Friday, April 23, 2010

Everything is worth it.

So this is gonna be just a quick little post just to get some shiz off mah chest. It feels like 2010, while going great [albeit hectically] for me, is becoming quite the pain in the rump of a lot of my friendz. A lot of personaz seem to be suffering through money/relationshit/family/etc. issuez and while my year is kicking the azz of 2009, I too get that occasional bogged down, how-am-I-going-to-make-it-riiiiiiiiiiight?!-kinda feeling that totez rainstorms in our heads and makes us bitter and angry for no reason.

It suckz massive amounts of garbage taintz when our minds get all toilet-swirled into a dirrty pool of frustrations and insecurities, but we all have to try and remember the specific things we have going for us that make our vidaz supafantastico. I know everyone always complainz about how dificil it is to be [insert their age]-yearz-old and I also know that I am sometimes guilty of being a huge whine festival when timez get hard, but no matter what, we gotta keep chugalugging along.

Sorry if this post is completely outta left field and was awkwardly sentimental for no damn reason, but I just felt compelled to give you bloggy readerz a break from my goofy bullshittery and cyberhug you all to the point of broken ribs. You are all vunderville creatures and I am thankful you sumo-smashed yourselves into my life. I am also grateful for pop muzak, Fla-Vor-Ice, reading on the beach, cats, Manchego, the smell of CD packaging, movie nights @ my parent's house, poetry workshopz, Adult Swim, crying sessionz, good bass lines and my bed.

Now we shall end this entry with a pep talk from the deity of my existence, Aaliyah (RIP BabyGirl!):

[The video cutz out early. She ends it saying "I am truly blessed."]

P to da S: This virtual therapy session isn't for free. You all owe me at least one comment praising me for my sensitivo vulnerability posting what you're grateful for.


Laura said...

I'm grateful that we're thin and attractive and smart and funny and for P!NK, sharkbites, Rita's, free money, free anything and for you! feat. Val narcissism photo shoots in tropical locals (Boston?)

David said...

My new job, my cats, my health, my family,, babe.

Mel said...

Well, I'm कृतज for friends who tell me de cosas como Polyglot extension for Chrome. It makes quelque page like a Josh blog post!

Adam said...

so inspirational - i promise not to off myself today! yay!

Tam said...

I'm grateful for my job, my kid, my family and my amazing friends around the world whom I love dearly. Sometimes it's good to stop and remember that everything is not all bad, all the time.

Hugs to allllll!

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful above all else that I have an awsome family that offers endless support and love! It's easy to get bogged down when you aren't where you want to be in your life. I need to remind myself everyday to be optimistic that someday I will have the things that I most long as I keep plugging along, keep my goals clear in my head and maintain a positive vibe . And of course remember all the good things that I already have in my life. Being negative only attracts more negativity and starts a vicious cycle that can easily suck you up and control you. However, a good wallowing session never hurt anyone; like Elton John's "Sad Songs" sometimes "it feels so good to hurt so bad"! As long as when the session is over, you know to wipe your face and move on! :-)
Oh, and I'm also grateful for netflix, irish cream on the rocks, cheese and ice-cream
Very nice post Josh!


Polt said...

I'm grateful for my mom, my job, my friends, Pepsi, masturbation, Swedish fish, professional football, DC comics, my iPod, the return of Glee & Dr. Who, the books in my library, my health, dogs, and naps. But not necessarily in that order.


naughty said...


I am grateful that as of yesterday, I have a master's degree and my life is my own again. I'm grateful for Darling Husband, all my BFFs who put up with my bullshit, that I have a roof over my head and gazoline in my car, Olive. Very grateful that despite torturing my liver with untold volumes of cheap red wine, it still seems to be functioning. Grateful for my cats, Sue Sylvester, clean water, organizational skills, and Lysol. Yeah. And you, of course, for being such a conscientious poster and always making your bloggy readers feel the love.

Bloggy hugs.

Tam said...

