Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So last weekend (during my final shift @ the restaurant!), my co-worker/friend/fellow Drag Me to Hell-fan Steven burned me a copy of the new 30 Seconds to Mars CD, This is War. For those of you outta-da-loop, 30 Seconds to Mars is an alternative rock band led by actor (and guy that I kinda but sadly don't entirely resemble) Jared Leto. I have their first two albums and they are pretty decent, albeit a tad familiar. I even saw dem in concert wiff mi hermana a few añoz back and aside from the horrifically craptastic opening band Aiden, the show was effing rocking.

But their new disc is so far removed from their earlier work that if I wasn't so effing smart and knowedgable about the mundo de musica a huge nerd brigade that spends hours researching pop culture shit on Wikipedia, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was even the same band! They have fused their hard(er) rock sound wiff a slightly electro/experimental ...blah blah...whateva...peepz never wanna read about mah musical opinionz, so let's cut off the fat of this entry.

It's not about the music; it's about the album cover. Advertised on digital stores, the cover depictz a ferosh tiger! Grrrr!

Cool! But then as I was reading up on the album I found out that the band had a contest somewhere that allowed all their supa sexxxy fans [read as: peepz not like moi] to submit photoz of their mugz for a chance to be put on the album's cover! Neat?! In the end, the album was released with having over 2,000 different photographs on the cover! That has to be a world record or sumfing.

Some of da hoz were old y uggz, but some of them were beautiful [read as: some of them were CELEBRITIEZ]! Conan O'Brien, Bam Margera & Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship were all featured and I wish that I had the one wiff Gabey baby on it, cuz dat d00d is mad sexxxerskatez! MMMMM! Gimme dem cookiez!

But then after I was done drowning in mah own sloppy drooliez, I got pissed. This could have been a prime chance for me to become famoso! Can you image walking into Best Buy and just seeing rows and rows of my puss plastered all over the music section? Cuz, once they saw my face, they would burn all the other covers and demand the record company to only print those with ME on it [read as: they'd probably be indifferent and think my acne was gross].

So that's why me and a couple of mah close friends decided to make our OWN versions of the This Is War cover. Check 'em out NOW!

Me [feat. spacey age gogglez]


Pickle Surprise!

...and finally...


Good jerb, me! Time well spent!(?)


Chris D. said...

Nice album covers. I don't think you need to look more like Jared Leto. You are beautiful just as you are. :)

the naughty butternut said...


That look on you is verrah steampunk. Naughty is impressed! And now she's looking around for your dirigible. Where'd it go???

But if it were a contest, I would have to vote Baberz. Because that's the kind of crazy catpunk Naughty is! (Have you considered how chic Baberz would look in those goggles? Hmmm?)

Adam said...

While your goggles are mad hot, I'd choose the Baberz cover cuz cats are better than people.

Tam said...

Yeah, I think Baberz might take this one. But you do look very Steampunk. Good call Butternut. I do love the tiger cover though.

Hey, I know who Thirty Seconds to Mars is, even though I've never heard a single thing they've done. Guess I should remedy that. That boy does love his guyliner. (Okay is that weird that I know he wears guyliner but have never heard the music?)

john said...

Love the goggles and the orange shirt.

Baberz is pretty cute, but cats aren't better than people. Dogs however, might be.

Never understood the appeal of guyliner. Seems to be more trouble than its worth.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

John-all eyeliner is more trouble than its worth IMO haha...also-cats are better than all creatures on the face of the planet, although i do like some dogs.

I'm gonna go with Baberz on this one-although I do think the tiger pic is pretty bad ass.

I remember that show, Josh-and that stupid opening band naming themselves after the kid from The Ring. What a piece of crap they were.

Polt said...

I'm with the Josherz cover cause not only is he cuter than the others, the googles remind me of the ones Nite Owl wore in The Watchmen movie (although they are indeed Steampunkish as well).

Oh, and I don't need to be on strong psychotropic drugs to fully appreaciate Josherz as one must be for Rhoneta and espeically Pickle Surprise.

Although it may help with Josherz too, who knows? :)


Anonymous said...

Baberz takes it! I have to go with him, although the goggles are awsome!

- Cindy

that's J-O-S-H said...

Chris D.: I mean, I think he and I have similar facial structures and hair and body types. I just wish I was a little more in shape like him. Guess I need to go running EVERY DAY and not just every other day!

Butternaught: Dirigible?! I WISH I had one so I could called it the Hindenburg II and have it crash and explode all dramatic like!

Adam: I would choose Baberz ova myself any day! He's the cutest ting in my otherwise hideously deformed life!

Tam: The guyliner is a look I will NEVER rock. Makeup confuses me! And it's so expensive just for sumfing you're gonna cry off onto your pillow anyway.

John: Dogs? BOOOOO! I thought you lurrrrved bunnybunz!?!

Melody: [feat. that HUGE, fat ugly demon grrrl who kept trying to form a mosh pit that no one even participated in after she cleared space for it]?!

Polt: I don't know who Nite Owl is but as long as he isn't @ all affiliated wiff that used2bcutebutnowisobnoxious Owl City song "Fireflies," he's coolbeanz in mah libro!

Cindy: DURHz! Gatoz trump everything else ever.

David said...

Guess I need to save up for surgery so I can look like Mr. Saporta so maybe you'll drool over me, too.

For now, it's just tearz forever.

Justin said...

Why am I the only person who seems to have noticed that Josh linked to not ONE but TWO pictures of shirtless menz? What's next? Josh's own version of Tent Pitch Wednesdays? ;-) How about "MMMMM! Gimme dem cookiez" Wednesdays? *chuckle*

I would definitely by the steampunk Josh cd cover. Or the Baberz-in-the-pose-of-the-Thinker for sure.

Byyyyyyy the way, Josh, why did you take that cuterskaterz picture of yourself with the mussed-up hair and the eyes darting back and forth off your blog? I miss it!!!!! [feat. regret that I never right-click-save-as'ed its ass]

Blondie said...

So, humm a close competition, and while I love ur goggles and expression, my votes going for Baberz..Don't be sad, you were the runner up!!!.. lol in all honesty, you'da toadily won best cover if only you'd been covered in fur..and had paws.. lol.. well maybe next time..:)

hoteltuesday said...

This is a great idea!! We should do it when we put out our album... Never mind. We should just do multiple covers with just us.

I love Rhonetta and OF COURSE BABERZ (aka my current phone background)!!