Monday, August 30, 2010

My Monday Muse

[Dis has been an artarded month in the bloggy world of Josh Is Trashy. I've had some of my highest view numberz in months, but also recently some of mah lowest. WHAT THE FUZZ?! But regardless of whether peepz are still finding me personally innnnneresting & hilarz, I can be rest-assured that the Monday Muses for August 2010 have been some of the most popular to ever have graced the beginning of the work week! So try not and aneurysm all over your keyboard, and scroll to the bottom to vote for you August favorito!]

Taffy the Dawg I'm not really a dawg person. I often find the smaller dogz to be annoying and yippy, the bigger dogz to be life-threatening and ugly and the normal size dogz to be boring. Aside from dachshunds (quite possible the cutest thing this side of the Stefani-Rossdale chillunz), I can't stand caninez!

Yes, I'm a cat person...blah blah...whatever. But after dis week's Monday Muse, my opinion of pupperoniz has been barely shifted out of the realm of complete disgust been refurbished! Please partake of the world's finest exxxample of "man's best amigo":

What makes a 14 year-old grrrl happier than anything else in the world (not counting the fanciful dreamz of Skyping wiff a shirtless Justin BeerBaby)?! A NOISY EFFING DOG...DUH! And Taffy is for def def defferz the grand marshal of the Barkoholics Anonymous Parade!

Not only does this "super family pet" have a lot of important thingz to say [aka it's possessed by the devil], but it's also wildly affecionate! Just look @ how it kisses the teen daughter [read as: mauls her existence] @ :49.

And we all know that when that hot mess cholita from nexxxt door says she would like to "kill the dog," we all know she means "feed it an infinite # of derrrrrriciouz Beggin' Strips." That old bag is just playing hard-to-get, cuz let's be serial, there's nothing more unbelievably irritating and cacophonous charmingly adorable than Taffy. Well, maybe Adam Lamebert, but he doesn't eat his own shit, his voice just soundz like it.


Who is your Monday Muse of August 2010?!

El Diablo?
Marcel the Shell?
or this week's Taffy the Dawg?


Chris D. said...

Go Marcel! Woohoo!

adam said...

While this dog is ... cute(?) and I enjoy a good Adam Lambert trash'n, NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING beats El Diablo! Monday Muse winner for LLLLIIFFEEEE!

Tam said...

"I'd like to kill it." Ha! Classic line.

Tough call this month. You have the cuteness that is Marcel vs. the what-the-fuckness of El Diablo. Decisions, decisions.

Ryan said...

Ew. Why did you bring up shirtless Bieber?

I'm glad they don't allow small yippy dogs in the apartments here.

john said...

I am currently living with a wiener dog and I can tell you, she is the cutest thing ever. Evil as all hell, but cute none the less.

I love The Onion, it totally kills me. I have to add though, people often complain about yapping dogs, but it is one sound I completely tune out. I dog could be barking all day and I wouldn't notice until someone pointed it out to me.

XT said...

omg it was soOoOo hard to vote, because el diablo was HILARIOUS, but marcel was SO FUCKING CUTE. i picked marcel.

come over this weekend so we can go dancing<333


madtexter (corey james) said...

Hell, even I'd wanna kill that dog (or at least get him drunk, and show him how to chase cars).

Too much?

Michelle M. said...

When we were in Colorado our neighbors had a toy poodle, Oreo, that barked incessantly. That thing is lucky to be alive.


Mel said...

I think that if someone's going to live with a wiener dog, they have to be able to tune out the yapping. There's a reason I have a dog who barks quietly (and very infrequently).

Anonymous said...

The dog is very cute, but I couldn't stand it for more than 2 minutes. There's got to be something very wrong with a dog that constantly barks, and I would have to find out what it is...or kill it!
That's another reason I love Marcel, his little lint dog doesn't bark! Can you guess who I voted for?
Love, mom

wood dash kits said...

I must add, though people often complain about barking dogs, but it is good that they are completely out of tune.