Thursday, December 24, 2009

Morning Surprise!

So I wasn't planning on posting anymore before Xtina's Xmas tomorrow, but I woke up en la mañana today to find a pleasant little surprise being all sleepytime city on mah legz! So of course I grabbed my phone and recorded that shet, since how often do you wake up with not just one but TWO beautiful babiez on top of you?! Eff all the presentz tomorrow (not really), I've already gotten the best gift a day early! And since I am so generous (and smart and sensitive and attractive and humble) I decided to share wiff you da magik of my bubbaloooooz [aka my cats]. Please excuse mah early morning garbage eyes and sniffletastico voice.

Oh! And you all owe me $3.50 for each view. Sorry...times are hard and a boi needz to make a living somehow!

(and yes, Polt & Jere, we know you hate catz.)


john said...

Your morning voice is so deep. Is that you making the kitty noise? I'm not fond of cats either, but hey, affection is affection. Even thought they are really trying to sit on your chest and take your body warmth and breath.

Who made the robot painting?

Merry Christmas Josh! I hope Santa is good to you and brings you what you want.

JSBN said...

1. This was not the "Morning Surprise" I was expecting/hoping for.

2. I'm beginning to like catz but I'm allergic so seeing this awesomesauce sux my mind dry.

3. No one should really record themselves talking to their pets... it sounds really, really insane.

4. I now owe you $7, how do I make payment?

5. Best idear eva waz addin those comments into the youtubesvids


Jere Keys said...

Help! One of those things just vame into my room and jumped on my bed, too. It's looking at me. It seems to want something (my soul). What do I do? WHAT DO I DO!?! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

Tam said...

Awww. They are cute. I often find Max laying on top of my kidlet in the morning. Vanessa used to sleep with me (she kind of looks like Baberz) but I changed my bed to a different position and it seems to have completely freaked her out. Now she rarely joins me for the night.

I'll share pics of my babies.



And the evil tiny Bun.

Tam said...

Damn, forgot to say hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Milo said...

I like cats a lot. Jealous of people with cats and dogs. In my building no pets are allowed. Plus, with the stupid number of hours I do at work it wouldn't be right to have pets anyway.

Have a stroke for me!

PS Have a great day tomorrow!

callonmevalerie said...


As much as I was dying at the cuteness of you screaming at your cats to pay attention and be a star (Tyra Banks Redux), I just pissed myself at "JENNIFER HUDSOOOOOOOON! WOOO!" (feat. abrupt cut off)

that's J-O-S-H said...

John: That squeaky noise? Yeah that's me! I've been using it to call my cats since they were all babiez. And the painting? My sister's fiance did it. Read up!

JSBN: 1. Perv.
2. Who carez about allergiez?! Suck it up and love them!
3.! You're the one who soundz insane for tinking that an owner loving his pets to the point of unreciprocated convoz is weird!
4. Carrier pigeon.
5. I know. I'm pretty funny and original [aka stole the idea from VH1's "Pop-Up Video"].

Jere: What do you do?! You let them drag you to hell in the best way possible! Yay!

Tam: My family used to have a cat named Max who was struck by a car. I was soooo sad! Then they got anotha feline named Jack who isn't nearly as fun. Still cute though!

Oh, and speaking of cute, your babiez are so hermoso that I crapped my trouserz in excitement when I saw their gorgeous pusses! And I lurrrve that Vanessa a) lookz like Baberz and b) is named after V. Carlton, or so I assume.

Milo: Aw, well...mis gatoz can be your virtual pets! Just go to my YouTube and watch their videoz over and over!


JSBN said...

Dude, I can't suck it up with the allergies. My nose gets all runny and I start sneezing within an hour of being around a cat.

Talking to pets is fine (I talk to my dog all the time, yes I do, who's a pretty girl?). Talking to pets while recording yourself on video is where the line is drawn.

Also, you've officially lost out on your $7 because I don't have any pigeons.

Polt said...

