Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gay Pride Holiday!

It's Gay Pride Weekend in New Hope (which is prox 15 minutoz from mi casa)! Yay! So aside from me being able to not hate mahself for two days, it also means that Nueva Hope is brimming with wonderfully trashy and abrasively colorful personaz for me to observe!

I decided to be a good homosexxxual and embrace the danceytime rainbow magic of the season and check out the gay bars last night. But since I am shy and terrified of being molested by gross desperatoz that think just because I'm gay I'd want to play under-the-table hooker games wiff them, I enlisted the support and company of my mirror-image, Enrico! Along with his housemates Ross & Christie and my friend from the restaurant Sheila [feat. her amiga], we hit the scene!

The gay bars pretty much looked like dis:

But as you all know, Enrico & I are from the Kelly Clarkson school of sexual relations and don't put our goodies out on display for the world to see. I ain't a yard sale! MARRY ME FIRST. We prefer analyzing pop muzak, crying over poetry, squeezing cats, playing Nintendoz and quoting schtuff that other people don't understand in everyday conversations rather than have sexxxytimez wiff rando guys and be half naked all the time. Here is an accurate photo of us when we hang out:

So you would think we'd be like sharkz outta water @ the bar...but no way José! Us and our crew partied hearty and even @ one point were up on a stage screaming along to "My Life Would Suck Without You" while dancing and embarrassing ourselvez in front of the entire world impressing the entire world with our dashing good looks and slick moves.

Twas a great time and it makes me quite self-satisfied to know that I can have fun and embrace dIffEreNt aZPecTs Of QuEeR LiFe while not jeopardizing my personality [feat. morals]. Oh! And I also ran into Chris D. as well! Huzzah for PuntabuCameos randomly taking place in mi vida!

Sorry for the unfocused blah blah blahness of dis entry. I'm in that weird post-drinking-not-hung-over-but-mildly-blurry phase (Serial, I went to the grocery store this morning and found myself clutching a block of cheese and blankly staring @ in for two minutes), so I think I am gonna go for a run to get my mind back into gear.

Hope you all have had a fantastico weekend so far!


hoteltuesday said...

RUN? Don't get hit by a car!

The best part of the night was when we danced on stage to Kelly and then the next song was BRITNEY!! And the next song was FLEETWOOD MAC!!! I was so excited.

Polt said...

maybe somebody put something in your drink, cause I've been drunk, hungover, and not quite hungover MANY times, and in NONE of those occurances, have I stared at a block of cheese in public for several minutes.

Now that time I dropped acid...well...

Glad you had a fun time! Too bad there's no videos of the evening. :)


Tam said...

Glad ya'll had such a good time, sounds like fun.

David said...

I'm glad you had such a fun time. It will be a good warm up for NYC Gay Pride, which I am dragging you to next month. June 27. Put it on the calendar NOW!! You too, Enrico!

that's J-O-S-H said...

E. Copterz: feat. Ke$ha and Katy Perry at the Nevermore (the "Josh is SCREAMING the lyrics at rando peepz in the crowd" Mega Mix)?!

Polt: Well, since I paid prox $30 on drinks, I had to take time to ponder about whether my budget would allot $2.21 for a block of queso.

Tam: Join us nexxxt time!

Pasteeeeeeelnick: CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Michelle M. said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend. But you boys are getting too thin. Eat some donuts before you disappear altogether.

Delisa said...

I'm super jealous! Can we hang out next year please before Enrico and I graduate and then everyone forgets about each other?

Oh and I really want to go to pride this year so let me know if you're going and we can hang together! I have a rainbow bikini top already picked out :D

adam said...

ugh i spent all weekend in a car with my family instead of being proud X-(

Jusitn said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!! I didn't think this was an "unfocused blah blah blah... entry" at ALL!

My only complaint is that I wanted PIX of the Chris PuntabuCameo and VIDS of you and Enriquierropoquito dancing on stage!!!!

