Friday, May 7, 2010

Ugly Dogs

"...I don't think it's healthy for people to treat their dogs like they are real people. Another thing I take issue with are people who take their dogs on 'play dates,' or even worse, people who choose to dress their dogs up in outfits better suited for homosexuals participating in a gay pride parade." - Chelsea Handler

I can admit when I have a problem. I can admit when tingz start to get outta hand. And I can admit when I need to acknowledge mah issuez and face da world. A few dayz ago, I posted My Monday Muse and wrote yet another entry about my favo animal, CATZ. Being as it was prox my millionth post of mine where I shamelessly adored every single ting feline-related under el sol, I feel like I might be alienating certain bloggy amigoz of mine that would rather listen to Lindsay Lohan's hit debut album 'Speak' poke out their own eardrumz wiff toofpickz than be within a mile of a gato.

So that's why I decided to be Mr. FairSquare and post an entire entry about poochez! Yes, it's pupparoni mayhem here @ Josh Is Trashy! To celebrate, I thought I would paste some gorge pickz of some truly beautiful [read as: unhappy and absurdly abused] dogz that have been dolled up all for our viewing pleasure. Huzzah for borderline illegal grooming contests!

"I eat so much fowl, I shit feathers." - Brendad Ickson

"When I saw the chickens I yelled, 'Are you my dinner yet?' I said, 'Hurry up and be my dinner!'...Chicken dinners makes me stronger so I can yell louder." - TV Dinner Factory

"People of the world, PAY ATTENTION TO ME. Everything I say and do is very important and artistic. I'm basically Andy Warhol. I'm a real artist. And bisexual, or some weird alternative new age bullshit crap sexuality that I just invented. Look at this wastefully expensive and grotesquely hideous outfit I'm wearing. Aren't I just SoOoO different?! My music isn't generic electro-dance pop, I swurrr. It's ART. Promzeeeez!" - Lady Gaga

"I'm a sad panda." - Sexual Harassment Panda

"Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need." - Ursula

If you'd like to see more artistic expressionz [read as: dogs wishing to die], click HERE.


Mel said...

People who do that sort of shit to their dogs should first be slapped, then slapped again, then dragged through the village by their heels, then shot. I do, of course, dress Tuck up in sweaters in the winter, but he gets cold and they're not retardo-lame crap, seeing as they're handknit by me.

hoteltuesday said...


Here's my favo dog ever:


Mel said...

Enrico: That dog actually died a couple of years ago. He was ancient, and a genetic mutant.

My verification word for this was created by a cat. It's "string".

Polt said...

It's true, the people that do this need to have the exact same things done to them. Feather, and purple octopuss and all. And then, like a rabid dog, these same people need to be put down. desecrating a lovely animal is such a should be considered abuse.

Course, none of this changes the fact that cats are still the Spawns of Satan. :)


Dave2 said...


And so very, very scary...

Tam said...

My daughter showed me those pictures a while ago. Fascinating and intriguing but I feel badly for the dogs who had to put up with that. It's just not a nice way I don't think to treat a dog. Although maybe they don't mind, I don't know but it's weird.

I like all animals, except reptiles, I have a total fear of reptiles. Let me rephrase, I like all animals that have fur. I think that sums it up. No fur? Get away from me. That includes Enirco's dog.

Laurie said...

Ummm ... eleven words ..."poor innocent creatures who share this planet with us" & "how stupid". (not you Josh--dog decorators)


Have similar feeling as when I look at oil spill pic's.

(Josh go see comment I left you on mine ...thanks btw)

john said...

I just don't see why people do these things to their pets. I'm with Mel. My brother puts sweaters on his dog, but she is a wiener dog and needs to have a sweater given her chest is an inch from the ground.

Love Ursula, I'm going to be singing that song all night.

adam said...

Yay abused aminals! poor sad panda :(

Michelle M. said...

Oh no. That's just not right. I love the Ursula quote, though.

"The only thing that makes me down is when people put bandannas on their dogs." - The Terrier Song (Kids in the Hall)

Laurie said...

PS--Panda dog is SUPER freaky. I can't stop staring at it .....

Word Ver: twimping (you get the BEST word ver's!)

naughty said...

Hm. A standard poodle is really a lovely animal. No shedding, great in the water, smart. I would never have a miniature, but a standard is actually on my short list for when I consider having a dog again. I really don't like the pom-pom shaving, but I do understand that it insulates their joints while keeping the rest of the dog cooler in warm climates. But this? This is an abomination. Poor animals.

My cats wear very sporty, striped collars with their tags attached. And they love their "brushingz." Pie rolls around like he's having an all over body 'gasm. I wish I could attach a wave file of the purring; it's intense. Ever tried to put a cute ANYTHING on a cat, though? When I was a kid, I have a picture of my grandmother's enormous (21 lb.) white angora (Butch) wearing my doll's mob cap. It lasted long enough for the flash to go off, and then he popped me a good one with his terrifying left hook. I deserved that.