Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gonna get their tails wagging...

What are my two favorite things in the whole world? Complaining about my life & being jellerz of peepz that have more $$$ than myself Pop music & cute animalz...DUH!

And as we're all aware, Katy Perry is the "new queen of pop." And as we also all know, mi gato Baberz and my god-child puppy Penelope are two of the most adorable things in existence. And what is the best way to exxxpress your never-ending love for something?! Singing delicately of your adoration to your loved onez [aka SCREAMING into their ear holez]!

So that's why I am presenting all you bloggy peepz wiff some home videoz of mine where I gush over the animalz in my life that own my heart. Try not to fall TOO in love wiff me. I might have a dreamy voice, but I am a soul-crusher. Trust me!

"Teenage Dream" [feat. Penelope & Mariel]

"Teenage Dream" [feat. Baberz]


Anonymous said...

Oh this is great! Penelope was rocking out, but Baberz was a tough audience. He wasn't impressed! :( Cats have always been harder to please! Your voice carried so well and was a lot more amped up in the 2nd video. I believe Buddha was rocking out as well in the background! You know, I'm sure he got down waaaaay back in the day!
Seriously, your voice sounded great in the 2nd video, good one!

Eyre said...

Fabulous videos! You do sound awesome in the second video. Cats are just hard to please. I know. I have two of them.

Justin said...

LOL!!!!!! :) <3

First -- I think that wasn't just your coat - bed; I think that was your coast - bed - food :)

Penelope is so friggin' adorable I just want to smooch that cute little black nose of hers!!! :)

The only thing the second video lacked was the thought bubble coming out of Baberz saying "please let this end now" :)

I love your deep voice, Josh. :)

[Yeah, yeah, Davidosaurus, quit your stompin' ;-) ]

adam said...

:) Baberz :) is :) awesome :)

Chris D. said...

Great singing as always. I love the cute little giggle and smile at the end of the second video.

Get Enrico to sing more.

anne marie in philly said...

second video - ACES! you have a nice voice!

although the clothes dryer noise (?) in the background was not in tune!

baberz just sits there, silently thinking "kill me now!"

Tam said...

Love how the cat just sleeps through it all and the dog is all hyper and happy. Pretty much the difference between the two species. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I loved both of these! Penelope is the most adorable pup, I think she really enjoyed your singing! As for Baberz, typical feline, completely bored and uninterested in most things humans do, say, or sing!
Josh, your voice sounds so good, especially in the "Baberz" video.

Love, mom

Naughty said...



Baberz is just so nonchalant. And that puppy. Darlink. Nice singing, too!

hoteltuesday said...


David said...

You never sing to Bart and Lisa.

john said...

Cutest puppy EVAR!

Baberz is giving you the stink eye for interrupting her nap time.

Michelle M. said...

Penelope is just a blur of cuteness!
Baberz is hysterical.

Your voice is terrific - more videos of you singing, please.