Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Q+A!: Lucky Number 7

So after getting outta werk later than I wanted to during one of mah shiftz over the weekend, I came home to a freezing cold abode wiff none of mah gatoz in sight. Bored, I decided to stalk Mr. David's blog before heading to bed. While hunting through old entries to find embarrassing things to blackmail him with jest wiff him about, I found one of those goofy "Tell-All, Share-All" questionnaires and thought that I'd fill it out and post it so all you bloggy hoz could learn some meaningless nothingness about me! Yay! Now, heads on the desk & thumbz in da air! It's time for 7-Up!

7 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die:

- Get a book of poetry published & get rich off of it [read as: have at least three people I don't know consider purchasing it].
- Be on the cover of a magazine.
- Have my own Wikipedia page (preferably not written by mahself or an appeasing friend of mine).
- Somehow make it into the top 12 of a season of American Idol (ha...yeah...sure...).
- Get a fulltime jerb werking in the music industry in some way.
- Be covered by health insurance.
- Take advantage of the passport I got and never used and go to any foreign country. Trip to Canada to visit Tam?!

7 Things I Can Do:

- Cry at the drop of a hat.
- Whoop peepz' asses in any of the three Donkey Kong Country games (nerd festival deluxe?).
- Spontaneously start singing a pop song based on the conversation I am having with somebody.
- Make perfectly timed fart noisez con mi boca.
- Write devastatingly heartbreaking and emotionally jarring poetry Attempt to write devastatingly heartbreaking and emotionally jarring poetry.
- Serve carmelized onion & goat cheese tarts promptly & with the greatest of eaaaaaase.
- Be strong on my own, see through the rain, find my way.

7 things I cannot do:

- Stand pretentious dickholez that think their tastes are too refined for certain kinds of music/movies/books/anything.
- Ride a bicicleta.
- Do any sort of math outside of adding or subtracting. Variablez? Exponents? WHAT?!
- Drive long distances wiffout having a shaking anxiety attack.
- Live, if living is without you.
- Understand & care about sportzzz. Snooze City Central High School!
- Speak Spanish as well as I think I do.

7 Things That Attract Me to Someone:

- They laugh @ the st00pid crap I say.
- Maybe a lil' bit of gray in their hair/beard.
- The P!nk "stomach V".
- They don't take themselvez toooooo serial.

7 Things I Say Most Often:

- Do you love it? (duh)
- Dumb bitch.
- Hi folkz, how ya doin' tonight? Can I start you off with something to drink?
- Ugh, sick!
- Lovez it.
- How's mah precious little Mowglaron/Boobaloon/HermaGrrrrrl doing today?!?

7 Celebrity Crushes:

- Robert Downey, Jr.
- Greg Kinnear
- Carey Hart
- Brandon Boyd
- Ryan Seacrest
- Rob Lowe
- Marc Jacobs

(and since David's post for some reason didn't feature a 7th category, I made one up that only Enrico & I will care about)

7 Songs That Make Me Cry:

- "Calm Under the Waves" - Maria Mena
- "Jesus Christ" - Brand New
- "Thinking Of You" - Katy Perry
- "The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)" - Copeland
- "So Far Away" - Carole King
- "Today" - Joshua Radin
- "Tennessee" - The Wreckers

So there you have it folkz! Don't you feel like you've known me for your entire vida?! Now what about you, what are you answers to this 7 of 7?!


Craig said...

I want a wikipedia page too!!!! Great lists.

Tam said...

Sweetie you are welcome at my house anytime. I even have a proper guest room. I'll show you the town, take you to Montreal, we'll have fun. Bring David. :-)

This arrived in my in-box this morning and I thought of you. Of course your poetry is amazing I'm sure. :-)

Justin said...

I love your lists, AND David's lists. Thanks for pointing me to David's post. :-)

Michelle M. said...

I want to live in a foreign country so that you (and David) will come visit. Pout. Foot stomp (à la Veruca Salt).

No health insurance? Eesh - now I'm going to worry about you.

Ryan said...

Michelle M.: If only there were some foreign country nearby . . .

josh: I'm listening to Brand New right now because of this post. You and Enrico seem to have a lot of influence on what I listen to.

Nathan V said...

Visit to Canada? *cough cough*

Justin said...

Not to dis Canada or anything but I think Josh's passport needs some hard-core travelling. I vote for Ukraine! :D

the naughty butternut said...


First, thank you for the linkluv.

Second, I adore that Robert Downey Jr man. Not only is he hottyhotterson, one never knows when he's going to say something completely inappropriate (read: devastatingly true b/c he doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks).

Just thinking about that Carol King song makes me all ferklempt.

I'm in Florida. Darling Husband and I own a commodious boat. You & Mr. Sir could visit and we'll stamp your passports with a little sangria spill cunningly contrived to resemble the stamp one receives upon entering old Mexico. It will look tres exotique. You can tell people it happened as you and Mr. Sir were bravely fighting your way out of the Yucatan whilst jungle jaguars gave hot pursuit. It'll be our little secret.


madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Wow! That a lot of 7 O'Sevens! You are hyper insane (a good thang) and we love it!

