Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't speak. I'm sorry.

I read a good number of bookz a year. Since graduating college (becuz I iz MuY intELLigEnterz!) I haven't read as many libroz as I once did, but I still average about one month. And I just finished one of the best novelz I've read in a LOOOOOONG time...

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

YAY! If you don't know who Jonathan Safran Foer is then I feel SO BAD for you! He is a contemporary author that pushes boundaries, engages his readers and is setting the bar higher than high for all his fellow writers! Lovez him! He wrote that book Everything is Illuminated that was raped adapted into a mediocre bullshit movie [feat. Frodo Bagginz]. I read that book in college and lurrrved it, so I thought, why the shit not get his second book?! Well, I did...and it was totez worth it!

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is the story of an adolescent boy named Oskar who finds a key hidden in his late father's closet. His father was killed in the September 11th attacks, and Oskar sets about the five boroughs of Nueva Nueva to try and find the lock that his papa's mystery llave fits into. There are juicy laughz, salty tearz and all the decadent tingz that come between. AND THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT THE PLOT. I fear I may give away too many of the vunderville itty bitty details that make the story sweetly (yet sadly) derrriciouz!

But it isn't just the great plot premise and moving passagez that seduced me like a st00pid slut, it's the narration of the precociously adorable Oskar! He was sassy. He was sensitive. He spoke his mind, yet was the definition of "emotionally vulnerable." Yeah, so basically he was me. Constantly throughout da story, Oskar would spew out quotez that I felt belonged tucked under mah very own tongue! Por ejemplo:

"Even though it was an incredibly sad day, she looked so, so beautiful. I kept trying to figure out a way to tell her that, but all of the ways I thought of were weird and wrong."

"On my way out, Stan said, 'What a day!' I said, 'Yeah.' He asked, 'What's on the menu?' I showed him the key. He said, 'Lox?' I said, 'Hilarious, but I don't eat anything with parents.'"

'I love that,' I told her, and not just because I wanted her to like me. 'You love what?' she asked. I pointed at the picture. 'Thank you,' she said. 'I like it, too.' 'I said I loved it.'"

Life is impossible...I'm constantly emotional...Right now I'm feeling sadness, happiness, anger, love, guilt, joy, shame, and a little bit of humor, because part of my brain is remembering something hilarious...I'm feeling everything."

I turned on the radio and found a station playing 'Hey Jude.' It was true, I didn't want to make it bad. I wanted to take the sad song and make it better. It's just that I didn't know how."

It's like looking through (reading?) a literary mirror of mahself! Just like Everything Is Illuminated, the book uses a variety of devicez to break the fourth wall and make the reading experience interactive and more than just werdz on papel.

So do you lovez it? Then go buy it and sumo smash your eyeballz into the pagez. Incrediskatez! Oh...and if you got this far and actually read dis post, then I give you five high-fives and a million "tank you"s...I feel like mah book postz are always the least loved! Much appreciated!


Mel said...

And why, exactly, is Oskar naked?

Completely unrelated: My verification word is "anions". I love it when it's a real word.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Mel: Oskar naked?! Who ever said anything like that?! I'm not a child-molesting perverto!

Chris D. said...

Mel: I _think_ "naked" is a typo of "named"? It confused me at first as well.

This sounds like an interesting book. I REALLY wish I made more time for reading. I love to read a really great book, but have not read anything substantial in a while. :(

Michelle M. said...

Yay a book post. Keep 'em coming. I put this on hold at the library. So, obviously I love you most (after David, of course).

Tam said...

Actually based on those quotes this sounds like an interesting book. A touch of humour which I enjoy when I read. I'll definitely keep and eye out for it but the curious in me wants to know what the key was for and if he found anything interesting.

Word veri: cycle - I got a real word too Mel. :-P

john said...

"Life is impossible...I'm constantly emotional...Right now I'm feeling sadness, happiness, anger, love, guilt, joy, shame, and a little bit of humor, because part of my brain is remembering something hilarious...I'm feeling everything."

If I had read this line independent of your blog, I would have thought of you. Are you Oskar or are you a ghost writer?

Polt said...

I give you five high fives right back!

veri. word: noneo. If it's NOT a real word, it damn well should be!


Anonymous said...

I really liked the last two quotes; feeling multiple contradicting emotions on a regular basis...that's me!! Totally identify! And the last one just because I always loved the song Hey Jude, it's nice to see it used in a book....and with my favorite line! "Take a sad song and make it better"...(love it), that alone makes me want to read the book.

The plot sounds intriguing, I would like to check it out over the summer! I count on these literary posts to keep me informed on interesting novels. Thanks Josh!


madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...


I have a stack of books that I just keep buying, but I never get to read them. When I lived in NYC, I used to love reading on the subway, and would read about a book a month.

Now that I live in Atlanta, we drive everywhere and reading a book behind the stearing wheel - well, let's just say it doesn't work.

But I may get to that stack of books soon because I'm moving back to NYC in a month or so. YAY! Can't wait to get out of Georgia and it's pig paths.

And I'm heading to the BN today at lunch to get that book!

M. Nicodemus said...

I haven't read any real "literature" novels in a long time; I have been working my way through a stack of sci-fi/fantasy on my night stand for about a year now. Maybe I will take a break and give this one a whirl.

My verification word: extuchso. Homework: use it in a sentence.

David said...

If Oskar had referenced Xtina the resemblance would be totally complete.

hoteltuesday said...

I loved (x10) Everything is Illuminated and gave it to our friend Jenna Gain. She loved it too and says it's one of her fave books ever.

Then I bought EL&IC and my friend Colleen asked to borrow it. And she read it and loved it to death! YAY! Spreading literature is fun.

One cannot reside in a dewy nation of becoming
without wanting to wake up

married to whatever sweet,
smart thing hasn't happened yet. Oh, steering wheel.
Oh, gas pedal. You are terrible lies.
Oh, pretty eyes. Pretty, visionary, bewildered eyes.
Where in the hell are we going?

Laurie said...

I just read a great book too Joshy ....it's still living in me like (I can tell) EL&IC is living in you.

DIVISADERO by Michael Ondaatje. His words make my heart soar over and over. I'm not even jealous of him as a writer cuz he's so good it's like me: swimming laps at the Y and M.O.: is Michael Phelps. You know?

So, you are Oskar and I am Anna.

I can't wait to read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close--my next book. I read an amazing review about it "somewhere".

Word Ver: marbat :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey)) Can anyone please explain me the meaning of the 2nd quote? "I don't eat anything with parents" - what does Oscar mean? I'm studying English as a 2nd lng. Thank you in advance!