See this, THIS, is why I hate cats. If that were two dogs on your legs, by calling their names, they'd jump up and run to you and be all excited to see what you want and wagging their tails and when you made cute doggy noises, they'd make them back to you and bring you toys to throw and to play with you!

Cats....they get pissed off you're daring to disturb them.

And I gotta say, we I to wake up across your legs, I'm pretty sure I'd have the dog reaction, not the cat one.

And the Craiggers cameo is awesome. I love how he's making appearances in all these videos.


Justin said...

Awww. Gotta comment-and-run cuz we're taking xmas-eve dinner over to some neighbors but (a) Josh your "morning voice" *is* very deep. Nice!!! :-) (b) Jeffrey: it's called claritin. I'm allergic and I've lived with my platonic-life-partner's cats for 15 years now.

Back later for more commenting. Cute gatoz. :-)

hoteltuesday said...

Why isn't Baberz in the mail being sent to my house yet?!?! Remember that time I came over your house and he LOVED ME [read as: let me pet him and didn't run away]

I want a cat at my house so bad! Dumb rules....

john said...

Josh: You need to read up too. Not only did I read that post, I commented on it.

Looks like my memory is going.

David said...

True feline affection is demonstrated when they run away from you and hide under the bed.

Or so I keep telling myself.

Chris D. said...

Cute cats. My mother's cat sleeps with her. I totally thought that squeaking noise was the cat, but found it odd because it sounded more like a sound a kitten might make. In fact, I think I remembered that noise from your previous kitten video. It must have been you all along. I am glad you cleared that up.

Justin said...

So, about cats....

I've always been, and will always be, a dog-person. Lisa, my bff & "Grace" to the "Will" that is me, has always been, and will always be bi-species-ual: she's equally dog- and cat-person. One reason why I'm not a cat-person is that I'm allergic. As long as they don't sleep in my bed or on the living room furniture, and since we have hard-wood floors instead of carpeting, I'm ok living with cats (short-haired ones anyway). But it does mean I basically don't touch cats if I can help it, and that helps reduce my ability to feel as much affection for them as I would otherwise.

I've heard it said that the reason some people (this is usually said of straight men) like dogs and not cats is that you can tell a dog what to do but not a cat. But I think that's a big misunderstanding. The difference is simply that dogs, like human beings, evolved to be social animals, whereas domesticated cats are not. Dogs hunt together, cats don't. Dogs evolved to be keenly aware of social cues, body-language, facial expression, eye-contact, and so on, and so did people.

I don't know if it's pure coincidence or something more substantial that explains why dogs and people are so very good at reading one another's social cues, but we are: you can tell a dog's emotional state very easily. Dogs have very expressive faces and their emotions are familiar ones.

Cats unfortunately have *relatively* inexpressive faces by comparison to dogs and people: they tend to have a perpetually imperturbible, inscrutable expression on their faces. I think that makes it harder for some people to connect or bond with them at an emotional, visceral level.

Myself, I'm extremely fond of Lisa's one current cat, and I've cried like a baby every time we've had to go through the wrenching decision of having to put one of her cats down. I'd always prefer dogs, I think, but if I wasn't allergic I suspect I would get a be even more affectionate and would spend more quality cat-time.

One last thing: Lisa and I both believe that the most feline of dog breeds is the Huskie. That is also our favourite breed (though we are committed mutt-owners and shelter-dog adopters). Huskies clean themselves a lot like cats (they lick their paws and wipe their faces, for real), and they are very stubborn and hard to train, like cats. They have minds of their own. They are extremely intelligent, but they aren't as powerfully motivated to make human beings happy as most breeds are. So you have to develop a strong bond with them if you hope to be able to live with them in a harmonious way. They also do things like sitting in window-seats and staring out of windows for hours, like cats.

Ok, I lied. One last last thing. Lisa likes to say that dogs are like perpetual 3-year-olds, while cats are like teenagers. And like teenagers, they need all the love in the world but will never admit it to you. Of course even that's not true. Lisa's cat is immensely loving. Of each person in the house, and of both dogs. It's a shame I can't be more physically affectionate with him. :-)