Yayz for fun pride festivities.

Oh, and if I can wrangle up a place to stay I'm definitely going to come down to NYC for this year's pride. Boston pride has become super boring; so boring that not one of my gay male friends want to go anymore so I'm going with my lesbian friends. I hope I'll be able to see you and David there!! :D

Tam said...

I'd love to sweet, but you guys have to come to mine. For some weird reason Ottawa's Pride weekend is the last one in August while the rest of the world celebrates in June. Kind of strange. The parade was fun last year but obviously not as coolio as NYC will be (I remember David's pics.) Our's is much smaller, I've heard Toronto's huge though.

Polt said...

tam: damn near everything is huge in Toronto! :)

I'll be at DC's Pride Parade on June 12th if anyone else will be. Always looking for fun people to hang with, the more the merrier!


Chris D, said...

I am glad that you and Enrico had a good time. It was interesting to see Ross and Christine in real life, having only heard about them through Enrico's blogs before.

As one of the half naked guys (though not _all_ the time), I will caution you (and myself!) not to be quite so judgmental about shirtless guys.

I had my own room (thanks to my performer friend). I could have had all kinds of wild sexxxytimez. But, I chose not to, just I always have. It is just not what I am looking for.

I really need to write a blog post about my own ambivalent feelings about shirtlessness. However I have to tell more of my CO story first, for the best fit. So it may be a while.

When I am moderately drunk and shirtless in a gay club I feel a bit more confident and less shy. Cute guys actually come up and talk to me. I don't think I have a killer body, though it's not bad. For some reason it just makes me more approachable. Now, that is not always a good thing. Perhaps it only makes me approachable to all the wrong guys... I came out late and I'm still very much finding _my_ way in the gay world.

Just don't assume that all shirtless guys have "sexxxytimez wiff rando guys". ;)

Justin said...

Um, Chri-i-i-i-s? *a-HEM* you were a half-naked guy this weekend? WHY ARE THERE NO PICS?!?!?!?!?!

And -- what? -- do you ALWAYS take your shirt off when you hang out in a gay club?!?! Dang your New Jersey gay clubs must be quite a lot of fun to hang out in!

Chris D. said...

Justin: I don't _always_ take my shirt off at clubs. My shirt may have come off < 5 times, and I probably have only been to gay clubs maybe 20 times in my life. I'm not a big club guy. Many of those times I just went because my friend was performing. I never seem to meet the _kind_ of guys I want to meet at clubs. Meeting vacant minded beauties who just want me to F'em isn't fun, for me. Actually, it is a little depressing. At least my journeys into clubs will make for interesting blogging when I get to that part of CO story.

Justin said...

Ha. Well, Chris, at least you have a physique where you CAN take your shirt off at a gay club :)

Clubs are pretty useless for meeting potential boyfriends in my experience, though it does happen: several of my gay friends who have been happily coupled/married for years originally met their spouses as one night stands that just turned into something longer. But they all went through god knows how many one night stands before meeting one that stuck.

On the whole, guys who want to meet guys at clubs are just looking for hookups.

You want depressing, though -- imagine having the only guys who ever hit on you in a club all turn out to have been prostitutes. Now THAT was depressing :P The first time I made a complete idiot of myself. I thought the guy actually liked me and tried to strike up a conversation and asked "so what do you do for a living?" He gave me such a withering, "what kind of an idiot ARE you" look that when I went back to my table and my friend told me "you know he's a hooker, right?" I had already figured it out. After that, I learned to recognize the hookers the moment they opened their mouths to talk to me.

When you do get to the relevant parts of your CO story, Chris, I still am going to want you to re-enact the relevant scenes photographically -- you know, just go down to the clubs in question, take your shirt off, and have somebody take your picture. Okay? Thanks! ;-)

Milo said...

Have never been to a Pride rally. Always wondered what they might be like. One of these days I'll go to the London one I reckon.