Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mowgli Sings the Bluez

Yes, I am still deluding mahself into thinking that I a) have a decent voice; and b) have any clue whatsoeva on how to play the piano. And aren't all you bloggy readerz/viewerz/foolz lucky enough to be the first onez in the mundo to be exposed to my clouded perceptions of talent?! If I had a PayPal account, I'm sure all you peepz [feat. your moneybag pocketz] would be flashing me all sortz of dough. But since I am doing this for your entertainment [not feat. Adam Lamebert] and not for the monetary value, I'll let you save your dolla billz for other important things. You know...like buying me birfday presents (Is that February 27th I see looming on the horizon?! Why yes, it is...).

Anywayz, this time around, I did a rather easy-to-learn terribly daunting and time-consuming ditty by four-time Grammy winner, Taylor Swift. I know a lot of peepz dislike her, but whatevz. She's got mo' money than you and doesn't waste her time complaining about your duet wiff Stevie Nicks at the Grammys, so chut uh! No, she uses her time writing simple yet heartbreakingly sincere country-pop songs that make Enrico & I explode wiff derrriciouzly salty tearz.

So here I am [feat. mah duet partner Mowgli] performing her cryathon deluxe, "You're Not Sorry":


BOSSY said...

You are too cute. What was that about a song and a cat? (you rocked this.)

Chris D. said...

Cute performance. 'Twas a remarkable feat of concentration in the face of feline distraction.

hoteltuesday said...


john said...

Mowgli totally wants his share of fame. He is sooo damn cute, for a hell spawn.

Laurie said...

You and Mowgli are adorable. I love your voice ....especially the deeper notes(not those nutty ones at the end) but your regular deep notes :-) Very resonant ....I want to hear Mowgli purr. Maybe you two can do a duet?

Awww ...word verification: giver

Justin said...

I'm with Laurie on the deep resonant notes. Very ... (looks over the shoulder for looming theropods) .... attractive. :-)

I have never seen a cat sit and stare with such rapt, fascinated attention before!!!! It was TOTEZ sweet. As were the kitty kisses. Verrrrry adooooooooorable. :-)

I loved this rendition. I want more shows like this [feat. cats under bridges]!!!!

Justin said...

BEE teee wubble-yew: I'm noticing a definite trend here. Twice now in a week's time I've seen Josherz use words like "gorgeous" and "gorge" to describe a man. Instead of "gross" and "desperate".

Once here https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=2007753117380053963&postID=710352594576057814&isPopup=true about Brandon Boyd, and once here http://theyearzero.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/in-love-with-aslan-becker-by-gabo/#comment-3250 about Boris Becker.

Iiii'm wondering if maybe Mr. Pasteeeeeeelnik is having a positive influence on the trashy one. :-) But then I'm an incurable romantic. :-)

Dave2 said...

Your cat is astoundingly talented. Most cats are completely unable to feign interest in human activity for such an extended period of time.

the naughty butternut said...

Weeellllll Sweetie,

Now Butternaught is all like, wowzah! Sweetie did a tune unplugged!!! (That lil' keyboard doesna count as plugged in) I loves it! And the cat. It is SO good to have your backup singha right there on the sofa wif you! Did you choreograph that routine between VD and now? You're so industrious! My godz if it was any cuter I'd just die, I tell you.

Butternaught has used all her clever words on writing on her thesis tonight, which she has been working on pretty much for 11 hours straight, so the most original thing she can think of to say is "thank you."

But she really meanz it.


rockson said...

mowgli and you are adorable! i really like you

Ryan said...

I was hoping that Mowgli would add some harmonies, but I am happy to see him get some screen time as a back up dancer.

Tam said...

OMG, you guys are just the cutest couple. No offense David. Great job.

Mike said...

If you could teach Mowgli to play the keyboard, you'd really have an act! Or maybe he could sing backup! I bet he sings better than Heidi Pratt... and with a greater range of facial expression.

Justin said...

David2. Heh. "feign" :-) I know -- it's *almost* like Josh's cat actually has feelings of affection.


