Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obligatory American Idol Finale Post

So I know it's the cool thing to hate on American Idol and whine about how none of the contestants can sing (even though there is definitive proof that they are in fact talented), but I still have to alienate you bloggy readerz by doing a quick write-up on the Idol season finale. So if you irrationally hate the show, spare my eyez any rude comments and keep your meanness to yourself [feat. click on those links and actually listen to some of these peepz...might change your mind]!

So anyway...after a long and sweaty season of the extremely mediocre [see: Paige Miles & Lacey Brown] vs. the unbelievably talented [see: Crystal Bowersox & Crystal Bowersox], we are down to the final two showdown mega face-off! The finale was tonight and even though Bowser's Sox was absolutely brilliant (did you see her performances of "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Up To the Mountain"?!), the title of American Idol champion went tooooooooooooooooooooooooo...


Though he wasn't mah favo this season, he still was pretty good [sans his outta tune performancez during the finale...ew!], so I am alright wiff him winning. Dis is the first season when I liked both contestants in the final two! No Justin Guarweeniez, Adam LameAnalRapistBerts and Bland Lewises for me to rally for me, this was a rather anticlimactic season finale. Both Crystal and Lee are great singsingaz, so they will (hopefully) have long and proseperous careerz.

Now, to conclude my Idol obsession of this season, here is a video of me singing last year's winner, Kris Allen's cover of Kanye Butthole's "Heartless"...sorry in advance:


Dave2 said...

Maybe it's me then. It's all my fault. Every single time I tune into the show, it's terrible and I change the channel. Maybe I'm the one who is MAKING them terrible by watching?

Because tonight I accidentally tuned in to Idol and when Ms. Jackson hit the screen, and stayed. I was going to change the channel afterwards, but stuck around because I wanted to see what the big deal was.

So the Lee guy won, everybody was screaming, and the winner then started singing what I THINK was U2's "Beautiful Day"...

...and it was terrible.

Maybe it's just me. It's my fault for tuning in.

So I promise I'll never watch Idol again and make everybody bad. You're welcome!

that's J-O-S-H said...


Ryan said...

I still find it funny when Kris Allen talks about his homies. Yet, I find you or Enrico saying it to be normal.

Michelle M. said...

I thought Lee had some pretty good performances through the course of the season, but (sorry) I was not impressed with his singing at all this week.

I was going to fast forward to the results until -
The Bee Gees (Minus one)!
Michael McDonald (Open your eyes)! Chicago (Minus Peter Cetera)!
Hall and Oates (minus moustache)!
Christina Aguilera (minus pants)! Yay - love them all!

And I loved Paula's pink dress. Despite the weird glove thing.

rockson said...

lovez it

Tam said...

Did Simon cry? Was there a giant love-in? I don't follow the show at all but I'll be curious to see if it continues on without snarky Simon.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Ryan: Well...I am part-hip-hop star. P.DiddyPopperz is my daddy.

Michelle: He was soooo underwhelming dis week. "Beautiful Day" was not good. Doesn't help that I hate U2!

Rockson: Right? So hot.

Tam: They had a handful of contestants from all the seasons come out and sing some dumbo song to him about love and crap. It was sweet. I impressed [read as: bored] David wiff my ability to name every person on stage.

Polt said...

The only thing I know about AI this season is what I caught during the final minutes when we watching it waiting impatiently for Glee to come on.

Not that I was interested, but I wasn't happy when Urban was kicked off, cause he sure was easy on the eyes. Loved to gaze at him each week during the closing credits. And then, whoever the long haired buy was that was the third to the last to go, yeah, I missed him too, cause it was pleasant to watch his hairthing each week.

I can't listen to you now, I'm at work. But rest assured I'll listen to it when i get home tonight.

(There, I think that entry was sufficently non-mean and non-mocking. Well done, Polt!)


Michelle M. said...

When the past contestants were all on stage I thought, "I bet josh and Enrico know all their names."

Justin said...

Your video is adorable as always -- especially all your little editorial notes ("The 'Old Me' is back that way apparently") :-)

I don't watch AI because I generally hate Reality TV. Call me old-fashioned, but I like it when they actually pay writers and actors to do stuff. :-) I also generally can't stand the kind of music that gets sung on AI. Ballady stuff. I like old show-tunes, 1930s and 1940s and 50s big band and jazz ballads but I just don't like the style of music that mostly gets sung on AI. I know it's good for showcasing people's voices but it just doesn't interest me. I just hate songs like Celine Dion's song from Titanic or Witless Houston's "I-ee-I-ee-I will always love you-ee-oo-ee-oo" overwrought ballad-type songs :P.

I think it's great that people get to showcase their talent and some get to become famous throug shows like AI and XFactor and the like -- I know that some genuinely talented people have come out of it. And I'm sure I would like some of their music once they become/became recording artists. But I'm just never going to want to watch the show.

I *do* think Kris Allen is incredibly cute. :-)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Polt: Eh. They were okay singers. I didn't think they were cute at ALL! So plainly good-looking! I like guys wiff more unique features!

Michelle: You know me all too well. What a great manager you are!

Justerz: >:O They've had numerous themed weeks revolving around "old show-tunes, 1930s and 1940s and 50s big band and jazz ballads." Actually watch the show and you'd see that peepz know better than to take on big belty songs. Over the seasonz, they have grown to realize that singing such well-known ditties is like effing wiff fire.

Justin said...

I love your angry yelling face emoticon, Josh :-) (really, I do)

And I actually learned something. I did not know about the themed shows.

If I risk commenting on american idol, I'm SURE You can comment on Iron man or LOST ;-)

hoteltuesday said...


Just cause you SAY IT'S SO doesn't MAKE IT SO.