Monday, August 16, 2010

My Monday Muse

El Diablo

Who doesn't like to be spookafied?! A playful scare can really be the cure to all of life's troubles. But throw in some big belty diva impersonations, and you might have just found the universal cure for da cancerz!

I know Enrico & I constantly confuse everrrrybody when we proclaim "I can't wait to be dragged to hell!" but think about it after watching dis herre video. If all of Satan's demonz were as fabo and funky fresh as dis sexxxy [read as: rotting] mamacita (or cholo?), then I think we'd all throw our st00pid bodies into Lucifer's scalding embrace in prox two secondz flat!

There is some serial live action Nightmare Before Christmas shiz goin' on! I hope you emptied your pee pouch before watching, or else you may have ended up in a puddle of lemerladez!

Such elegance & poise can only truly be acquired through yearz & yearz centuriez & centuriez of practice, and I believe we owe a round of applause to this inferno-grown diva extraordinaire for opening our eyez to what true beauty is! Watching her perform actually does make me feel like a million dollar bill!

Don't act a foo' and pretend that you're not completely and utterly jellerz of dis ho's grunge weave and death eyez! And that belch growl...TO. DIE. FOR. I don't think Whitney could have done better, though she too can be quite the terrifying monsta.

Now everyone, let's close dis herre entry and raise our bloodied axxxez and salute the new source of all your night terrorz queen of your dreamz! She most definitely will drag me to hell, and I can't fudging wait!


hoteltuesday said...

3:16 and 3:23 made my life!!! MONDAY MUSE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!

Tam said...

Holy shit! I'm speechless, truly. Um, yeah. Huh. Wow. Okay. Bye now.

Michelle M. said...

I saw this yesterday and the first thing I thought was Josh's Monday muse!

David said...

Well, I know what Josh will be dressing up as for Halloween this year.

john said...


Where was she holding that axe?

Well, I think Josh could pull off an empire waist.

SAM said...

I am totally in love!!! I am doing that powder in the curled up wig asap!!!!

Tam said...

This was so freaking weird, I mean amazing, I had to share it with the kidlet. She now says she and a friend are going to recreate it for the school talent show. LOL That WOULD be funny and worth taking time off work for just to see the reaction at the key moments. (She won't of course, but I can dream.)

Justin said...

I ... am .... going to have nightmares tonight ... *shudder*

Tam - if Kristen actually were to do this I certainly hope you video it.

*creeeeeeped ooouuuuutttttt*

Naughty said...



It's Post-Bobby Whitney + the Crypt Keeper + Edward Gorey in one screeching package.

Naughty want's to know where she got that FABULOUS wrap she takes off at the very beginning. She has some tots she's like to terrify.

adam said...

Monday Muse of the CENTURY. Steven the Beautiful never had babies on stage.

Lora said...

I've had this bookmarked to come back to since you posted. SO glad I did. I loved it, right down to the babies doing it like dogs at the end.


That was what it was supposed to look like, right?