It's *almost* like Josh's cat has feelings. ;-)

traci said...

Hello again Sweetie,

Butternaught got some sleep. She apologizes for the lack of zippity do-dah in her last response.

Do you take requests?

One of Butternaught's all time fave tunes is Witchita Lineman (if you don't know who he is, [ask Mr. Sir] make sure you see a pic of Glen Campbell before you tune in to the utterly devastating mug shot of 2003, which was as soul-wrenching to B as when she found out there is no Santa.) Of the songs that could possibly make Butternaught sniffle her way through unbridled, shameless ferklempt, this is at the top of the list. It makes her want to find a bar with tufted Naugahyde booths and hole up with a pack of Luckys and some Jack neat.

I think there are opportunities for some good feline harmony, too.

I loves it!

the naughty butternut said...


ok, Butternaught is Traci. I didn't realize I was signed into the Google overlord. GAH!

Justin said...

Tracinaught, he definitely *does* take requests. Go back to last week's post. He sang along to a song requested by Polt. :-)

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Was that purring at the end of the video by Magnificent Mowgli? Or was I just imagining that? What a snugglepuss! Now give him his 15% management fee (or at least a little kibble).

Polt said...

Okay, even I, the hater of all things feline, must admit that in this particular video, just this once, Mowgli was being rather cute. I don't understand, but I guess the law of averages says at least once in his life he's got to be cute (feat. being un-cat like).

And I LOVE your bookshelves behind you! I would KILL to places like to store my books. Well, I DO have places like that, but I need more.


Oh, and the singing, woulda been better if it had been a song I had requested (yes I am selfish), but it was well done.


Michelle M. said...


David said...

Yes, that is purring you hear. Josh's cats are purring machines.

Laurie said...

No way Polt I thought same thing about the bookshelves! I'm dying to see what books are in there ....they look all intellectual-ly. Yummy!!

Laurie said...

Shriek!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Word Verification: rocku

Anonymous said...

So adorable! The way he looked at you! I think he really enjoyed your performance...and so did I. Very nice.


Anonymous said...

And by the way - the song, it's veeery sad. Sigh and double sigh.


that's J-O-S-H said...

Bossy: Yay! Gettin' a comment like you feels better than nailing a high note outta mah range!

Chris D.: After the 2nd time he jumped up on the couch, there is this moment where his tail was tickling my chin and I almost COMPLETELY lost it!

E. Copterz: Duh! [feat. tearz & delicate emotive strummingz]?!

Mowgli: GaGogglez better watch her farty azz...Mowgli could very well rival her as the biggest FAMEWHORE in the world.

Laurie: Hey! Leave my (mediocre and outta tune) lower notez alone! They didn't do anything to you (except puncture your eardrumz wiff their lameness).

Justerz: More than half the time I am in my house, I can be found with one or more gatoz in my arms, kissing their little heads till their fur starts to wear thin.

Dave2: What can I say? Mowgli has an ear for TALENT [read as: was probably waiting for me to give him treatz]!

Butternaught: The process of learning the song to finally recording it only took prox and hour. I ADORE songs wiff only four chords and an easy melody! They let me fool peepz into thinking that I am musicall gifted!

Rockson: You like me?! YOU REALLY LIKE ME?!? ::pretend faints wiff appreciation::

Ryan: If he provided harmonies, he would totez outshine my ratatating melody! I want to be the Beyonce, not the Kelly/Michlle!

Tam: We're goin' steady. It's getting pretty serial. He licked my index finger yesterday! Such. A. Flirt.

Mike: Like DIS?!

MadTexter: Snugglepuss indeed! A good day is a day where one of mi tres gatoz curls up in my lap and keeps me pinned down for three hours until the awake/move!

Polt: I'm glad Mowgli finally won you (partially) over! And yes, ATHF is the heart of my life!

Cindy: I think Mowglez has to be used to my constant wailingz by now. He's been hearing them his entire vida!

tornwordo said...

Despite the cat's upstaging attempt, very nice!

LatinKink said...

durn... I can't see the video.
Not popular enough to be invited.
bummer. =(