Saturday, May 29, 2010

Q+A! - Questionnaire Remix!

Unless you have amnesia [read as: don't read Mr. Pasteeeeeeeeelnick's blog], you should be aware that it twas mah birfday last February. And all you vunderville bloggy cholitoz surprised the glitter outta me when David gifted me with a backpack chock full o' presents from you sweet, thoughtful rutabagas! Wellz, Polt's gift to me was porn a book about mah favo topic: Poorly received and hence forgotten about pop songz from the late 90s/early 00s MYSELF!

The book, All About Me., is a collection of rando survey questionz that can help me chronicle all the many reasons I rule [aka reasons I suck]. It's like I'm a celebrity! This book is PERFECTO para me because, as you all know, I would punch 15 recently-orphaned paraplegic blind impoverished babies if it meant that I could become famous. I LOVE to make up interviews / while I brush my teeth!

So instead of keeping my answerz to myself, I thought I'd post selections of preguntas, answer dem here and then have you sweet little so'n'sos answer them urself. So let's get this carousel a-spinnin'!

"Althought you may not have an 'absolute favorite,' answer the following questions spontaneously. The best answer will be the first thought that comes to mind."

A color you like to wear: I used to wear dark oversized tees all the time because I guess I liked to really show off how sickly sun-deprived I was via color contrast. Now I am fond of strutting around in fitted tees of the citrus color variety!

Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal you would like to own as a pet: Wellz, since I already have three of my favo animal, I guess I will pick #2 on my list, which would have to be a cute little monkey that could sit in my pocket, that I could feed mini-bananas to and that would groom me for ticks in the Summer.

A flower you would like to grow in your garden: Audrey II so I could drag this dumb GaGogglez-lurrrving world to HELL while singing and yelling @ everyone.

Your lucky number: I don't believe in lucky numbers. But I've always had an affinity towards odd numeros. I find 3, 7 & 9 to be quite handsome-looking!

A smell that makes you pause: Clothes that have been recently washed using Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent ("Clean Burst" Flavor!). It's the odor of what the boyfriends I used to make up for myself in my head would smell like, if they weren't fake.

A taste that makes you melt: Gouda. Gouda. Gouda. Gouda.

A hobby that occupies your time: Posting Q+As that no one cares about on a blog that no one cares about.

A sport you enjoy watching: American Idol.

A sport you enjoy playing: Mario Kart.

Your favorite meal: Pork roll, egg y chedda on a salt bagel. But I only eat one a year, cuz I fear my arteries would literally euthanize mah existence if I exceeded such a limit. CLOGGED CITY USA!

A drink you often order:
When I'm an alcoholic? Rum [feat. Coke...the only time I drink soda!]. When I'm sober? Kombucha!

A delicious dessert: Anything that's been given a forcefully violent injection of almond paste. MMMMM.

Ok...dat's it for now. What about you folkz?! Answer these questionz so I can learn your Earthly ways better!


madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Oh my, I bought that book about 10 years ago and it was very enlightening to write down my responses. However, I found it difficult to respond to some of the questions in an open and honest way because I just kept thinking about 'what if someone read this book someday'? What would they think?

I may have to re-visit the book again and just be brutally honest with myself. I like your responses to your questions. Before today I didn't know that Mario Kart was a sport! Me likey.

Tam said...

So many questions, so little time but I'd hate to disappoint you and I can't resist a poll like this.

Color: Red, my closet is full of red shirts

Animal: Tiger, so I could lounge on it while surfing the net.

Flower: Gladiolas - my all time fave

Number: 8 - not sure it's lucky but I've always liked it.

Smell: Fresh cut grass, reminds me of childhood

Taste: Fresh baked bread with real butter

Spare time: Reading or blog hopping

Sport to watch: hockey ... of course

Sport to play: Blog hopping (I'm sure that's a sport now)

Fave meal: No clue, ummm, maybe a traditional turkey dinner? Anything someone else prepares?

Drink I order: Usually beer if alcohol (or margarita if it's a Mexican place) and non-alcohol is water or iced tea

Dessert: Any kind of cheesecake that does NOT include peanutbutter in any form.

Dave2 said...

I care about your blog, but am not a fan of pork roll... being a vegetarian and all.

Justin said...

A color you like to wear: Blue, for some reason, which is probably stupid because I'm an autumn.

Regardless of size or circumstance, an animal you would like to own as a pet: Wellz, since I already have two of my favo animal (dogs), I guess I will pick #2 on my list, which would have to be a ferret. I used to have one and he was so adorable. It's a very very sad story how I lost him :-(

A flower you would like to grow in your garden: lilacs: yes, I know they're trees, but they're flowering; my second most important thing (also not a conventional flower) is globe thistles.

