Sunday, March 28, 2010

When my therapist is on vacation...

Everyone that readz dis here blog should be well aware of the fact that mah favo ting in the entire world is music. When I am sad/happy/depressed/anxious/jubilant it is also there for me like a loyal best friend who would like me even if I still looked as hideously bizarre as I did back in high school. Yes, it never leavez me and I kinda want to marry it.

Anywayz, this past year has been a staccato roller coaster of good things and bad things and changes and rearranges and ups, downs & all-arounds. I had joy, I had fun, I had seasonz in da sun. I daaaaaanced wiff tearz in mah eyes and I cried, cried, cried en my lonely heart. And what did I turn to when timez got real shetty?! Family & friends MUSIC. Here are three songs written about/performed for me by famous peepz. They are perfect when I need a bolt of sympathetic comfort [feat. a surge if confidence]. Oh, they know me sooooo well!

Christina Aguilera - "I Will Be"

I listened to this jam back in high school after mi amiga Val informed me of how great it was to cry to @ night! It was omitted from Xtina's Grammy-nominated masterpiece, Stripped, so I had to download it. And once I did, lordy lordy, it was put in constant rotation during my somber Sad City mixxxez that I used to listen to on repeat whenever tEeNAgE LifE goT To bE tOoOOO HaRd!

It taught me that even though the world seems so cold and even though darkness surroooooooundz, I can for def def defferz see through the raaa(eee)aaaain and fiiiind mah waaaa(eeee)y.

Miley Cyrus - "The Climb"

Yeah, yeah...everyone wants to bash Miley Cyrus and say she can't sing and that she's a bitch. But, you know what? Grrrlfriend can sing and therefore can be a rude ho to whoever she wants to. She's pretty rad in mi libro, and this song is the perfect counselor para me whenever I get terrified of mi futuro or get discouraged and think that I am too much of a Wuss Festival to become a grown-up.

Though times can be mad dificil, these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most and while I oft want to break down [feat. drown in a waterfall of tears], I know I've gotta be stroooong and just keep pushing ooooo-OoOon.

Joshua Radin - "Brand New Day"

Dis hot piece is the mastermind behind Ellen DeGeneres' wedding song, "Today," that made mah eyeballz explode wiff acidic tears a year and a half ago. However, he was able to Scotch tape mi corazon back together wiff this other track that is all about waking up and pulling yourself out of the burned ashes of yesterday's failurezzz. It was probz co-written by Scarlett O'Hara @ the end of Gone Wiff da Wind when Rhett Butler was all lyke, "I don't give a damn. Peace out bitch," and Scarlett she was all lyke "Yeah well, tomorrow is anotha day, asshole."

Anywhooo, Mr. Radin & his gentle ojoz reassured me that while this cycle neeeever endz, I should always have faith in some kind of magic that will lift me outta bed en la mañana to see the sun is shining and that I'm fully capable of making my life less sucktastic and more funified than it was the day before.

What about YOU folkz? Do you got some tunez that your ears get all makey-outy wiff whenever you're a depresso espresso?


Tam said...

I'm not a huge music person but if I'm in the mood for some tears I just have to listen to Louis Armstrong's It's a Wonderful World. It's like it has a direct link to my tear ducts.

Milo said...

And your musicality has been recognised when you won Best Music Blog 2009! :D (Jointly, with Enrico). See, even over here in ye olde worlde your musical talents are recognised and celebrated!

Oh, I left a long-ish comment on your post about vertigo yesterday and the spam monster ate it up. I had included a link. Can your retrieve from spam or is gone forever?

Also, back on music, I'd still love to hear the rendition of 'Dancing on my own' from Glee! Failing that, I'll take Enrico's recommendation - Ke$ha's 'Dancing with tears in my eyes' (though I had never heard of it until he posted the link on my blog. Don't think she's big over here).

Justin said...

I haven't read your post yet, though I will.

Just stopping by long enough to observe that you'll do *anything* but bring back your cute former animated gif (or explain why it went away), woncha?! :-)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: That song putz me to sleep. I'd rather listen to "Wonderful World" by James Morrison and pretend I am a crooner wiff a sexxxy voice and actual musical ability!

