Friday, December 11, 2009

Sing-Along 3some!

So I am currently freezing mah azz of in my house cuz for some reason, even wiff the heat on, dis damn place can't ever not be an icebox sitting in my house waiting for some computer technician to swing by and give my laptop a cooling fan transplant. The current fan keeps making a disconcerting whhhhhiiiirrrrrring sound whenever it revz up. Sony apparently is aware that laptops of my model number have a consistent problem wiff their fans, so they're sending some dood (or doodette) out here to do it for free!

But since I am waitin' for this persona to show up any minute, I'ma need to switch mah beautiful candy apple red lappy off in preparation. See you on the otherside! To hold you ova, here are three videoz of me washing mah dishez and singing like a goon:

"She Wolf" - Shakira

"3" - Britney Spears

"Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" -
Christina Aguilera


Tam said...

Well, you do have mad skillz with a dish brush, I'll give you that. You're free to use them at my house anytime.

You have a red laptop? I'm so jealous. I'd like a red something. Phone, laptop, ipod, something. I have red shoes, that's it. Sigh. Hope it's healthy after the computer Dr. visit.

hoteltuesday said...

Why do you have three sponges lying about on the counter collecting diseases?!
As I texted you, the end of Come on Over (what a girl feels/wants/needsz) is so good!!!
And why did "3" only have like 3 captions?!

john said...

I hate when I see these go up at work. I have to watch them at home!

madtexter (corey james) said...

Oh, SNNNNNAaaPP! That just makes we wanna take the dishes out of the dishwasher and wash them manually. You are too funny. I'm glad I stumbled across your funtabulous blog.

Polt said...

Sweetie, you may not have Shakira's ba-dunk-a-dunk, but I was noticing the fine bootie in the tightish shorts before you even mentioned Shakira's. You got no worries in that department.

You're not the only one wishing you wuz a strippa. Maybe you can get some helpful hints from Dave S.

or maybe you can give him some pointers on workin' the strippa pole.

And once more I'm reminded how awesome it is to have my own dishwasher finally! (course, it doesn't sing as well as you, being just a machine and all)


Laurie said...

Only you can make washing dishes so much fun .....and into a strippa' pole! Of sorts.

Literally have to go do dishes right now. I'll be lame though I'm afraid ...'cept I do love to sing?

Jere Keys said...

Are you still taking requests? I request you do my laundry next. ;)

Good jerb on the dancing and singing and stuff, although I do wonder how clean those dishes got.

David said...

These are not showing on my work computer. :-(

I will have to check our your genius later when I get home tonight.

Polt: If you keep staring at his bootie, ima gonna hand you a world o' pain. ;-p

Michelle M. said...

Oh josh. You are too adorable.

If I was Oprah rich I would throw out my dishwasher and pay you scads of money just to wash my dishes.

Mel said...

Now that yours are all clean, you want to come over and do mine? You're more than welcome to sing and shake your groove thang in the process.

john said...

LOL! You kill me Josh! "Steam because I'm so hot!" I have to say, I agree with Jere, I'm not sure how clean those dishes got, but they're done.

Milo said...

I'm now imagining you as a go-go dancer at Fangtasia - dressed in black leather. You move fast and seem very 'elastic' - great for a dancer.

Polt said...

David: I'm just looking, man, that ain't against the law. But the laws of nature demand that if he's gonna show it, Polt's gonna look at it. :)


that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: Boo...the doc never came when he was supposed to! Lozer. Guess I'ma have to call SONY tomorrow and become a whine factory to them.

E. Copterz: Cuz just like Britney, I want my audience to pay attention to mah VOICE...not just my entertaining schtickz. :p

And I love the howl too! She just soundz half in da bag.

MadTexter: I'm glad you stumbled ur cholo bunz onto mah site as well. I'm also glad that you have a blog so I have another site to add to my reading list [aka what makez me not feel bad about not having da cable].

Polt: But all I want for Xmas are dumps like a truck (truck, truck) and thighz like what (what, what)! :(

Laurie: You can try and resist, but as soon as you put on some classic pop jamz (I'm thinking Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" or Janet Jackson's "All For You"), it will be impossiblez for you to keep from jump-jiving and wailing!

Jere: The ones that washed clean under the water were fine! Anything that actually required more than 3 secondz of scrubbing stayed in the sink to soak [read as: sit there until Shawn eventually did them].

David: Boyz! Boyz! There is no need to fight ova moi [aka keeping doing it, I like the attetion]!

Michelle: Well...when you gonna get Oprah wealthy?! I've got my scrubbing brush and vocal spray all readyz for my stint as your utensil-washing crooner.

Mel: Sure! But only if your music library consists of songs that are not a) funky, or b) played-out.

John: I hope I didn't kill you! I look forward to your commentz so greatly...and those voodoo doctors that can raise the dead are muy expensitivo and yo no tengo dinero cuz Michelle has yet to become uber Oprah rich and pay me for mah dish-washing talentz!

Milo: I used to want to be a hooker! I'm serious. (weird?)

Chris D. said...

Great job! Oddly, it seems like you focus on the songs more when you are driving than when you are doing the dishes. ;) Though, it was fun to see you dancing.

Enrico: I felt like Josh was referring more to his own howling being unenthusiastic rather than Shakira's.

Ryan said...

Dancing to music is how I do a lot of my chores. It makes it fun. Too bad I get too embarrassed to do it when people can see me.

David said...

Now that I've watched these, all I can say is that if I was there while you were doing that, those dishes would def NOT get done.

Ray Avito said...

Enjoyed thoroughly and you didn't even have to ram anybody's face into your crotch.

callonmevalerie said...

Oh my god. Do you know how fucking crazy I just went trying to remember the song that you played right after Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) (Extended Video Version) ended?!??!? I had the melody of the verse and chorus on the tip of my tongue (feat. K. Clarkson) and couldn't figure it out until I went to to look up C. Aguilera's full discography . . . where did "That's What Love Can Do" even come from?!?!?!?!

Also, I put it as my Fbook status and my coworker just commented on it like it was a serious statement. PLEASE RESPOND APPROPRIATELY.