Congrats on the degree Naughty. Well done!

john said...

My original comment got eaten...

I'm grateful for my family. I love the our parents raised us to be good people and to love, support and respect each other.

I'm grateful for the friends I have made in person and electronically.

Lastly, I'm grateful for the personal talents I possess. They make my life rich and have allowed me to get and keep the job I have.

Michelle M. said...

I'm grateful for my health, my husband, my friends, books, tv and my bed. But not necessarily in that order.

Craig said...

I'm grateful for the 3 F's friends, family, and Felice.

anne marie in philly said...

(in no particular order) cats, job, baseball, music, books, knitting.

tornwordo said...

I haven't participated in a whine festival for a while. I'm due.

Expressing gratitude is my daily prayer.

Nathan V said...

I'm grateful that even though my life is so frakking busy these days that there are fun blogs to read in my few waking/non-busy working hours, even if I'm usually too lazy to get the energy to comment.

P.S. "tanorgan" is my verification word. I thought it sounded like a spice at first, but now I'm not so sure.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Oliver: Can we pweaze have MORE sexxxtime [aka duh they will be cuz WE'RE in it] photoshootz around gorgeous foreign locales [read as: Quakerbridge Mall and Palmer Square]?!

Dave: I hope the hidden subtext of ", babe," is "...American Idol."

Mel: Yeah. Yo no hablo el idioma de diablo como tu...or something.

Adam: You better not Sylvia Plath urself yet! Your blog is one of the most consistently updated aka a constant source of distraction [aka entertainment] for moi!

Tam: Yeah...the world is for def def defferz not a completely terrible place. I mean, if it was, then Adam Lamebert would have won American Idol.

Cindy: DUH CRYING SESSIONZ ARE AMAZING. This whole entry was sparked by the fact that I couldn't go to sleep cuz my pillow was completely soaked through'n'through wiff my tearz.

Polt: Stop turning my Mama Theresa feel good inc. session into a sucio factory wiff ur self-love referencez!

Butternut: Aw! You're so sweet! And congrats on being so smart! Master's Degree?! Wowza! Are you a scientist of rocketz yet?!

John: I'm grateful for the discos compactos you send me and the facto that you totez appreciate Ke$ha! You gotz good taste in music (and blogs).

Michelle: I'm grateful for having the greatest faux-manager in the history of the faux-entertainment business!

Craig: Felice? Who dat?! A *pop*star*?!

Philly Anne: Yay for catz! Show me a picture or twenty of them, PLEASE.

Tornwordo: If you're innnnnerrezted, I can FedEx you (as long as it's close-to-free) a year's supply of nicely fermented whine if you're running low. I have an ample supply!

Nathan: For some reason I was randomly wondering today if you still read all of our blogz! Glad to know you still care about us!

dcm said...

I'm grateful that in a few short weeks I'll be done with the rigors of undergrad.
I'm grateful that I finally got a job doing what I love and was meant to do.
I'm grateful for my wonderful friends.
I'm grateful for fleeting liaisons with gorgeous foreigners and compassionate vet school students -- I feel like these encounters have been much healthier than most of my long-term relationships.
I'm grateful for springtime.
I'm grateful for Anne Sexton and Alice Fulton.
And I'm grateful for my growing awareness that I don't have all the answers, and that that's okay.

Lora said...

I came here to say the first part of what the other Laura (the one who spells her name wrong) said.
Thank all that is holy that we are so damned pretty and funny and smart.

Because without that, everything else is so hard to achieve.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

I am grateful for my fabulous family, for my amazing fiance, for my talents, my friends, and my ability to keep dealing with life in general. Also-cheese and a good batch of guac help almost anything!

Chris D. said...

I am thankful for the rich life journey I have had thus far. I value both the high points and the low points, since they have all inspired and shaped me in different ways. I am grateful for the people I have loved, cared for, and influenced. I treasure the times when I actually liked myself, and the challenge of working toward that next moment of self appreciation.