Your lucky number: 13 of course!!! That's the date I was born!!

A smell that makes you pause: Lilacs. And fresh-from-a-local-farm strawberries.

A taste that makes you melt: the combination of garlic and butter

A hobby that occupies your time: "friendfacing" (twitter/facebook/blogs/IM)

A sport you enjoy watching: meh. beach volleyball maybe? ;-)

A sport you enjoy playing: channel-surfing

Your favorite meal: hmmmm a toughie since I am a big foodie ("big" in multiple senses); um, I'll go with Dover Sole in lemon and butter with asparagus

A drink you often order: cosmopolitans

A delicious dessert: strawberry shortcake

john said...

Color: Orange.

Animal: Owl.

Flower: Iris, my favorites.

Lucky number: I don't believe in lucky numbers either, but 8 and 10 are recurring numbers in my life.

Smell that makes me pause: gasoline.

Taste: Warm chocolate chip cookies.

Sport to watch: Speed skating.

Sort to play: volleyball.

Favorite meal: Thanksgiving dinner, with lasagna as a close second.

Drink: Diet Sprite preferred, but Diet Coke will do. No alcohol for me.

Desert: Ice cream is number 1, but warm apple pie kicks ass too.

Michelle M. said...

Color: Pink. I'm not a fan of pink generally, but it helps me to not look like death warmed over.

Pet: a horse

Flower: big puffy hydrangeas

Number: don't have one

Smell: Coffee. Even though it tastes nasty.

Taste: Chocolate or Tam's answer

Hobby: Reading your amazing blog, because I care.

Sport: Figure skating

Sport I enjoy playing: Badminton

Favorite Meal: Something that involves mashed potatoes

Drink: Rootbeer

Dessert: chocolate cake or cherry pie

Milo said...

Colour: Browns and greens. Basically anything autumnal.

Animal: I like farmyard animals - pigs, cows, sheep, etc. I actually had a pet lamb as a child (which I bottle fed, relatives were farmers - which is why I can't bring myself to eat lamb as an adult).

Flower: I bought a little Japanese maple (my favourite tree) today at the garden centre for £3.99. Looking forward to watching it grow. Not technically a flower but I don't really buy flowers.

Lucky number: 9 but I don't really know why.

Smell that makes me pause: My new favourite male scent which is Eau des Baux by L'Occitane which I wear every day.

Taste: Freshly baked bread, cut thickly, spread with lots of butter.

Sport to watch: Tennis possibly.

Sort to play: Fighting, aka Super Street Fighter IV on the PS3.

Favourite meal: Probably a curry of sorts, king prawn dhansak with pappadums, naan bread, sag aloo, etc.

Drink: G&T, red wine, French pastis, prosecco, Guinness, cider.

Desert: home-made lemon meringue ice-cream or bread & butter pudding.

Polt said...

You just LOVE this book, dont you? I knew you would. I filled one out back in 2000/2001 and loved doing it. And I like going back now and rereading the answers, and seeing how much I've changed.

I was just gonna answer every question with porn or sex or p33ns or some variation/combination of those words cuase, well, that would be the right answers for me. But since this is your blog, I'll try to answer them with non-sexual answers.

Color: blue.
Pet: I have none now, but a nice little non-shedding dog would be nice...a poodle perhaps.
Flower: I have a black thumb and kill everything I try to grow. But I do like roses.
Number: 12
Smell: Breadford Pear Trees, for a reason i can't disclose due to not using sexual answers.
Taste: I've just recently dicovered it, Ben & Jerry's Boston cream Pie Ice Cream!
hobby: Comic Books.
Sport watching: Professional Football
Sport playing: Mini-golf, that's a sport, right?
Meal: Mama Polt's Christmas Turkey Dinner with ALL the trimmings!
Drink: Alcoholic, Labatt's Blue. non-alcoholic, Pepsi
desert: Vanialla Bean Cheesecake


Justin said...

Michelle M -- stop trying to make the REST of us all look bad!!!! (Your answer to question #7)

John/Polt -- I was going to pick turkey dinner as my favorite, but figured it was too boring.

Milo -- you bottle-fed a lamb? That's so adorable. What was its name? And for your favourite scent: did anybody ever tell you what a colossal fag you are? ;-)

(Oh, and "freshly-baked bread, cut thicky, spread with lots of butter" is one of life's greatest pleasures: the steam rising out of it, the butter melting; just unbeatable; a winter spent with a Christmas-given bread machine in 1994/1995 is responsible for most of the extra weight I still carry.)

