Saturday, March 20, 2010

¡Fiesta de fotografíaz!

So I was oh so graciously chosen by the MadTexter to partake in this bloggy disease chain being passed about ova the interwebz. I thank him for pretending that I a) am innnnnresting enough to be involved wiff dis, and b) have peepz who actually read dis herre blog anymore (my view count has inexplically dropped astronomically!). Well, here were the rulezzz...

1. Go to your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it.
2. Tell the story behind the photo.
3. Tag 5 other people to do likewise.

Here's mah photo:

This is me pre-vomming on wiff mi amiga Samantha. Sam & I met in college and ended up living togethz during our last two yearz. Needless to say, we are mad close [read as: hysterically psychotic & awesome]. This photo was taken in August 2008 after I graduated college. Having no longer lived under the same roof for a few months, Sam [feat. mi otra amiga/housemate, Xtina] began to miss me soooooo much, that they forced me to go on a short Atlantic City vacation wiff dem.

This shot was taken our first night there, in our nautical-themed hotel room. In this pic, we were clearly trying out all our collabo model poses before we unleashed them on the helpless Jerzeeee Shore trash on the boardwalk. After we snapped 14 million photoz, we then set about the AC nightlife, drinking overpriced neon beveragez in novelty glassware, dancing erratically any chance we got, harassing befriending foreignerz, listening to douche after douche sing Bon Jovi karaoke wiff too much lip-curling, toasting our skinz to burnt perfection and verbally maiming everything in sight. It was a good time and I want to go back (but only if it's for free).

So who do I want to pass this funtime photo explosion onto?

Craig from Puntabulous
Dave2 from Blogography
Adam and/or Mikey from Cocky & Rude
Polt from Polt's Palace
Naughty from The Naughty Butternut


Tam said...

What a fun pic. Also sounds like a fun trip except the harassing of foreigners part because that always leaves me in a sobbing heap on the sidewalk. Hope the others take you up on the challenge.

I don't think I have any pictures of me in my files. I thought I'd see what my pic would be for this. Oh my, We'd have to slap one of those 18+ warnings on the blog for #10. Ooops.

Michelle M. said...

I wonder why your view counts are dropping? I find you as amusing and adorable (even with red demon eyes) as ever. Maybe everyone thinks you're still on a break...

Chis D. said...

Awe, look at that cute devil boy with the tight pants. :)

Perhaps everyone is outside enjoying the nice weather rather than reading blogs. I am sure it is normal to have peaks and valleys in blog hits.

Mel said...

What the hell is a "first photo file"? Is that like your oldest folder? 'Cause I've been through so many computers I don't even know anymore what happened to my first one.

The tenth from the beginning of my Flickr photostream is of a spinning project, on a spinning wheel I sold a couple years ago.

the naughty butternut said...


Naughty is so honored by thine tag-a-lag-a-ding-dong. I don't think 5 people read my blog, but I'll go root through my kodachrome anywayz.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: The foreigners were two d00dz from some South American country and we were thought they were cute [feat. we're highly intoxicated], we we plopped our rumps nexxxt to them @ this seaside bar and started rattling on and on about shit they wouldn't care about, if they even understood our sloppy drunken English inside jokes.

Michelle: I hope they come back! I took a break for only a few days! Am I not entertaining/funny anymore?! Was I ever?!?!?

Chris: I too have been spending most of the past few days outside...but I want to make sure all mah bloggy friendz know I still lurrrve dem and what they do. Come back to me, dearest friends! Pleeeeeeeeease don't leave me! (da da da da da)

Mel: I opened up my photo folder and picked the first album that was there. Since it was alphabetical, I picked "Atlantic City".

Butternut: You better take advantage of my interest in you and find sumfing exciting to post!

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Oooooh! I too took a fateful trip to Atlantic City with my friends Patty & Penny several years ago. All I can say is that I'm glad cellphones weren't as prevalent then and didn't have cameras. Otherwise, there'd be some 'interestin'' stuff on the web now.

Phew! I'm glad my glory days ended just before the multimedia blitz that is now social networking.

Have mercy!

Anonymous said...

My first and only trip to AC was right after I graduated highschool; I went there with a bunch of other aspiring models, a photographer and hair/make-up artist to shoot pictures at and around the Taj Mahal (I don't care if I spelled that right). This was when I was involved in the JoAnderson Modeling Agency; those photos were supposed to be used to send to clients of JoAnderson and to get me jobs! I still have them somewhere.

However, I was only 18 (so young!) and I couldn't enjoy any of the "adult" fun such as drinking! I spent the majority of the time in the hotel room getting changed and makeup hair done! :-(


hoteltuesday said...

Yay! Your house seemed like fun since you had awesome roommates (who liked SATC). Doesn't time fly? *sigh*

Dave2 said...

GAH!! Does it HAVE to be the TENTH photo? Really? Because the ninth photo would be better for me. The eleventh photo isn't a really winner, but it would be better for me too. Nobody wants to see that tenth photo...

Justin said...

Dave2 - again, I think along with Mel it's pretty undefined. You can sort your photos folders alphabetically or by date or whatever. Just juggle them around 'til you find one where the 10th *is* something we want to see.

(Actually now that you've told us "nobody wants to see" it, we're all curious...)