And USE THAT PASSPORT (before the world closes it's gates to US citizens foreva!

Polt said...

Canada is awesome, especially Toronto, even more espeically when Tam's in Toronto WITH you!

And I am TOTALLY with you on Brandon Boyd. But he doesn't fit in with the others, does he? surely he CAN'T be a pepaw yet, can he? oh please, God, no, don't let him be a pepaw too! I remember as a nubile, lean, young, drool inducing dream....


Justin said...

Butterynutterman -- you are ... quite amusing.

Poltster -- you're not disturbed enough that Robert Downey Jr is a peepaw? I remember him as young, too.

Who the HELL is "Brandon Boyd"?

the naughty butternut said...


What I meant to say was "You can tell people it GOT SMEARED as you and Mr. Sir were bravely fighting your way out of the Yucatan..." Naughty was having un mal matin and her scenario moved faster than her typing fingahs.

I don't know what a peepaw is, and I am decidedly chilled by the sound of it. It brings to mind incontinence supplies. I just know that 99% of men get handsomer the older they grow, and it's not fair. Not FAIR I tell you.

And Justin dear, what the hell is a theropod, and why might it eat me without the aid of the BBcruz?

And I'm a Girl darlink! So that's butterynutterlassy to you! But just Naughty will do~

Justin said...

99% of men? You want to talk about not FAIR. To find out I'm part of a 1% minority? I'm hopping mad about that, let me tell you :P

A theropod is a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur. The most famous of which was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I thiiiiink you're safe, though. ;-)

john said...

OK, I'll answer (sorry for the dissertation length response):

7 Things to do before I die:
Be happy
Visit Rome
Complete a watercolor painting
Have a piece of artwork shown in a gallery
Own my house outright
Enjoy my job
Have enough money to not worry about money

7 Things I can do:
Correctly spell Albuquerque.
Work a piece of paper into art.
Spontaneously start singing a pop song based on the conversation I am having with somebody.
Wiggle my nose and ears.
Detect crazy from a mile away.
Spit about 25 feet.
Remain calm under the most dire of circumstances.

7 Things I cannot do:
Fit into a pair of Josh or Enrico’s pants.
100 push-ups (yet, working on it)
Get pregnant
Tolerate Jay Leno
Write with my left hand.
Do math in my head (very well).

7 things that attract me to someone:
A sense of humor
Commitment to family
A nice smile
A nice rack

7 Things I say most often:
I’m surrounded by idiots.
The world would be a better place if it just did what I told it to do.
But how do we get the monkey in the lederhosen?

7 Celebrity Crushes:
Isabella Rossellini
Hugh Jackman
Heather Graham
Milo Ventmiglia
Aisha Tyler
Daniel Craig
Kate Beckinsale

No songs make me cry (again, cold and dead on the inside).

that's J-O-S-H said...

Craig: Right? Every now and then (I fall apart) I'll search my name just in case THAT day I became famous enough to deserve my own Wiki page. When I was in college, this one classmate of mine won some amateur stand-up comedy show and HE got his own Wiki page and I got so irrationally jellerz of him that I didn't talk to him for the rest of the semester. Not that I talked to him before, though.

Tam: I love those chix! Whenever someone reads my poem and all they say is "I liked it," I know that they are thinking the same think that that one chicken was: "It suckz ballz, but how do I get outta dis conversation wiffout hurting his feelings and without having to say too much?!"

Michelle: Please don't worry! I have enough worry-vibez coming from Mr. David! I don't need you neglecting your classroom chillunz to fret over lil' ole me!

Ryan: Gooood! E. Copterz & I have the BEST taste in EVERYTHING!

Justerz: UKRAINE?! Soundz boring & dumb! I'd go to Canada cuz it's not too far of a drive. Or I'd go to Australia where they worship P!nk like a goddess [aka HOW SHE SHOULD BE TREATED]. And Brandon Boy is the lead singer of Incubus. Watch this video of him singing and being insanely gorgeous.

Butternaught: What a good idea! U a geniuz? U iz a genius! I tried to make sangria once and it ended up tasting like rotting apples and farts. Maybe a drop or two of exotic bird blood from the rain forest may zest it up! Adventure ho!

MadTexter: Buy a plane ticket to anywhere!

Polt: We've gone over dis dear! I love pepawz OR emaciated sensitive rockerz! :)

John: Tanx for being the only ho to actually answer the questionz like I asked! Monkeyz?! LEDERHOSEN?! And dammit! I totez forgot about M. Ventimiglia! I think I would choose him over Ryan Gaycrest!

hoteltuesday said...

Great entry! I'm sad I missed it.


P!nk looks hot in that pic.

And David's entry was DISAPPOINTING cause the title was SO MISLEADING. I was expecting some "Free Yourself" or "I Believe" or even some "Baby Mama"! Boo. Oh, and I love how David's list of 7 things he wants in a man does not describe you at all! YAY! True love conquers all?!

Amy said...

you can't ride a bike?! whaaat?!

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

Milo Ventmiglia-----mmmm....Peter Petrelli...