Monday, May 3, 2010

My Monday Muse

Le Duo Des Chats

It's the age-old pregunta. Cats vs. Dogs. Everyone not only has a favorite, but a very adamant love of one and thus intense hatred of the other. As everyone knows, I am a cat person. Dogs are cool with me (except for the choice one or two from my past that have tried to end me), but I just jump, jive 'n' wail wiff gatoz more.

See, I think dogs are sweet and loyal, but their intense never-ending rocketboosts of energy would for def def defferz drive me to the brink of insanity. I lurrrve gatoz for their laid-back, affectionate-yet-not-desperate demeanor that always has a spoonful or two of bitchy superiority [aka like mahself].

But to any of you (cold-hearted) bloggy personaz out there that's don't te gusta felinez, I thought I would try and woo your anti-souls wiff a classical tribute to the beauty y wonder of nature's favo animal. (P to da S, I know classical music is Snore City U.S.A., but just give this week's muse a chance.)

Just how dis video made me not hate classical boring azz muzak, I hope it made YOU misinformed readerz finally realize the brilliancy of the feline existence. I wish the audience would chut the fuzz up...STOP LAUGHING SO LOUDLY, THAT'S MY JERB!

What's even better than the fact that some composer (named Rossini Fettuccine Linguine Marini Bikini) created an entire piece made of meowz is how the blond cholito is dead-serial all the way through while his counterpart is cracking the shit up every 2 secondz.

If I had a great singing voice Since I have a great singing voice, part of me wants to train Hermanita, Mowgli & Baberz to sing and harmonize so we could put together a quartet arrangement of dis jam. But I know damn well that after the first meow was uttered, I would start violently convulsing on the floor in a fit of hysterix and wailing.

Huzzah! Classical music is lame anymo'!


Ryan said...

LOL! Awesome(copterz).

Have any of your backup singers watched the video?

Tam said...

Well that was neat. I like dogs and cats, what I don't like is taking out dogs to walk when it's snowing and -40, hence I have cats.

Jere Keys said...

1. Hmm, by my calculations, 100% of the boys on stage have been raped by a priest.

2. "their intense never-ending rocketboosts of energy would for def def defferz drive me to the brink of insanity" <-- you know I love ya more than my luggage, but this is the very definition of irony.

3. Nope, still not coming over to the dark side.

Polt said...

Voices of angels...even if they are uttering sounds made by Spawns of Satan.

I've never heard dog naoies to classical music, that;s true, but then again, I've never heard cat's meowing to Jingle Bells either, so there!

And Jere's 2nd point is SO dead on...the irony is smothering. :)


hoteltuesday said...

Hierarchy of Pets:

1. Richard Parker
2. Baberz
3. Other cats and dogs
4. Rabbits and chinchillas
5. All other pets except for birds
6. Birds (lame)

john said...

I LOVE this video! I caught it a few months ago and it made me laugh for hours! The blond kid's concentration kills me and the dark haired kid's smirk is pretty funny too.

Enricoco: Rabbits and chinchillas in 4th place. I'll give you some time to reconsider that before commenting further. Never mind Solomon's place....

Anonymous said...

OK, interesting and great clip! I think the boy with the dark hair was great; he had a great balance of having fun with it it, and maintaining composure enough to be right on cue.

Being your sibling, of course I love cats! Despite their snobish ways! However, someday I really want a dog, a black or gold lab to be precise (once I can afford the huge amount of dog food to feed it!).

John: I too have a soft spot for rabbits (a pet that is not recognized enough). I rescued 2 rabbits from my former job, and now have another Holland Lop. They are one of the most affectionate animals around, and very smart! Many people don't realize that about them! Only people who own rabbits understand!

Anonymous said...

John: By the way, I named my rabbit Hazel, after the lead character (rabbit) from the novel "Watership Down". A book I couldn't put down. If you haven't read it, you must if your a rabbit lover!


that's J-O-S-H said...

Ryan: Baberz was on my bed while I was writing dis post. His ears perked up, but after weighing his options of either further investigating the meowing or going back to snooze town, he of course picked the latter.

Tam: Right?! PEE INSIDE LIKE A CIVILIZED BEING [i.e. human being or gato].

Jere: Firstly, rape!? Weird. Secondly, ironic?! How?

Polt: Once again...I serial don't get the irony. And eff the dog vs. cat controversy...Hamsters got the song & dance portion of the pet competition won, hands down:

E. Copterz: So correcto about pajarros! My family somehow got stuck with a parrot ten years ago...and it was a monster that always made noise, screamed and smelled like sweaty garbage. Then, like a terrible case of herpes, we passed his misfortune on to someone else.

Cindy & John: Rabbits are cute. But I just get more affectionate outta gatoz! My parent's bunnies just thump their big paws at me and then hop away. RUDE!

naughty said...

I can't abide a bird in the house. Years ago, I sublet my room to a friend while I was out of the country, and she had parakeets. I was picking bird seed out of the weirdest places for months after I got home.

You know I love the cat. The cat is the best animal on the earf. Loved the Youtube, and the dark-haired kid was a hoot. That other kid's gonna grow up to be an undertaker or something.

Mike said...

i see you little boys singing in cat voice...and raise with huskies singing gwent stefani

john said...

Mike: That video was awesome!

Cindy: Of course I read "Watership Down" Fantastic book. I had two holland lops, they were the best pets. Totally affectionate and a ton of fun.

Josh: Perhaps your parent's bunnies have been talking to Bart and Lisa?

Sven said...

Pfft. Cats suck. Meow is a stupid sound. Woof is much better, and surely lends itself to some macho, Götterdämmerung-style operatics. I'll get right on it.

Mel said...

I wonder if they were neutered to keep them from getting their tom cat voices.

Michelle M. said...

I agree with Enrico about the adorable Richard Parker - but have to disagree about birds. I had the cutest little parakeet who would hang out on my shoulder and fly to his cage to poop. He could also turn pages of the book I was reading.

Ryan said...

Michelle: My opinion of birds as pets would improve if more of them were potty trained.

chris said...

Ha. Ha. Ha ha. Ha. Ha ha ha. Thats the first time in a long time anything related to cats made me smile let alone laugh.

David said...

I first became aware of this song in college when it was performed at a Halloween concert when I was in the choir.

Nathan V said...

That was AMAZING.

I'm def def deffers posting this on a few walls.