Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pop Star Pride

Did you have a shetty day today? Did werx get you down? Fight wiff a lurrrved one? Feel under-appreciated? Does your life sometimez seem like a swirlin' toilet bowl of frustration where things always seem just a touch too overwhelming to handle?

I know I've been quite melancholerz lately & I know that what wiff the recent spike in gay suicidez, that a lot of other peepz have been struggling through their livez as well. But what do I turn to when everything else in the world seemz mad effing LAME CITY?! MUSIC!

And luckily for me (and after dis entry, you too), tres of my favorite pop *starz* have recently birfed some feel-good anthemz into the top 40 airwavez and I've found mahself locking down deez three jamz on repeat whenever I find myself in a rough spot. Partly inspired by the plight of da gayz, P!nk, Ke$ha and Katy Perry have given me [feat. the world] some hopeful tunez that inspire a brighter tomorrow and remind us all that WE ARE SOOOO WORTH IT! Check 'em out, PLEASE!:

"Raise Your Glass" - P!nk

Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!

Leave it to Alecia Beth Moore [aka P!NK] to make a song honoring all the under-dawgz [feat. dirrty little freakz] of the world. Never backing away from opposition, P!nk's latest top ten single (her 10th!) is an ode to being proud of all your quirky differencez and lurrrving yourself even if you're gay, a different color, overweight, a n3rd festival, a milk cow or whatever it is that peepz try and put you down for being. P!nk wavez all of our fReAk fLaGz high!

"We R Who We R" - Ke$ha

You know we're superstars.

Sure, peepz are saying dis is just another party-drunkathorn from everyone's favorite trashgrrrl, Kesha Sebert [aka KE$HA], but the song (that just debuted @ mothereffing #1 on the Billboard Hot 100!) was written after all those gay teens committed suicide last month. You may not know, but Ke$ha has prox a bajillon gay fans (DURHZ), and da song encourages anyone that feels ostracized to flip da bird to all of dem haterz and then get their nalgaz on the dancefloor.

"Firework" - Katy Perry

Baby, you're a firework. Come on, let your colors burst.

We all fell in lurrrve with summer thanks to "California Gurls." We all fell in lurrrve wiff each other to "Teenage Dream." But it seemz like dis year'z pop queen, Katy Hudson [aka Katy Perry] is now demanding the we LURRVE OURSELVEZ! Don't act like you didn't get all soaky-eyed when the fat cholita jumped in the pool or when the cancer kid smiled. Sheesh...could this song/video make my heart snap/crackle/pop anymore?!


So folkz...after listening to these hit jamz, do you suddenly feel inspired to take of the world?! If not then you best give them another listen!


Ryan said...

Weird. I was just about to watch P!nk's video when this post popped up. It's cool.

Ryan said...

Does this mean Christina Aguilera was eight years ahead of her time?

Chris D. said...

Nice, I was actually familiar with all three of the songs. They are catchy. It was nice to see the videos for the first and last. The video for "Firework" reminds me a little of those videos of goofy kids attaching fireworks to them selves. I really liked the Pink video, and I wish there was a video for the Ke$a song.

Tam said...

I have such a freaking girl crush on P!nk. You never get the feeling she's trying too hard like some other starlets who want to stand out. She's just is all shades of awsomesauce without even trying.

I know it's blasphemy in your books, but Ke$ha just doesn't do it for me much. Her songs are catchy and make you tap your foot but I find they are all more or less the same and thus merge into one forgettable mass for me. *shrug* Don't dislike, but don't love.

And Mrs. Brand, if fireworks start shooting out of your tummy while giving birth, it's time to start freaking out. That's not a good sign, possibly and alien possession in progress. However it was a cute video and is a catchy little tune, but P!nk is still head and shoulders above them all.

john said...

I have a man crush on P!nk and have since Lady Marmalade.

The Ke$ha song is ok, not bad, but I'm not feeling the Katy Perry song. I like the video concept, but the song isn't doing it for me. It might be because I don't have a heart.

anne marie in philly said...

I just heard the p!nk song yesterday; I likes it (but what's NOT to like from a girrrrrl from your hometown?).

will listen to ke$ha and katy later.

David said...

Firework makes me cry.

Raise Your Glass is super fun.

We R Who We R is just kind of there.

But awesome that all three are helping fight hate.

hoteltuesday said...

I love when the boyz in the Nevermore explode in "Firework"! Cute!

that's J-O-S-H said...

Ryan: I read minds. Duh.

Chris D.: Don't fret! Ke$ha is currently working on a music video! She looks supa-sexxxified in the music video!

Tam: P!nk is head and shoulders above the rest of the entire human species.

John: You just need to ignite the light and let it shine!

Anne Marie: Have you ever stumbled into Alecia Beth Moore while traversing the streetz of Philly?!

David: Exactly! The way I see it, if you don't like the songs, that you don't like gays! YAY!

Enrico: I love when you and I esssplode on the dancefloor @ the Nevermore [aka Ramada Remix]?!