Milo: Sowwy...I didn't even get a notification about your SPAMaholic comment.

Justerz: I took it down it an attempt to add a little bit more anonymity to mah site...want to make sure my bloggy hobby doesn't interfere wiff mah real life!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, music does sooth. A song that I love is All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. It's a great song that gives a gentle reminder that even though you may now be going through a tough time and no relief is in sight, there will be a time when sorrow will be gone. Moments are fleeting, the good and the bad, change is an ever constant. "Now the darkness only stays the night-time; in the morning it will fade away".

I know there are more songs, and for different kinds of sadness, but this is the one that comes to mind now!



Anonymous said...

btw, I love "Brand New Day". What a great song, I've never heard it before, and the video that goes with it is very nice too. Now, I very much want to...oh I don't somewhere. It's tempting, just to drop everything and travel like Shirley MacLaine in The Camino...a long journey with nothing but a bag, hat, and walking stick.


anne marie in philly said...

my fight song is "I won't back down" by tom petty.

my sad song is "so far away" by carole king.

my happy song is "groove is in the heart" by dee-lite.

my mad song is "u and ur hand" by p!nk.

if it weren't for music, I might not be alive right now.

David said...

I'm sure it will come as a complete surprise to no one that I usually head for the musicals when I need to scrub my heart and mind with some tunes.

Justin said...

David -- I'm not surprised, though I might have thought that sometimes you might find a Piano Bar to head to instead. WAYYYY gayer ;-)

Josh -- um -- what -- um -- *cough* -- were you *going* for in that HS picture? It's ... um ... quite a ... *ahem* ... interesting picture.

I'll give these songs a listen. I've never actually even HEARD of Joshua Radin or Miley Cyrus. Christina Aguilera I mostly know from the hilarious MadTV spoof they did on "I'm Beautiful" -- which has got to be one of the most hilarious spoofs EVAH. Yeah, yeah, I know, not having heard of those artists: lame city I know ;-)

Polt said...

Irregardless of my mood, "Ave Maria" by Nana Mouscoura (sp?) never fails to calm me down, and sometimes, bring tears. It is absolutely THE most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.

Halleluh by Jeff Buckley can also bring tears at times, mainly because of the situation during which it was played on the West Wing. That's when I first heard it, and my mind always goes back there when I hear it.


Michelle M. said...

"What a Fool Believes" always puts me in a good.

Peter Brown, Instructor said...

Nice sample from Gone With the Wind. Who killed Rhett Butler? No one has written it, until NOW!

callonmevalerie said...

I'm glad that I got a shout-out for introducing you to the song that made me cry all the time in high school (feat. it coming on the radio in my car after I got my shitty SAT scores).

Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, although so horrendously overplayed now, is still the best version of that song, and will always get me.

The St. Olaf Choir version of Sing Me To Heaven (don't laugh at me) has never not brought me to tears.

Any song that has any mention of airplanes usually gets to me, the idea of leaving things behind, or something more morbid, like Jack's Mannequin - Bruised, or the SUPER emo Regina Spektor - Laughing With, and Jason Mraz - Plane, which has been on my repeat for the past few nights.

john said...

No specific song jumps to mind, but I love me some music as much as Josh and Enrico (though, music doesn't bring me to tears). One of my favorites songs of late is "Eyes as Candles" by Passion Pit. As a general rule though, when I'm feeling a little down, I like to listen to sugary pop music or J-pop.

Chris D. said...

The Cure - Various Songs
Peter Gabriel - Various Songs
Shriekback - Evaporation
Savatage - Believe
Savatage - All That I Bleed
Nekked - Wave That Takes Me Under
Nekked - Feeling No Pain
Nekked - Ashes to Ashes
Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath
Kenny Loggins - The Last Unicorn
Crash Test Dummies - MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM
Wow, actually quite a few songs, and this isn't even close to a complete list. I am also realizing there are a bunch of my old CD's that I still need to rip.