Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Musical ABCs - E!

Time for round five! Can you believe we're only @ letter E on our musical adventure through the fabo alphabet? Everyone, enter your exquisitely entertaining & elegantly elected entries for your favo songs that begin wiff Miss E!

"Extraordinary Machine"
Fiona Apple

"If there was a better way to go, then it would find me."

Fiona Apple was that mamacita loca that was a rude bitch at the MTV Video Music Awards when she won Best New Artist and went on a rant about how the world is bullshiz. She released a bunch of critically acclaimed albums and was generally known as the terrifying & (possibly) food-deprived female singer-songwriter wiff demon eyes that was in a war with her record company for yearz over releasing her much-anticipated third album.

But the album got released, was nominated for a Grammy, and was home to one song in partix that became mah personal therapist when I went through a DrAmAtIc CrIsiS a few aƱos back.

Basically, a year y media ago, I had my insidez turned to lava and my corazon beaten and burned to ashes by a certain someone that I had been in a relationshit with. I became a huge depresso espresso that self-exiled mahself from the world and cried myself to the brink of insanity multiple times (I hope you read dis, you meanie!). Then mi amiga mejor, Christina, introduced me to "Extraordinary Machine" by F. Apple, and I found myself suddenly empowered and freaked out by the close proximity it had to my situation!

I think everrrrybody needs a song like dis in their life; a "fuck dat douche for breaking mah heart, I can survive on my own and am a stronger bitch now that I'm wiffout hiz broke azz"-kinda song. And for me, dis is it!

"Eustace" by This Day & Age
"Existentialism On Prom Night" by Straylight Run
"Echo" by
"Evacuate the Dancefloor" by Cascada


madtexter (corey james) said...

Fiona is crazy-sexy-cool. A bit bitchy, but hey, who doesn't like bitchy...and a woman with a strong head on her shoulders.

I say bring on the angst!

hoteltuesday said...

My number one would be either "Eskimo" by Damien Rice, "Emergency" by Ace Enders, or "Everything's Too Cold... But You're So Hot" by The Early November

"Existentialism on Prom Night" by Straylight Run
"Ever So Sweet" by The Early
"Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks
"Everytime" by Britney Spears
"E.T. (Futuristic Lover)" by Katy Perry

And of course "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by MILEY CYRUS.

hoteltuesday said...

FORGOT AN IMPORTANT ONE. Also tied for first place: "Energy" by Keri Hilson

And also amazing:
"Emotions" by MC!

Craig said...

Everytime (also known as the reason I misspell every time all the time) by Britney Spears

Eaten by the Monster of Love by The Sparks

Evening from the Evening soundtrack

Every Little Thing by Dishwalla

Tam said...

Damn, I missed D when I was on vacation.

Okay, your top pick? Errrmm, not so much. Didn't work for me. However Eustace I liked. I'm not allowed to watch the other two because I live in ebil liberal commie Canada.

I don't have very many songs that start with E. Must be an underused letter of the alphabet in music.

The ones I have on my ipod are:

Every Time We Die by The Midway State (Canadian)

Everything's Fine by Social Code because some times you just need a little quasi-screamo in your day (Canadian)

Emily by Bowling for Soup (gasp, they aren't Canadian)

Empty by The Click Five (double gasp, two American bands in a row)

Ryan said...

I love Echo as well.

Some good ones:
Echo Park Ornithology Club ~ Jericho
Eddie's Song ~ Son of Dork
Elanor ~ Low Millions
The End Where I Begin ~ The Script
Es Tut Mir Leid ~ Band Ohne Namen
Even If It Breaks Your Heart ~ Will Hoge
Ever After Happily ~ Jay Brannan
Everything I Ask For ~ The Maine
Eyes Wide Open ~ Phixx

Delisa said...

Great "E" picks! I lovez "Extraordinary Machine," "Existentialism on Prom Night" and "Echo"!

"Earth to Bella (Part 1)" - Incubus
"Edit" and "Eet" - Regina Spektor
"El Manana" - Gorillaz
"Electric Twist" - A Fine Frenzy
"Emotion" - Bee Gees
"Everybody's Got Their Something" - Nikka Costa
"Everything" - Michael Buble (my wedding song!)
"Evil" - Interpol
"Eye to Eye" - from A Goofy Movie

john said...

I have a Fiona cd, but I didn't know this song. Seems different from what I know of her.

E favorites for me:

Eyes As Candles: Passion Pit. Very much served the same purpose as Extraordinary Machine did for you.
Evil Urges: My Morning Jacket
Everything's Different Now: The Innocence Mission
Europa & The Pirate Twins: Thomas Dolby
Eminent Victorians: Princeton
E=MC2: Big Audio Dynamite

anne marie in philly said...

eleanor - the turtles
eye of the tiger - survivor
evil ways - santana
eight days a week - the beatles
every little breath I take - gene pitney
every now and then - marty brown
emotions - mariah carey
every rose has its thorn - poison
everybody have fun tonight - wang chung
867-5309 - tommy tutone
everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
eyes without a face - billy idol
everybody loves somebody some time - dean martin
eleanor rigby - the beatles
every breath you take - the police
easy come easy go - bobby sherman
evergreen - barbra streisand
edelweiss - "the sound the music"

truthspew said...

