Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Lullabiez!

So according to everyone, the east coast is supposed to be buried under prox 24 feet of snow today. From what I can see though, it's only like an inch on the ground, but gozzip around town is that we're supposed to look like THIS come tomorrow morning. So I thought, what better way to keep all you Nueva Nueva, Dirrty Jerzeee & Washington D.C. peepz warm and cozy than to sing you all a tune or dos?!

But I have a special treat for you all! I didn't fly solo this time around. I gotz some musical accompaniment by one of mah favorite people in the world, Rhonetta Victoria MOM Enrico! I hope you enjoy our vocal emotingz and our [non]attemptz at harmony! Give us a year's time and we'll probably be at the top of the chartz, bigger than the person who won American Idol, selling more records than American Idol!

[P to da S: The wishfully funny pop-up comments are best viewed @ full screen on my YouTube page.]

"Tennessee" - The Wreckers

"Hey Stephen" - Taylor Swift


Jere Keys said...

So that's how you do duets! I thought I had to put on different wigs and sing with myself. Way to show me up.

Love the guest appearance from Craig in the background.

Now do a good song (aka not country)!

hoteltuesday said...

A $3 shirt?! I didn't know that. Why didn't you bring me to that store?!

I really got into the last chorus of Tennessee! Too bad the strumming pattern was different every single chord I played!

And why didn't you note Richard Parker's addition to "Hey Stephen" for like the first two whole minutes of the song?!

(And I knew that link would take me to that movie poster!)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enrico: FIXED!

Polt said...

I see this year's Puntabulous Calendar on the wall! YAY!

Good work guys. I was kinda thinking, due to the weather and time of year, it was gonna be Christmas tunes or winter tunes or something.

And with Richard Parker's accompaniment, shouldn't it have been a trio? He was on beat too! :)


Anonymous said...

i like both of the songs and the best is Anthony's pic that he draw for Nicky hanging right in the middle (the blue one).

Gabi(enrico's sister)

Milo said...

I thought I recognised Craig on the wall! He gets everywhere, doesn't he?!

Enjoyed the duets, very chilled out!

john said...

You guys sound good together. Enrico, your guitar playing is good. Interesting, I think you sound better singing ballads Josh, more controlled.

And were you totally checking out Enrico's butt in the last video when he was turning off the camera?

David said...

I tell you, that Richard Parker is a truly talented artist. The understated syncopation of the water sipping was haunting and effective.

Oh, yeah, and you guys were good, too.

Mel said...

Aw, y'all such a cute little boy band. When ya gonna go on tour?

-jeff said...

Wow. You kids are like totally MFEO (made for each other). It's crazy!

After watching these 2 videos at 4:30am in the darkness of my room I'm not sure I could be any more depressed. Thanks!

You guys should do another duet very soon (something happy/upbeat).


Michelle M. said...

You could be the new Simon and Garfunkel. Start writing your own songs. Or get Richard Parker to do it.

Anonymous said...

okay im not going to listen to the taylor swift one because i hate her but im sure you two do a fantasic job singing it way better than her. you harmonize so well!!! but sing a happier song tennesse is so depressing! American Idol winners 2010

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere: How about you leave a good comment [aka not mean!]?! :(

Polt: R. Parker is quite the gifted percussionist.

Gabi: Enrico pointed that out to me! SOOOO CUTE!

Milo: Yeah...Craig does seem to get around [read as: whore festival]!

John: Haha! I'm a perverto I guess!

David: Booo! Compliment US more! We're the two most important personaz in your life.

Mel: Our mall tour starts next week at the Cherry Hill Triplex Mall! We're opening for Aly & AJ! YAY!

Jeff: I hope "MFEO" is a veiled reference to Jack's Mannequin's song of the same title!

Michelle: Simon and Garfunk[y & played out]le?! Boo! More like the next Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp!

Chris D. said...

Great job guys! It was great to see (and hear) Enrico playing the guitar. I hope this will be a regular feature on your blogs.