Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Life in a Pie

I made this chart to organize mah vida and slice up how I utilize the hours in one week:

[Ug...I wish this time management pie was actually strawberry rhubarb.]

As you can see, I work almost as much as I sleep, my bloggy dutiez are much more importante to me than taking care of adult crap like bills and rent and groceries, and commuting for serial takez WAAAAAAAAAAY too much time out of my diaz.

I was surprised to see that the largest pie slab belonged to "Assorted Rando Funz." More than sleeping and working, the time I spend reading/watching moviez/writing poetry/hanging out con mis amigoz/playing Super Mario Galaxy 2/whateva else I do for entertainment is my most abundant category, yet feels to be the most sparse. I guess timez really do fly when you're having divertido mania!

I remember back two aƱoz ago when I first graduated college and only worked 4 shifts a week @ the restaurant, I was soooooo bored on mah dayz off! I spent my time lounging about the house, begging for something to happen so I'd be able to fill up my time. I even looked forward to changing the fluids in my car! Nowadays, I feel like I don't even have time to go to the gas station!

So all you older peepz out this time management shock something that everyone goes through once they become rEaL PeRsOnAz? Will I eventually become adjusted to this shifting of priorities and reach a certain level of comfort in my existence? Or am I legit going crazzzy loco kookoo nutz? Be my personal therapist...NOW!


Michelle M. said...

Your rando funz slice is immense. I have no idea why you're complaining.

But I'm sure once you're famous your pie will be entirely green and blue.

hoteltuesday said...

I leave the house before 7am and don't get home until after 6pm cause of my hour+ commute. UGH. I MISS FREE TIME LIKE CRAZY! I never appreciated the weekend so much.

Dave2 said...

Wah. My "Assorted Rando Funz" pie slice would be 2%!

Tam said...

I think that my purple part is significantly smaller than your's. If I didn't have a kid to feed maybe even less. LOL I'm horrible that way. She may have to buy her lunch again tomorrow because our fridge is barren.

It changes. When you have little ones, my blue portion was tiny. It's hard to have rando fun when you are constantly vigilant against hair pins in electrical outlets and tiny Barbie shoes lodged in esophaguses (esophagi?) but now that she's older my bloggie and rando fun (which most people would not find all that fun but it works for me) is much much bigger. Work still huge, that doesn't change until you hit 65.

Oh and commuting hell. Ugh. If I had my way I'd live where I park. Sure it's across the street from a crack park and the soup kitchen. Yes the park is also full of Canadian geese who shit everywhere but it's a 7 min. walk from my building. Ahhhhh. But I live in the burbs because it's best for the kid. I spend about 90-110 min. per day in my car. Not fun.

You'll get used to being a big boy. :-)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Michelle: Fame is taking FOREVZ!

Enrico: I hear ya. I for def def defferz now know what peepz mean when they say they "work for the weekend."

Dave2: It's not like I have one huge block of free time! It's all spliced up into small hourly blocks during the week and then the weekend. I'm not trying to say that I don't have any free time...I'm just saying that this is a new schedule that I am still getting used to and it makes me tirez!

Tam: Aw...your comment made me feel better. You're totez mah bloggy godmotha!

adam said...

I'll put you in an upcoming C&R 'toon ... my blog + its 4 readers will be your one-way ticket to stardoom.

If my blue slice wasn't so large, I probably wouldn't owe $$ to the credit card man. Oh well

Justin said...

"So all you older peepz out this time management shock something that everyone goes through once they become rEaL PeRsOnAz?"

- YES!

"Will I eventually become adjusted to this shifting of priorities and reach a certain level of comfort in my existence?"

- NO!

Sorry :-S

Seriously -- I don't know how people like Tam with kids even DO it. I don't even have kids. I have dogs. Granted, dogs take more time than gatoz, but it's still nothing like kids.

