Saturday, July 17, 2010

We hardly knew ye...

The world is soooo st00pid! How come every show that is good/clever/funny/sexxxy/different [save American Idol] getz canceled (or turnz into a gimmicky crapstorm ala Nip/Tuck)?! But then all these snorefest programz [aka schtuff that normal peepz watch] like Lost and CSI: Secret Bunghole Unit and Antique Roadshow stay firmly slotted on air for prox a bajillion yearz?!

Since I am an intelligent and modern guy who has healthy hobbies and an exciting life, I really don't have time to waste hourz watching television [read as: I'm too poor to afford it]. So therefore I instead find mahself nursing seasonz of showz I get launched to me via Netflix. And it takez me no time @ all to get through every episode, since the showz I like have only 2-3 seasonz each!

And since peepz never read absolutely LURRRVE entriez about my opinionz on TV/music/moviez, I thought I'd pimp out two of mah programaz de tevelisor favoritaz! If I can get at least one bloggy ho to watch a season, then my mission is accomplished!

Arrested Development

So even though dis show won every Emmy award ever, only prox 5 peepz watched it when it was on the boobtube. So after 3 glorious seasons of familial chaos and frozen banana-distributing, the show's life was murdered. And like all tingz that I ♥, st00pid Americanoz only learned of its genius after it was dead y murdered in the cold, cold ground.

Now it's a cult classic and everyone & their madrez own it on DVD. There are rumorz spreading like herpes across the interwebz dat a big-screen adaptation is being concocted, but until I am in a theater, watching a never-n00d, a magician an illusionist and an ultra sassy Jessica Walters chatterboxxx about the dangerz of cornballing, I shall remain skeptical.

Frisky Dingo

I just finished the 2nd (and last...blasphemy!) season of dis amazingskatez animated series yesterday! And when the credits rolled on the final episode, I serial thought about Sylvia Plathing my azz. Frisky Dingo was a child of Adult Swim, which has also spawned some of mah other favo television showz [see: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken & The Venture Bros.]. And as you might have guessed by the animation style, it's from the same mastermindz behind that Archer show that everyone is all hot & bothered over!

And, y'know, all those douchez that whined about the abrupt ending to The Sopranos need to zip their lips like padlocks, cuz at least they got prox 6,214 episodes of that shiz! Frisky Dingo was 25 episodes of pure, uncensored, mildly offensive and utterly bizarre perfection that led up to the most high & dry ending of any show ever created [feat. my insidez dying for more]. BOOSH!


What about you, folkz? Are you awesome and adore these underappreciated gemz as much as I do? Any showz get brutally aborted from your life waaaay too soon? Let's counsel each other in our timez of grief!


Dave2 said...

+ Veronica Mars
+ Cupid (the awesome Jeremy Piven version, not the shitty remake)
+ Dead Like Me
+ Wonderfalls
+ Pushing Daisies
+ Oh Grow Up!
+ Grapevine (the original, not the shitty remake)
+ Now and Again
+ The American Embassy
+ Keen Eddie
+ The Palace Guard
+ P.S.I. Luv You
+ Strange World
+ Arrested Development

Just to name just a few.

Eric said...

I'm too much of a TV-aholic to even begin to write a short comment on this topic but this is my #1 all time show that should have never been cancelled:

Jack & Bobby

I will never get over it.

hoteltuesday said...

Pushing Daisies
Dead Like Me
Ugly Betty
Sex and the City

hoteltuesday said...


Tam said...

Oh my lord, I'm so out of the loop. Looking at the shows you, Dave and Enrico posted, I've never seen a single episode of any of them. Gah. I don't watch much commercial TV regularly anymore. I only watch Supernatural and Glee faithfully. We watch a lot of Food Network and .... old stuff on comedy or teletoon retro.

Ryan said...

I loved Arrested Development and Frisky Dingo!

Carnivale needed 200% more seasons.

Pushing Daisies also needed more time.

I would have liked more Ugly Betty, but I thought that the way it was able to wrap things up was better than most shows can hope for.

john said...

Frisky Dingo was awesome! And if you aren't watching Archer, there is something wrong with you.

I don't watch to much tv, so I can't really think of many shows that ended too early.

Mel said...

Most of my TV viewing these days is via Netflix, too, but it's also mostly 70's shows, seeing as I'm a pepaw now. Agreed on Arrested Development, though. Love it. And Jason Bateman - who knew he'd grow up to be such a hottie?

Michelle M. said...


Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

Well you know how I feel about Arrested Development-strongly enough that before you even knew what the show was I bought you the whole (2.5 season long-shameful) series for xmas once again forcing my interests upon you! Thank god it worked out!