Monday, May 17, 2010

My Monday Muse

Judge Judy

Admit it, you LOVE seeing bad shiz happen to other people. To see some dumb teenage ho get barked at for any countless of bizarre reasons can seriously turn a bad day into a near-perfect one. Trust me!

Get a bad grade on an exam? Have a huge fight wiff ur significant otro? Get reamed out @ work cuz you kept falling asleep due to staying up all night boohooing over how no one will ever love you? Shut your mouf, grab a bag of Xtra-Fat-Butter popped corn and root your nalgaz into the nearest couch for a good session of over-exaggerated Judge Judy debitcheous debauchery. Don't believe me? Then go bugger off Then watch dis:

Isn't she just so..."Shhh..." But really, her elegance is just so..."NO, YOU DID! SHHHHHH!" Pardon me, Dame Judy, I just want to point out..."SIT DOOOOOWN! IN A CHAAAAIR!" Okay, but I'd rather..."Whatever." Why are you being so mean..."Shh. Your case is dismissed. NOW YOU CAN LEEEEAVE!"

(Bah, forget it.)


Mel said...

Who doesn't love Judge Judy? If it were legal she'd totally cut a bitch.

Dave2 said...

Not a fan. Sorry. I'd only look at Judge Judy as a muse if I were looking to be a self-righteous, annoying, bitch! :-)

I do like Judge Mathis though!

Ryan said...

I think I've spent half an hour watching clips from court shows.

Tam said...

I'm wondering what she's like in real life. Abrasive and annoying or kind and cuddly like a kitten?

john said...

I've never been comfortable with the level of hubris she wields in the courtroom.

Justin said...

*chuckle* Was that clip actually un-edited? If so, she asked people questions and cut them off before they had a chance to answer them. She came across as a complete loon. I've never watched entire Judge Judy episodes but I've stumbled across her now and then and usually she's abrasive but not actually a lunatic.

Maybe the producers decided that the show had run its course with Judge Judy being just abrasive -- they wanted her to step it up to nutzoid in order to keep viewers?

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

That's some crazy-funny editing. Looks more like an SNL skit (although not of late) or a Chelsea Handler skit.


Ryan said...

I watched the one with the eBay scammer who sent pictures of cell phones instead of cell phones. She smugly assumed that "For picture only" in small print would put her legally in the clear.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Mel: Grrrlfriend could probz rewrite the entire legal system if she wanted to.

Dave2: "...self-righteous, annoying, bitch!" Good thing dat's exacterz what I aspire to be!

Ryan: Ha! When looking for dis clip, I got sucked into watching what must have been 5 separate full-length episodez of dis show. WATCHING PEOPLE GET SCREAMED AT [FEAT. HAVE TO FORFEIT OVER DINERO] IS ADDICTIVE!

Tam: That's like wondering what God is like in real-life sans cloud and long beard and ability to do's impossible to imagine.

John: I don't know what "hubris" is...but if it involves verbally assaulting everything in sight, then I'm cool wiff it!

Justerz: You nutbar! Of course it was edited. She might be high-strung, but she at least let's peepz say st00pid shiz before ripping them 34 new a-holez.

MadTexxxter: You just name-dropped Chelsea Handler on the same day I finished her book! Kudoz to you, you mindreader!

hoteltuesday said...

1:!7-1:21 = LAUGHING FOR DAYS. Both facial expressions are priceless.

I also love the "NO! YOU DID!" That man's face is hilarious. And of course the "case is dismissed" part is great. BEST VIDEO.