Saturday, December 12, 2009

When I first saw her, I said "Oh my, that's my dream."


I had this great recapping post ready to go [aka thought about it for 30 secondz] about mah trip to the Apollo on Wednesday to see "Dreamgirls," but then my date for the night, David stole mah idea and pimped it out on his own blog!

Booooo! Anywayz, it was a great show wiff brillz performances and an amazing production team who really brought to life the story and the set. However, the show is meant to merely serve as backdrop to the real reason I am writing dis entry: American Idol!

Back during season 7 of mah favo television show, there was this amazing contestant named Syesha Mercado. Mah BFFLz Enrico already wrote a post about how incrediskatez she was on the show, so just to quickie recap: She was the best, she looked good in sexxxy red dressez, the judgez didn't appreciate her like they should have and she put on one of the greatest Idol performances of all time. She got voted off in third place [aka robbed!] and I cried and Enrico cried and it was a sad day.

But fastforward to last's prox an hour before I get to leave the office in Brooklez, and I decide to tweet about that night's upcoming festivities. Since I lurrrrrve Syesha, of course I follow her on da Twitter and of course I mentioned her...

Then I met up wiff David, had him force me to eat and then made our way to Apollo. I was scurrred for a hot second, cuz as soon as we stepped out into da streetz, some grrrl threatened to beat the shiz outta some dood who grabbed @ her and it was dramatic and intense and (once I was a safe-enough distance away) I thought it was fantastico! Then we ran into Apollo to join the masses of other gayz peepz who were waiting in line. We picked up our tix and I bugged-a-boo when I saw Syesha's name on the cast billboard:

After I got a heart transplant and was brought back to life, we got seated. David decided he wanted to take three hourz to use the bathroom, so I checked mah Twitter on my telefono to see if any of mah followerz got mad jellerz of me being @ the show. What I got was ten timez better:

That's from Syesha's page. "Um.......ummmm......UMMMMMMM?!?" That's what I started gazping and cryin' and when David finally came back, I punched him in the face wiff mah phone until he understood mah overwhelming excitement! I had been contacted by the goddess Syesha before, but to know that she was in the same building as me, tweeting to me, knowing darn well that my goofy azz was in the audience during the made me feel sPeCiAl and I didn't chut uh about it until the lightz dimmed and the show started.

As mentioned earlier, the show was incredz. I knew the story already since I was dangerously obsessed wiff da movie two yearz ago [aka durhz...JENNIFER HUDSON! aka American Idol contestants aka favo thing ever]. Everyone was superb and I loved noticing the differences between the staged version and the big screen version. Oh, and every time Supa Syesha danced out on stage [she played Deena Jones aka Beyoncé] I pinched David's arm/kicked him.

Then as I left, I tweeted about how perfect the entire performance was. It really was near flawless...the only ting that could have made it better would have been if along with the actress that played Effie White, they interchangeably brought out JHud, LaKisha Jones, Frenchie & Rhonetta to perform her different scenez.

David & I got our exhausted bunz on the subway and somehow made it back to Brooklyn wiffout falling asleep and missing our stop. And I quickly jumped on his computer befo we went to Sleep City...and what did I discover?!??? (I nearly died. Serial.)

For those who don't speak the language of Twitter, that basically meanz that Syesha took the post that I wrote about the show and reposted it on her official page!!!!!!!!1111!!111one!!!11

Aren't you so excited for me?! So now Syesha & I are basically best friendz and I'm planning our wedding [in my head]. Lovez her forevz!


Tam said...

That is way cool and I am jealous. Hope you get pics when you guys go out shopping and for lunch and stuff. :-)

Ryan said...

That's awesome.

However, I think I may bring a football helmet with me if I visit you. I don't want to get punched in the face.

Ray Avito said...

I thank you for my ongoing Twitter tutorial! *snickering* I laughed hard at the picture of David literally snatching the idea out of your thought bubble. Special!

Polt said...

Once, when I was seeing Rent in Toronto, Jai Rodriguez (who later went onto fame in Queer Eye, but who was playing Angel) came out after the show and walked by like ten feet away. yeah, that's all I got.

I think had I recieved a tweet like you did, I would have died! And more than likely been dragged to hell.


that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: I can't wait for Perez to get pix of us, rumor a relationship & then break the story when the controversy about mah homosexuality comes to light.

Ray: He's a cold-heart snake (just look into his eyez)!

Polt: I had to actually postpone the dragging to hell or else I would have missed the whole show!

Michelle M. said...

I am very excited for you. Sounds like a terrific time. Love the light bulb illustration.

Poor black and blue David - unless he's into that kind of thing.

Justin said...

Like everything you write, this post just makes me smile :D

(I'm with Ryan on the helmet thing though. I bruise easy.)