John Legend - Each Day Gets Better

Funkadelic - Electric Spanking of War Babies

Black Box - Everybody Everybody

Anonymous said...

I thought I might have trouble thinking of "E" songs I like because none came to mind at first, but when I started researching them I discovered many I like. Here's my favorites...
1. "Eve of Destruction" -written by P.F. Sloan, sung by Barry McGuire. It's my favorite protest song of the 60's, and sadly could still apply to today.
2. "Eleonore Rigby" by the Beatles
3. "Eight Days a Week" by the Beatles"
4. "Exodus" by Bob Marley
5. "Everybody Plays the Fool" by The Main Ingredient
6."Everything is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens"
7. "Everybody's Talking'" by Harry Nilsson- theme song for Midnight Cowboy
8. "Evil Woman" by Electric Light Orchestra
9. "Everyday" by Buddy Holly
10. "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Mis

That's it! (so far). I love these Musical ABC's, takes me back to so many great songs I love but have forgotten about.
Love, mom

that's J-O-S-H said...

MadTexxxter: Totally. Fionna might be one crazy ho, but she's for def def defferz a crazy ho I'd want on my side!

Enricoz: YAY FOR MILEY COVERS! You know that in Billboard's review of her album, that was the only specific song that talked about?! And what..."Elastic Love" [feat. a disgruntled M.I.A.] didn't make your list?!

Craig: Damn you Britney corrupting the spelling skills of today's youth!

Tam: I remember the Click Five! OMG...I feel soOoOoOo old...that takes me back so many [read as: 4] years!

Ryan: Wait...WAIT. You know who B.O.N. is?!? I was OBSESSED wiff their song/video for "Boys."

Delisa: Incubus, Gorillaz AND Regina Spektor...damn, we are musical soulmates!

John: Do you have "When the Pawn...(obnoxiously long title)"?! If so, be like me and listen to "Paper Bag" on repeat till you pass out in a tear-induced coma.

Anne Marie: I was gonna say "my mom will lurrrve all deez choices," but she already commented and included some of the same picks!

TruthSpew: "Electric Spanking of War Babies" = the single greatest song title of all time

MOM: I LOVE "EMPTY CHAIRS AT EMPTY TABLES." SO SAD! Although, I am glad Marius is sad during that song. He deservez it for being a dumbass and picking that waifish bitch Cosette over Eponine!

Ryan said...

josherz: Boys was on my happy CD.

David said...

Every Day I Write the Book - Elvis Costello
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
Endless Love - Lionel Riche and Diana Ross
Everything Falls Apart - Dog's Eye View
Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon

anne marie in philly said...

to josherz mom:

eve of destruction - GREAT 1960s protest song; and the more things change, the more they remain the same (unfortunately).

evil woman - one of my spouse's fave songs.

every day - forgot about that one; thanks!

Michelle M. said...

"Early in the Morning" - Gap Band
"Electric Avenue" - Eddy Grant
"Elevator Man" - Oingo Boingo
"Edge of Seventeen" - Stevie
"Everytime" - Britney
"Everyday" - James Taylor
"Evergreen" - Barbra
"Even Now" - Barry
"Eye in the Sky" - Alan Parson's Project

I'm so behind on my commenting.

callonmevalerie said...

Holy shit, to the commenter who said that Nikka Costa song . . . I fucking LOVED that song, and haven't heard it in years, and am now jamming out to it on youtube. Thanks for that!

I never really thought of Extraordinary Machine as a post-break up song, just more of a "whatever comes my way, I'll do my best" idea. I absolutely adore that song. I'd add it to my E list.

"Empty Handed" - Michelle Branch
"Existentialism On Prom Night" - Straylight Run
"Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" - Avenue Q soundtrack
"Eternal Flame" - Bangles (a karoake favorite hahaha)
"E-Mail My Heart" - Britney Spears

Tam said...

How could I forget Electric Avenue. Good one Michelle.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

Exit Music-Radiohead
Everybody Hurts-R.E.M.
Echoes-Pin Floyd
Evolution-Pearl Jam
Everlong-Foo Fighters
Everything in its Right Place-Radiohead

Thats it for now!!

Anonymous said...

To anne marie in philly-
Big YAY for Everybody Loves Somebody Some Time! My husband reminded me of that song and I forgot to post it.
Also Evergreen by Barbra, thanks for reminding me about that one. I loved that song, and haven't heard it in years!
Josh's mom

anne marie in philly said...

confidential to josh's mom -

both those songs were suggested by my spouse...great minds think alike, I guess!