Sunday, February 14, 2010

¡Feliz Día de los Enamorados!

I thought I would just post real quick today to wish all you bloggy readerz a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Make sure you eat lots of heart-shaped candies and light sexxxy incense and spend time wiff your special someone! If you don't have a S.O. this year, then buy yourself some candy anyway, fix yourself some rum + cokez and spend the day watching Mean Girls instead!

For me, I'll be working a double shift today at the restaurant where we have a ridiculous number of reservations. I probz won't get home till prox after midnight, but I'm sure I'll have a buttload of $$$ in my pocket, so who cares?

Whatever you decide to do today, make sure you don't act desperate. If you're in a relationshit, don't be obnoxious and tongue in front of everyone like cats cleaning each other. No one wants to see you make babies in front of them (unless of course you are P!nk & Carey Hart...I want a front row seat to that)! If you're single, don't be a cranky, snotty lump and spend the day whining and bitching cuz you're alone. No one wants to date a bitter sourpuss!

But because I empathize wiff both sides of the spectrum, here are some tunes to help you out today:

Here's a DITTY for all those in lurrrve.

And here's a DITTY for those who are angry & resentful.

Now, I'd like to leave you wiff a violent and morbid warmytime cutesy Valentine's Day animation that is sure to pump your heart two sizes bigger [read as: quite possibly could induce vomming]:


David said...

Mmmm, I know what I'M serving for a special someone for dinner!!

Mel said...

How very Saladfingers - touching and heartwarming. Happy VD to you two, as well.

Milo said...

Happy V day to you and yours!

Jake said...

Haha I am so one of those bitter people who doesn't have an S.O. kajfkjdslkfajdlskfa.

Have a good day Josh!

tornwordo said...

David's making sausages I see. Hope you make buttloads despite it being amateur diner night.

Tam said...

"don't be a cranky, snotty lump and spend the day whining and bitching cuz you're alone."

Ugh. You never let me have any fun. :-P

Hope you made buckets o' money today.

Anonymous said...

The Paramore (did I spell that right?) song is beautiful...sigh.

How dare you take away the right of all of us singles out there to bitch and moan! :-/ Ah well, I understand, who wants a Debbie Downer, especially when you are happily with someone! I am so happy for you Josh, I really mean it.

So instead of me bitterly rambling on about how Valentine's Day sucks, because it really doesn't for many couples and families out there. It is a wonderful day to stop and just take extra time to acknowledge those whom you love and whom love you the most. For all of you singles out there, yes it is sooo hard; however, I like to be hopeful, in that someday I (and you!) will wake to a Valentine's Day, and feel the warm thrill of love and anticipation! Happy Valentine's Day Josh and everyone!


Michelle M. said...

What a cute cartoon. Hope you make lots and lots of $$. Happy Valentine's Day : ).

hoteltuesday said...

OMG have you been checking my! I've been listening to "Caught Out There" lately. So good.

Nathan V said...

That video was hilarious! 2 bonus points for Josh.

Justin said...

I'm with Tam. I'm going to be a cranky snotty lump if I want to. :P

At least this year I actually watched a couple of romantic movies instead of a cynical "love sucks" movie like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf".

Laurie said...

Oh my gawd! Joshy you've outdone yourself on that darling video ...(perhaps am now glad I couldn't see dog giving birth to black baby in tomorrow's video)

You always make me laugh though.

I hope your Valentine's Day was a happy one full of love even though you had to work all day/night!