I'm with you and Enrico on the commute. I *HATEZZZZ* commuting. I try to work at home as much as possible and I'm very lucky to be able to do that. If I had to commute every day I would have no life left at all since my job insisted on moving from 15 minutes away to 45 minutes away. Even though they are way out in the boonies and therefore in the opposite direction of most traffic, it can still be hell sometimes and it can take me 90 minutes to get back home if I time it badly. :P

Your "assorted rando fun" time is big but if it's broken up into lots of separate slices it doesn't feel it. And I found that the older I got the more I just turned into a blob when I got home from work and just eat and watch tv and go to bed :P I find it hard to go out and do fun stuff on nights when I have to work the next day.

I hate to say "welcome to adulthood", but ... :-/

(At least when you become rich and famous, maybe you can hold a lottery for us bloggy friends and the winner can come stay in the unused wing of your compound?)

Craig said...

I'm jealous you have Super Mario Galaxy 2! I want!

john said...

Frankly, the only thing I am jealous about is the amount of time you spend in sleep city.

My commute isn't too bad and the time I spend at work is average. The biggest thing for me is Big Boy Errands and family commitments.

What you are experiencing is normal. I disagree with Justin, you will definitely become more comfortable with aspects of it. As your priorities change, so does the time you spend on each activity. You will still experience the pressure of doing what you have to vs. what you want to, but that is how it is for everyone.

Ryan said...

I assume commutes suck, but I don't think I've ever had one that was longer than 30 minutes.

I also love strawberry rhubarb pie! I saw rhubarb at the grocery store and almost picked some up. I should make pie.

Sven said...

"Will I eventually become adjusted to this shifting of priorities and reach a certain level of comfort in my existence?"

I have no fucking idea. I've been a "rEaL PeRsOnAz" for nearly ten years now (*dies a little bit inside*) and I still have trouble getting to work on time, getting to the pub on time, and getting to bed on time. If you crack this shit let me know, will you?

Nathan V said...

How did you make up the number values for this pie?

Naughty said...

Oh, Sweetie.

Naughty will not be the one to tell you that as one gets older, time speeds up such that it feels that one has only lived a year for each decade that flies by. That would be mean and depressing. What Naughty will say is this: Do whatever you can to keep the fun and sleep parts of your pie as large as possible. I would say seriously evaluate anything falling under the rubric of "the american dream" to make sure it squares with what your spirit most craves. For example, I would advise: Don't get under a mortgage, don't get under any kind of large payment if you can help it. Pay off any debt as fast as humanly possible. These are the ways a body stays flexible in our society. If you go back to school, try and get a full ride (no more ed debt). Or work for the university like I did so they pay for everything and only quit when they say "we'll fund you". Apply for grant money. Keep reading. Keep creative. These things are absolutely imperative. When you don't have time to write a poem, pull over and jot down a haiku. Just random Naughty thoughts. But if I had it to do over again, I would NEVER have accumulated so much shit. The more you have, the more you worry about it. Lately, my primary obsession is with trying to sell as much of my crap (except for my books and my quilts) as possible. Travel light, but pack a heavy brain. They still haven't figured out how to charge for that on the flight. xoxo.

Chris D. said...

I think you may adjust to your routine in time (perhaps 2-3 years, or so). However, I suspect that your routine may change a bit before then.

My routine isn't very routine. Sometimes I like that, and sometimes I wish I was more in sync with others, or maybe just had one special person to be in sync with. On most days I can wake up when I want, and go to bed when I want. There are exceptions, but I tend to gravitate to being a late night person. Sometimes my job is really fun, and sometimes my "fun" requires hard work.

I've lived in my house for 3 years now, and I still don't feel settled. I keep thinking that I want to be settled and have a routine. But there must be a part of me that resists. I'm already thinking about how I may want to eventually split my time between living in two (or more) different areas.

Sometimes I worry that I spend so much thought on the future that I shortchange today too often...

I haven't really figured out this life thing yet. But one thing I can tell you is that time seems to move much faster as I get older. The years fly by. I should try to get more quality living done before I run out of road.

Justin said...

Yes, Chris. Yes.

tornwordo said...

Looks pretty balanced to me!

David said...

My pie would have an entirely different colored slice that read "various extra-curricular obligations" to account for all the rehearsals and meetings and such that I attend, to your endless irritation.

For me, the shift has been very gradual over the years, and certain categories have ebbed and flowed variously, so I my big-boy time allocations have always felt rather natural to me.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

mmmm, pie....