Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My [Belated] Monday Muse

Rainbow Fanatix

Nature is one of the most boring thingz in the world and I really try to avoid it as much as possible. Some peepz LURRRVE being outside in forestz wiff bugz and humidity and wild shewolvez, but I'd rather not sweat mahself silly and get mauled by wildlife, tanx u berry much!

But I can still appreciate da BeAuTy that nature sometimez fartz into our eyez, and dat's why dis week's Tuesday Monday Muse(z) are two peepz who truly appreciate the natural world we are slowly killing.

Double Rainbow D00d

This charming fellow [read as: mentally unstable locomeister] is basically providing a 3-minute demonstration of all the different levels of love one can feel for sumfing. Here is the progression of his excitement/insanity:

:00 - :21 - The excitement one feels when they receive a great Xtinamas gift [see: me getting N64 back in 1997].

:22 -
:46 - The excitement one feels when they come home from a fantastic first date wiff the r future spouse.

:47 - 1:16 - The excitement [feat. hysterix] one feels when they win an Academy Award/Grammy/Tony [aka not me].

1:17 - 1:41 - The excitement one feels when they engage in sexxxy dancing for the first time in their vida.

1:42 - 1:51 - The excitement one feels when they/their wife p00p out a baby.

1:52 - FIN - The excitement a truly demented lunatic feelz upon seeing a dOuBLe RaiNBoW!

Sprinkler Cholita

No wonder rainbowz are tied to the gay community; you have to keep a keen on eye on both of them or else they take over society and destroy the world we live in! Ya know, 20 aƱos ago, rainbowz only could be found ringed around the sun y moon. But nowadayz, tanx to global warming/pollution/politix/war/hunger/blah blah blah, rainbowz are OOZING outta da ground! I tink it's up to us, dee citizenz of this mediocre great planet, to ask Jeebuz what the hell is goin' on. ::unnecessary rotation of camera:: If we don't...who knowz what sort of tyrannical control the visible spectrum of rainbowz will take over us?! I IZ SCURRED.


Ryan said...

Stupidity is oozing out of our ground.

adam said...

OMGZ DOUBLE COMPLETE RAINBOW ATW! I often yell "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! TELL ME!" at the sky and then drown in my tears (featuring orgasmic screams) when I see a single rainbow! If I was to see a double complete rainbow ATW in my own front yard ... I think I'd just die.

BTW -- thanks for stealing one of my friday fives from the future that I hadn't even discovered yet.

fu bunches,

Tam said...

Ryan's comment says it all. LOL She's probably raising kids which frightens me immensley.

I like rainbows, they're pretty, however I've never had a brain aneurism because of one.

Nature? I'm torn. I do like it but I don't seek it out. I don't go out in my yard in summer (mainly because of my asshold neighbor), I don't plant flowers, but I can appreciate a nice state park or mountain.

madtexter (corey james) said...

HA! I saw this video for the first time earlier this week. That guy is borderline orgasmic. He has got to be stoned or something. In any case, it's hilarious.

'OMG...a double rainbow..a double rainbow!'

(Dude, lay off the peyote.)

john said...

The first video is funny because the guy is probably stoned out of his mind. The second video is totally scurry! That level of stupidity is just wrong.

As for nature, I don't mind it. I do like to work in the yard, but that is about the extent of it.

David said...

I was equally astonished when I took some ice cubes out of the freezer the other day and they started to SMOKE! People! What is in our water!!??!1?!?1?!one!?!

Michelle M. said...

Prodominatly? Thrist?

I've been seeing rainbows in parking lot puddles.
We're all going to die!!!!!

Naughty said...


Jeebus. That first guy wazzz still trippin'. Naughty can think of only one thing she would make those noises for: Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes Van.

Metallic oxide salts? WTF? Ms. Visible Spectrum thinks rainbows are the most pernicious environmental hazards around. Uh huh. She should see the way the light glimmers off the oil slick.

Ryan said...

Great, now Michelle has me thinking of the optical properties of thin films. I'm now wondering whether you can identify a chemical by the pattern it makes.

john said...

Ryan: And we thought Craig was geeky....

Michelle M. said...

john - I think Craig is dorky and Ryan is geeky.

Ryan said...

To seal my geek dominance, I nominate "promoting neurogenisis" to be the new euphemism: