Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy dear, you know you're still #1!

Dad with a studmuffin mustache. Me in a diaper.

So today is the dia de los padres! Dat meanz we're all supposed to tell our papas how much we lurrrve them and how grateful we are for their p33nz [feat. libido] when they got all funkytown wiff our mamas back @ our conception.

My father still can make me laugh harder than nearly anyone else in the mundo [feat. inappropriate and cusstastico storiez] and it's largely from him that I received such a hilariously vulgar an educated and advanced way of speaking.

I hope you spend your father's day with or remembering your favo things about you padrez! In a short bit, I'ma be driving on over to mah parent's house where I'll inhale a shitload of derrrriciouz comida that my dad expertly whipped up and talk about the wonder yearz of playing Dr. Mario, eating never-ending chainz of Fla-Vor-Ice, blatantly critiquing the nasty broadz that frequent the Seaside Heights boardwalk and talking about how impressively cinematic Britney Spears' "Lucky" music video is!

I leave you with a video of my favo dad in the world (aside from my own!):

So what are your fondest memoriez with your father?!


Tam said...

Hope you have a super day with your Dad.

I was raised by my Grandfather. Although my step-Dad is great and I love him, he was never my "Dad". He died in 2000. He was always 100% supportive of his kids even if they did something not so smart. He never judged and would give the shirt off his back to anyone. I wish my daughter could have gotten to know him.

john said...

My fondest memories with my dad are the simple ones. Spending time with him talking about the things he enjoys. I also got my sense of humor from my dad, king of the one liner he is.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: A good dad can look past the dumb shit we ALL do as chillunz and still love us regardless. Unconditional love, even through blatant idiocy!

John: I feel like most people get their sense of nurturing and caring from their mothers and their sense of humor from their Dads. Sometimes my dad and I will make the exact same irreverent comment @ the exact same time. Lovez when that happenz!

Craig said...

That mustache is amazing!

Me and my dad are movie buddies :-)

tornwordo said...

"Tell him to quit it!" That cracked me up. Hope you had fun times chez papa. I had to settle for a phone convo. He asked me this on the phone yesterday. "Would you rather have one finger from both hands cut off or no orgasms for the rest of your life." We've been playing that game for decades. I chose fingers by the way.

Justin said...

I definitely got my sense of nurting and caring from my mother. Not that my father isn't caring or nurturing, but he's kind of always been the amusingly clueless absent-minded-professor type. I got a *lot* of my sense of humor from my mother -- especially when it came to being amused by my father's foibles. But I also got a lot of it from my father -- my penchant for teasing people I like mercilessly definitely comes from him, as does my penchant for giving people nicknames they dislike and find annoying. In fact, in general, anything that involves me being annoying I probably get from him -- including my general inability to write or say anything concisely.

My father laughed when I called him yesterday for father's day. It's not normally something we observe: my parents both treated mother's and father's day as manufactured holidays.

But he's been going through a very hard time lately. His fiancee dumped him a few days after his 81st birthday, and did it the day after he left Boston to go back to Illinois -- in other words, she neglected to mention to him during the two weeks he was here staying at her apartment, that she was planning on dumping him. She waited until he was 1000 miles away to do that. Then she sent him a 5-page email listing every thing he ever did in their 3-year relationship that annoyed her, and told him that if he responded, she would delete the email unread.

Since that hit him really hard, I've been making sure I call him more often and give him more attention, and even though he never cared about father's day, and laughed about it, I know he appreciated it when I made the call yesterday.

That is an awesome 70's porn-stache. :-)

(And when are you *ever* vulgar?! I thought that was left to the rest of us puntabupervs!!)

madtexter (corey james) said...

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again. You. Are. The. Master. of funny. This video is hilarious.

And speaking of dads, I think I got my sarcasm from my dad. He's a retired Baptist minister, so growing up things were very strict, but at the youngest child of three (the baby), I could get away with murder. Hey, somebody had to stir things up in that holy-roller household. Today, when I say something borderline vulgar, my mom still blushes, and my dad secretly snickers to himself. I catch him turn away from everyone else and start laughing quietly. He can't be dirty, but I sure can.

David said...

Fondest memory: Dad chasing me around the living room with a bowl of canned plums that I refused to eat for dessert, until I hid behind the couch. I think I was 7 at the time.

Yeah. Good times.

Polt said...

It's not just the moustache, Josherz, that diaper is pretty studmuffin too. I see your dad was teaching you the basics of studmuffinry early on.

Hope the day was happy for you and your dad.