Monday, October 18, 2010

My Monday Muse

The "Y U No" Guy

Holy effing I betraying mah bloggy rootz?! Not only have I cut back my posting regime to three timez a week (maybe if I got more sluttin' commentz, I'd feel more compelled ::winky face smiiiiile::), but I'm now pimping out an offspring of Tumblr as a Monday Muse?!

Where is mah devout allegiance to the vehicle that opened me up to my millionz of fanz (I think there might be ten of you out there)?! Did I exchange a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage my bloggy d00tiez for the fast-paced, rapid-growing glitz and/or glamour of da Tumblr?!

Da answer is: FUCK NO. Between Twitterz and FacingBookz and dis herrre blogaroni, I don't think I would ever get anything else accomplished if I also had a Tumblr (though I have aggressively flirted wiff the idea). But just cuz it's not really for me, doesn't mean that I don't constantly check other peep's pagez! And tanx to my bestest amigo, Enrico, I came across dis week's Monday Muse! It's the virtual psychologist we all need...telling us what we're all secretly thinking and letting us vent our darkest problemaz!

Click HERE for the "Y U No" Guy's abode, or scroll down for some of mah personal favoritez!

Soooooo true! If someone doesn't answer the phone, I keep on a-ringin' until they do!

Serial...if you try and bolt in front of mah car you better have a pair of dem Icarus shoez laced onto your hooves, cuz I'm gunning for your shit.

The only thing worse than the eternity it feels like it takes to brush one's chopz is that you have to spend money to buy a tube o' toothpaste once every two monthz and an effing brush every three!

Been there. And who of us hasn't??

Um...duh...cuz they can't be tamed.


So which were your favorite "Y U No" Guy gemz of informacion?! HURRY UP & BE ENLIGHTENED!


Dave2 said...

My favorite remains "JUNK FOOD... Y U NO HEALTHY?"

I have it printed and taped to my bags of Halloween candy. I just wish it worked.

adam said...

That guy is one ugly mofo. My dentist gives me free toothbrushes. Y U NO HAVE A BETTER DENTIST THAT GIVES YOU FREE TOOTHBRUSHES?

Chris D. said...

I saw this thing before, but I didn't "get it". Thanks for explaining it.

Michelle M. said...

Wow, there's a lot of them to wade through. If there's a "LOTTERY...Y U NOT LET ME WIN?" I'd pick that one.

hoteltuesday said...

My fave is:


Lora said...

y u no on my facebook?

Tam said...

Okay, Charlie Y U No like Candymountain? made me snort out loud.

I also liked Brock Y U Eyes no open? because you can't go wrong with Pokemon references.

Hmmm. Seems I'm doing the Tumblr thing wrong cause there are no words involved in my Tumblr world. Ahem.

David said...

Old lady Y U No understand how to work the fucking ATM?

RYAN said...


Delisa said...

Urban Outfitters, Y u no have lower prices? (I cry every time!)

Cute boy, Y u no straight?! (My life! But I still love them.)

Status whores on Facebook, Y u no gtfo my news feed?!

Taxi, Y u no Cash Cab?!

Milo said...

I have a tumblr blog and love it - though I haven't used it in a while. Feels quite different to wordpress or blogger. Artier crowd (less about politics etc). Also less diary-like (though I LIKE diary-like!). It's more a stream of consciousness. Also, it's very east to update and post content to. A big part of the culture on it is to re-blog others' stuff that you like. I quite like the concept.

Ryan has a good tumblr blog: