Sunday, May 9, 2010


I know that the day is half over, but fuck off...some of us had to work MoThEr'S dAy bRunCh @ our former places of employment that begged us to help out when they were understaffed. So please forgive me for posting dis now pretty much pointless Mother's Day post so late.

Anywayz, I hope you spent the day eating cake and hugging your madres to the point of broken ribz! I celebrated my mother's special dia yesterday wiff mah sisterz @ my parent's house. We ravaged a platter of (diet) lasagna, watched Behind the Music: P!nk on VH1 (I swurrr only I my momma wanted to watch it), reminisced about cherished timez gone by [aka embarrassed stories about us kids], threw presents at my mom and fell asleep while watching Sam's Lake [aka one of the worst movies I've ever seen]. I hope you did sumfing nice for your matriarchal birth-giver and if you ARE a mommy, then I send you a virtual hug and a shot of tequila, cuz lordy knows that being a mom is not an easy jerb!

Now please chut up enjoy this virtual Mother's Day card (isn't the guy in the Tool t-shirt/effed-up yellow tie really cute?!):


Tam said...

Glad you had a good time with your Mom, sorry you had to work. You are too nice.

We don't really celebrate in my family, plus my Mom lives 2000 miles away. I did get chocolate though, the day is always better with chocolate.

Craig said...

I'm so glad your mom pooped you out.

That's where babies come from, right? Poop?

Laurie said...

Yeah he's cute and he's a pain in the ass. I love the hallmark card music playing obliviously in the background. Made me laugh.

Thanks Josh. Glad you had a nice day with your mama yesterday. How do you make DIET lasagna??

PS--boys hit hard!

john said...

I know the day is half over, but fuck off?

WOW, that brunch shift must have been busy!

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful Mothers Day, because nothing makes me happier than being with my three incredible children, eating Dads delicious food, drinking good wine, and watching "Sams Lake". NO, no, no...scratch that last one! Was that not the most horrible movie ever? Anyway Josh, thank you for the poem, and for always being the best son a mom could ever want! Love you, Mom

Chris D. said...

Barats and Bereta are funny. I remember seeing this video years ago.

I had a nice Mother's Day with my parents and my sister's family. It was nice to see my nephew again. I am still getting used to being drooled upon. ;)

I am glad to hear you had a good day despite the brunch work.

Justin said...

Barats and Bereta are indeed very funny. And Bereta is very cute. I love him in the video where he refers to himself as being like an Altoid -- small but curiously strong. He's got a nice body.

He actually recently appeared in a commercial. I think it was for fried chicken or something. I was quite surprised. But I'm certain it was him.