, "Under the Dome". Oh, also "You Can't Stay Neutral on a Moving Train" by Howard Zinn.

I didn't see many movies at all. I did love Harry Potter "Deathly Hallows" part 1.

For music, I love a number of single songs that I heard this past year. For CDs, I would have to say the ones you got me for Christmas-"Save Me, San Francisco" by Train, and "The Essential Judy Collins", also "Paradise" by Judy Collins. Also, of course, the "Judith" and Melanie record albums you got for me. Thanks so much again honey!

Love, mom

Chris D. said...

I'm impressed that you have your media consumption so well organized that you can produce a year end summery.

For me all the years tend to blur together, but then, I am older, so I think my years may fly by more rapidly than yours.