Polt -- for crying out loud. Your favorite sport is football AND your favorite alcohol is beer?! Are you SURE you're gay?!?!?! Don't answer that. We know that you wouldn't be able to do so without "porn or sex or p33ns or some variation/combination of those"

Ryan said...

American Idol as a sport made me think of American Idol: Vocal Deathmatch. I'd watch that.

I have a strange mind.

Justin said...

You do, Ryan (as do we all) but honestly that is one of the least strange things you've said :-)

David said...

Color: I default to blue but try to spice things up with other hues.

Pet: Dog. Boring, I know.

Flower: Iris, or really any gaudy flower.

Number: 4. Dunno, always have.

Smell: Bacon. Although I'll never eat it, I do love the smell.

Taste: Chocolate and peanut butter

Hobby: community theater

Sport to watch: tennis

Sport to play: tennis

Favo meal: Mac n cheese

Draannk: Wine and water. So Christ-like.

Dessert: See "taste"

Ryan said...

Justin: Perhaps only because you weren't picturing the show as an actual deathmatch with the contestants fighting with Ruckus-like sonic attacks.

Color: Blue
Animal: Tiger (It used to be cheetahs, but they don't have endurance, strength, or the ability to survive a Minnesotan winter).

Flower: Lilies

Number: Maybe 4

Smell: Freshly baked apple pie

Taste: Rhubarb

Food: Honey chicken

Drink: White Russian

Dessert: Pie

anne marie in philly said...

color: red
pet: have dos gatos; want a parakeet
flower: gardenias
number: 5
smell: pizza
taste: chocolate
hobby: knitting
sport watching: baseball
sport playing: bowling
drink: wine, or gin&tonic
dessert: cheesecake

Laurie said...

Haven't had dinner and it's 9:51PM but I lurrv your blog so much Josh I'm sacrificing and answering self-indulgent questions instead. This will be short & sweet since I'm starving.

color: a soft butter yellow (even though it's dorky (aka cheerful).

Pet: any animal (I love animals) that won't poo, pee, or puke in my house.

Flower: this one's hard cuz I LOVE flowers! Umm but if I have to pick one ....the other day I was at the nursery and kept doubling back to the gardenia bushes to stick my nose in them and inhale deeply.

Number(s): 24 cuz that's my birthday number and 14 cuz both my kid's were born on the 14th (of different months but still). So if you come visit me and the parental control pops up on the TV when you're trying to watch some porn on HBO, sumthin' you should know is the password is 1-4-2-4. Clever, huh??

Smell: You probably think I'm gonna say gardenia but I already said that. The smell that gives me the most pause, and which keeps me out of the penitentiary since I imagine inmates rarely smell this, is simply pure, unadulterated fresh air.

Taste: a delicate, complex white wine with an insanely long-finish.

Hobby: Daydreaming. For sure. Takes up ALOT of my time.

Sport watching: Any mascot on any field. No other sport keeps my attention ...

Sport playing: Snow skiing. Snow skiing. Snow skiing!!!!!!

Favorite meal: Omg. I have to pick ONE? Let's just say I love to eat out, eat ethnic, & eat green. I did make a fab homemade pizza the other night with sauteed mushrooms & broccoli on top ...let me know if you want the recipe.

Drink: I'm a total wino. Although I love beer too. Strangely I'm not the biggest on mixed-drinks--but if forced I'll slurp down a dirty martini in a heartbeat.

Dessert: Am an ice-cream-a-holic in addition to being a wino. Don't ever enter an ice-cream cone eating contest with me. You'll lose every time.

Fun Josh! Am going to run out and buy Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent now!! (after I eat)

tornwordo said...

Sport = American Idol made me laugh. And this post is kinda ironic considering the one just after it.

Justin said...

Geez. When did they come up with that villain, Ryan? In MY day (*coughs pompously*) Marvel had Black Bolt for sonic powers, though he didn't "absorb" sounds, he actually couldn't even speak -- kind of like how Cyclops can't open his eyes without a visor/glasses -- and he wasn't really a villain (well, he was introduced as one but wasn't really). Never heard of Ruckus.

Personally, when you described a "deathmatch" involving American Idol, however, I was picturing something involving a lot more scratching and slapping and hair-pulling and hissing and wild flailing of hands while looking away. And that was with the guys.

Ryan said...

Justin: I had just watched the first volume of the animated series. Ruckus shows up in a fight near the end, but I had to look his name up.