Monday, January 25, 2010

My Monday Muse

[Before we begin, I want to roundhouse kick your peeperz to the poll @ the bottom of this entry. From now on, tagged on to the last Monday Muse of each month, there will be a cyber voting booth available for all you folkz to pick your favo muse of the month. Make sure you vote!]


I know this may seem like a batshit crazzzy lie, but for usualz, My Monday Muses generally have some sort of coherent reason for their existence and I tend to have an explanation as to why I am posting whatever the bizarre video is. I like to keep some sort of intelligent order in the middle of my orgytastic chaos. However, I don't really know what to explain about this week's muse. I really don't. I found it when I was still in high school. It makes as little sense now as it did back then. Just watch...

Yeah...Lordy, lordy, lordy...who knowz how and where I found this surely drug-induced musical nightmare, but it most definitely proves that I was just as addicted to the interwebz back in 2002 as I am today. The only way I can comprehend this gangbang of retardation is to pretend that it retains some sort of educational value that I can learn from. So I did mah homewerx and this is what I have learned from Yatta!:

1) Just like Elvis, GIEEF lives!
2) The dead Wendy's guy has magical burger powers.
3) Psycho Bear [aka a toy I wish existed when I was small] comes plush & ready!
4) Colin Mochrie really looks like a penis.
5) There is nothing "super" or "fun" about the "Super FunBox."
6) I'm terrified.

I tried to get Gwen Stefani to transfer this crap for me, but she was too busy trying to traffic more Harajuku slaves into los Estados Unidos. So instead, I farted and looked up the meaning of life this video on Google. I found some information but was too lazzzy to read most of it. But here is what I did get around to looking at!: Apparently this genius masterpiece was a song recorded by some goofball group of sixxx AZN d00dz who go by the name Green Leaves [feat. their sexxxy dance attire]. This song is a parody that came from...then I stopped reading. Click HERE to see the original music video and click HERE to see the SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA! remix.

Now if you don't mind...since the singing fruitz didn't eat it, I'ma hafta scarf down a heaping bowl of QQQQSSSS...I!


Who is your Monday Muse of January 2010?!

the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?
Brenna Kyner?


goblinbox said...

The phrase "orgytastic chaos" is full of teh awesome.

RYAN said...

What the hell did I just watch? Does this mean I have seven days left to live now? I just took a picture of myself and its all warped looking! Oh god, my laptop's starting to drip water! This is so the Monday Muse of the month.

Tam said...

Wow, just Wow. I kept having to pause it so I could read all the text.

But hey, "Yay Colin Mochrie!!" who is Canadian.

john said...

The sad part is I have heard this song before. My life is trashier than I thought.

As a side note, the Sparta version of that song has given me a serious case of the church giggles at work!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! The Sparta version is great! Did you notice the clip where "Butler" stuffed the banana in the woman's face....I recognize this clip that you showed me.


Mel said...

Totally danceable, but I still had to go with Brenna. Crazy bitch'd prolly stalk me and drag me to hell if I didn't.

Ryan said...

When I first read this, I thought it said "yotta," which is a SI prefix for really big things.

Yottacondoms, for those whose endowments make others look like paper clips next to the Earth.

john said...

Cindy: I laughed my butt off at the Sparta banana! I'm giggling now just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

John: I also lost it with the pouncing cat! :-)


hoteltuesday said...

Ash gala wonderful feat. repeating pictures of Ash from Pokemon?! Love it.


Michelle M. said...

I don't need large brains to have a good time either. Yatta!

Lora said...

Yesterday was awesome, let's not let too many Mondays go by without doing it again!

that's J-O-S-H said...

GolbinBox: Wrong...boxez of goblins are full of it. :D

Ryan: You're about to have Samara Morgan murder your azz, turn your skin green, unhinge your jaw and dump your body in the closet [aka my dreeeeeeeeam come true]!

Tam: You have to admit...his neck/cabeza is quite...shaft-shaped.

John: Embrace the trashiness...let it sweep over you like the most sublime of toxic waste spillz.

Cindy: Right?! That bitch got owned [aka fed potassium, YUM!].

Mel: Yay for Brenna! I'm glad some peepz appreciated her [read as: feared for their lives when they watched her video]!

Enrico: I LOVE ASH GALA WONDERFUL! Easy Rider-salad-the-maaaaaaall?!

Michelle: If having brainz was was a crucial part to having fun, then I'd be mad Mr. Miserable all the time!

Lora: Meeting you was a treasure that I will forever keep tucked away in my mental memory drawer. We totez need to do it more often!

Ray Avito said...

I will not ask about the significance of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" guy but I did love his random entry. *yatta* This Muse is kinda fantastic...

Justin said...

I *hate* it when I think I've posted a comment and it didn't go through probably because I didn't pay attention to whether I had entered the little word verification properly or not :P

Let me try to remember everything I said ....

Ryan: "yottacondoms"? It's always about the Puntabuschlong with you, isn't it?

JOSH: I'm kind of sad I watched the diaper-clad original version. That image is going to be stuck in my mind's eye for a while. I'm thinking of finding a mind's red-hot poker to put it out with.

I definitely like the Sparta version best.

I had a hard time deciding whether to vote for this or for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. It's a very close call.

Box o' goblins and John: both "full of teh awesome" and "serious case of the church giggles" are full of win.

JOSH: "orgytastic"? "shaft-like"? Are you slowly redefining the meaning of the word "trashy"?