Friday, October 8, 2010

We're covered in lies and that's okay.

I forget how old I am sometimez. I'm used to everyting being so immediate in mah life...all of my adventures and interestz are supposed to be recent knowledge. But as I pass the 24 and a half yearz mark en mi vida, I'm beginning to realize that there are more and more things from my past that folkz just a few aƱos younger than me have no recollection of.

Por ejemplo: At the restaurant last year I was talking about R&B/Hip-Hop sensation TLC (RIP Left Eye!), and a co-worker who was five yearz mah junior, was all lyke "WTF is TLC?! Da Learning Channel?!" Then I punched her in the teefz [read as: sang "No Scrubs" repeatedly for 45 minutez].

I went home that day utterly perplexxxed @ dis chica's ignorance, until I realized that it wasn't she who was miseducated. It was I who was getting old as fuck! Then I started looking through all mah albumz and came across a collection of bandz from the '90s/'00s that were **superstarz** back in mah youth, but have since fallen into obscurity. My heart goez out to Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Everclear, Collective Soul & many otherz who hit it big for a few yearz only to fall into the shitter later. I then came across one of my most played CDs from yesteryear...Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want!

They had a trio of hitz that will forever be burned into my memory. They were tap-dancin' all ova the Billboard charts and their hugest hit "Everything You Want" actually peaked @ #1 in 2000 (holy nutz, that's a DECADE ago)! But after this success, all their subesquent albumz sank like the Titanic and they disappeared faster than audience memberz during a screening on I Know Who Killed Me.

So to honor Vertical Horizon and all the other hasbeen bands that I still get all nostalgic and weeptastic over, I thought I'd risk mah life wiff another negligent round of car karaoke. ENJOY!

"You're a God"

"Everything You Want"


Ryan said...

Yay! It's been a while since we've had some of these.

I have that CD, although I'm not sure whether it is here in California or still back in Minnesota. All that matters is that it is on my iPod.

Ryan said...

Waiting for someone to pikachu you together?

john said...

I've never heard either of these songs. Does this mean that I am young and uneducated or am I just old an uneducated?

Just remember during your Oscar run not to goo full retard.

Chris D. said...

Cute, as always. You make me want to sing!

Time seems to move faster the older one gets. At 33, the years fly by, seasons pass in the blink of an eye. I don't mind it as much as I thought I might. Relish the journey! Age has its privileges. :)

I recently rediscovered Collective Soul. They had some really cool songs. Heavy is one of my faves.

Michelle M. said...

Yay - caraoke!

When Harry and I were dating I heard "Everything You Want" in a bar. I didn't know who the band was, but really liked the song. The next day Harry surprised me with the CD. Yay - we were so romantic. Was that really 10 years ago? Eesh.

Motorcycle Mirrors said...

I do not bother me as much as I thought I could. Relish the journey! Age has its privileges.

tornwordo said...

I remember that song but wouldn't have had a clue who sang it. Now it will be associated with you. I'm getting my emaciated look back and I lurves it!

Tam said...

Like Tornwordo, it's not so much that I don't remember songs, I just have no clue what it was called or who sang it. If you play it for me I'll be all "Ooooooh, THAT song, yeah yeah."

Great job, hope those damn deer stay off the road.

adam said...

Yay Vertical Horizon! I have that CD and saw them in concert once. Good times!

Since we live close together, I always watch the background and try to recognize the trees. I guess it's a poor (and unsuccessful) attempt @ stalking.

Laura said...

So you sailed away into a grey sky morning.... i HaVe So MaNy FeElInGs... class is really boring......

love dem! I bought this CD USED because I was a supa dinero saver (aka I made my mom buy it anyway)