Thursday, March 18, 2010

Someone call the doctor!

I HATE getting sick. I know some peepz who don't mind it entirely if it means that they get to be lazybonez central and stay home from werk/school/the real world and just sit around watching televisor all day, but I can't stand it! I hate missing out on tingz and am always under the impression that the one day I take off from my daily responsibilities to get well will be the single most crucial and important dia en mah entire life. What if I have to save the world [read as: run menial errands], and there I am @ home, fusing wiff da couch, watching Judge Judy be mean to everyone, slurping chix soup and sleeping abnormal hours? Lamesauce!

So when I was younger, if I started feeling a little under the weatherz, I wouldn't drink gallonz of OJ or gargle salt water or any crap like that. I'd turn on my only friend growing up Nintendo Entertainment System and play Dr. Mario until the cows came home.

Now, if you were too young or too oldz to have experienced this wonder of gaming magic, lemme essssssplain. Basically, you're Dr. Mario and you're chucking these multi-colored pills into a beaker of germs. The germs come en tres colores and you have to line up the appropriate pills wiff da evil nasties inside. It's like Tetris only harder and more morbid.

Well, dis prescription of "Ignore Your Physical Ailments to Rotate Pixels While Listening To a Repeating 8-Bit Soundtrack" always did the trick for me! I think it was like mind over body or whatever the shiz that saying is.

Since I am sooooo nice, I thought I'd post a link to an emulated copy of the game that you can play FOR FREEEEZ on the Interwebz. Just don't play it @ work cuz I don't want any of you hoz getting a-fired cuz of me. Slackerz! DO UR JERBZ!

[Make sure all your Java/Flash schtuff is updated. I had to play it on ugly-ass Internet Explorer for it to work para moi!]

Phew! I'm feeling mad healthycopterz already! ::fart::


Mel said...

I just take for granted that I'm going to get one cold after another all winter long. I usually can't stay home unless there's fever involved, though.

Tam said...

I don't mind staying home from work and lazing around, but I'd rather do it when I'm not sick and can enjoy it. I'm afraid I can't play video games. My eye-hand coordination sucks.

Justin said...

Are there really people who don't mind getting sick? I'm definitely not one of them. I moan and groan and act and talk like I'm dying until everybody within earshot is ready to chuck me off the balcony onto my head just to get me to shut up my whining.

I'm impressed you have the energy to play video games while sick. Maybe I should try it next time.

This last winter I was doing **really** well on the sickness front until February. But then I caught a bug that lasted 5 or 6 weeks. Just long enough for the early signs of spring allergies to start to show. *sniffle*

Ryan said...

Tam: I didn't mind getting sick last fall that much. It gave me a chance to watch Supernatural. However, I think that if I had the choice, I would rather take time off next month and read all the books that are coming out while at the beach.

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Oh, goodness me. I now have that Mario tune from the game in my head. And I'm SOOO playing it while at work today. The boss is out today...woo-hoo!

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

Getting sick blows...I simply can't stand it so I am with you on this one.

Also-Dr. mario rockz! I remember how we could never seem to beat Dad at this one though.

the naughty butternut said...

Naughty is totally with Tam on this one. The worst thing EVER is having to use a sick day for . . . being sicky!!! Now if, for example, one had a bit of a migraine in the morning, one could sleep in a dark, cool atmosphere until the migraine was gone and THEN: oh my jeebus, the possibilities. Here's what Naughty recommends:
1) NYT reading online while drinking coffee
2) if it's sunny, walk around the neighborhood and rubberneck to see what everyone is planting in their yard
3) make fabulous chicken salad for lunch; scoop into tomato or, if handy, a ripe avocado
4) play catnip mouse games with kittehs
5) read more of Neuromancer b/c Naughty's a slacker, never read this, and at 100 pages in is hooked
6) work on needlepoint project
7) make fabulous dinner out of some item in the noodle food group
8) watch jeopardy!
9) dial up something unber-interesting on the roku
10) take a bubble bath before bed and while bobbing about consider if a migraine can last two days

I hope this doesn't mean you're getting sick! HUGS!!!

You're not going to believe this, but Naughty's word veri = malade. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

This is awsome! I remember playing this one for hours...but never as much as Dad did!

I must say though, that Tetris was my fav, I would play that game until my eyes hurt.

Yes, getting sick is so not fun... and getting old! I now have the good fortune of owning my very own inhaler, in which I must partake of if I get too tired or exercise! :-/


Good one Josh!


David said...

See, playing this game would actually MAKE me feel ill, as my poor gaming skills would depress my mind and then my immune system leading to a complete collapse. I'll stick to drinking gallonz of water instead.

john said...

Being sick sucks, but I deal with it when it happens. When I'm sick, I just want everyone to leave me alone. Don't ask me if I need anything, don't offer to make me anything, don't offer to get me anything. If I want or need it, I will get it, otherwise, let me sleep it off. Oh and I drink tons of water.

Michelle M. said...

I don't like being sick. But it's great for staying home, wearing pajamas all day, reading, watching tv and napping guilt free, though.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Mel: I used to get sick every other second during mah first semester @ college. But I think that my immune system locked itself up like Fort Knox, cuz I rarely get sick nowadays. I think it largely has to do with my nearly cutting out fast
food from my diet.

Tam: Eye-foot coordination is TERRIBLE. I am constantly bumping my stupid azz into walls and dogs and other stagnant, solid objects.

Justerz: That's because February is the aborted evil demon baby of the 12 months.

MadTexxxter: Bad boy! If you get fired, don't say I didn't warn you. However, if your boss DID catch you, you could always say that you are taking preventative measures against falling ill and missing workdays in the future. Yeah, I think that excuse would work reaaaaaaaaal well.

Cindy & Dream-Destroyer: Dad for serial kicked all our azzez at that game.

Butternut: got me there with the bubble bath. At my house, the tub is leaking so I have to use the other bathroom to cleanse mah cuerpo. But it only has a shower! I haven't had a good, boiling water, falling asleep, listening to Bjork bath in over a year! Needz it!

David: Your dedication to water-drinking is getting to be quite the annoyance and strain on our relationshit. It's either me or the H20...which one do you want?!??! ::tearz for yearz cuz I know I'll lose::

John: TONS of water?!?!?

Michelle: If I lay in bed all day, I feel like such a waste of space...which is really not unlike how I feel about myself anyway. Hmmmm...

hoteltuesday said...

Ugh sick! I used to hate this game. TOO. HARD. Just give me some Super Mario Bros. 3 plz!