Saturday, November 21, 2009

Three Outta Three Ain't Bad!

So I spent Tuesday y Wednesday en Nueva Nueva workin' at the office. After gruelin' [read as: surprisingly calm] dayz, I met up wiff Mr. Dahvid to engage in some funtime outingz. Wednesday night, he treated me to a fabo show on Broadway (which was dark that night). He took me to see a revival of dis old skool [circa the Dinosaur Era aka 1947] musical called Finian's Rainbow.

At first I was all lyke, " it all about gay schtuff?!" to which I yawned...but it had nuffin' to do wiff dat! I'm not gonna spoil it's goodiez para tu, but in a brief synopsis, its about leprechauns, magic, love & friendshitz! It touchez on serial topix like racial injustice and monetary standing wiffout getting all "nightly newz" and being borrring & uneffective! The songz were fun, there was sexxxy dancing and dee actorz were incredz (especially the sassy scene-stealer Terri White who once was a homeless lady living in Washington Square Park!). Finian's Rainbow is only the fifth Broadway show I've ever seen after Les Misérables (yay!), Aida (zzz!), Phantom of the Opera (that's the chandelier scene?!) & Rent (funky & played-out). It was for def def defferz vundervill and I demand you see it pronto.


Then I went to work Thurzday and did important grown-up tingz. After work, I was supposed to hang out wiff mi amigo de Nueva Nueva, Mariel, but she had to cancel. But since I packed an overnight bag for TWO nightz, I had to make up for the fact that I was lugging around half mah wardrobe through the streets on New York. So I called up [read as: texted] Dahvid and forced him to want to go to the movies wiff me. But since he is sickeningly motivated to do a million thingz every day, he had to each a yoga class when he got outta werk.

By the time he'd get outta teaching people how not to be lazzzy lardbuttz, we'd be able to catch a 9 o'clock movie. Yay! But being that I got out of work @ 5, I had to find a way to eat up four hours. Easy-peasy! I farted my azz on ova to a Best Buy and kibitzed about the store for an hour. I ended up buying American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen's debut disco compacto!

I voted for dis dude when he was on the show and I am 100% certain that it's due to Enrico & I's votes that he won during the finale against that hideous, pretentious, dirt-clod Lady GaGa Adam Lamebert. Yeah, yeah, yeah...All deez Adam Lamebert fanz [read as: people who are easily amused wiff little musical taste] are gloating about how his album is gonna sell better than Kris', and they are probz right! Still doesn't negate the fact that he's a glammerpussing, hott-bottom, head-titling cocoa-fist [credit: Deven Green]. Anyone that knowz me is aware that I am an Idol addict (I need mah fix!) and that I know more about it than anyone ever, so therefore mah opinion is fact and Adam Glambert is indeed a crapsicle.

And since I have a sexxxytime crush on Kris & his cute-as-a-cursed-button voice, I just had to get his CD. And it's pretty good! It actually sounds like a real album as opposed to past Idol winners' cornballer debutz [see: Kelly Clarkson's Thankful that is the definition of cheez-festival, though I do still lurrrve it!]. The songz actually fall into that pseudo songwriter rock genre that Maroon 5 & Jason Mraz seem to dance around in. First single "Live Like We're Dying" is catchy & lovely as is "Written All Over My Face" & "Alright With Me" (which is fucking adorable). The disc also contains a full-length of Kris' fantastico cover of Kanye Butthole's "Heartless" that he performed back on Idol.


After I spent 30 minz swooning over the stock footage of Kris sitting at a piano & holding a guitar in the CD booklet, I still had 3 horaz to kill till Dahvid stopped being dedicated to his jerb. So I walked a long-azz expanse of 23rd street until finally going to the theater. I sat in the lobby and watched the trailer of that movie The Blind Side. It's sure to be awful, no I was right the first time, awful, and it stars Sandra Bullock [feat. blond dye-jerb] as some sassy mom wiff a heart of gold that helpzzzzz somzzzzzkidzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I watched it approx 30 timez and memorized the whole fuzzing thing: When I look around, all I see are people shooting da bull & drinkin' coffee!" The only ting redeeming about this goofyass crap are the cameos by Jack's Mannequin & Rob Thomas songz during the preview.

Well, Dahvid finally got to da theater right @ nine and we were able to grab our seatz and partake in one of the best filmz I've seen in yearz. Yes, I finally saw Precious!

The movie was everyting I expected it to be and more. Yes, Mo'Nique should win an Oscar and Gabourey "How the hell do you pronounce mah name?" Sidibe deservez at least a nomination. I've read all the reviewz & talked at great length wiff Enricoskatez about it, so I anticipated some tearz. I didn't however expect to leave the theater being an inconsolable mess. It didn't just break mah heart, it ripped me limb from limb like that douche from Shaun of the Dead. It was expertly directed and was both incredibly devastating & undeniably uplifting. If you have any common sense [feat. a beating heart] you'll be getting your cholo bunz into the nearest theater and lurrrve it.

Yay for three awesome tingz! They made this week actually not suck too much!


hoteltuesday said...

FINALLY! Now you'll know what I'm talking about when I mention stealing chicken or Mariah Carey being Italian. Still, I think the movie should have been called Joann instead!

Tam said...

Wow, what a busy two days you had. A musical about leprechauns? Coolio.

I think Precious is too depressing for me. I don't like movies that make me sad. But if anyone asks I'll just say that you love it and that's good enough for me.

David said...

Tam! Yes, the movie has many tough moments, but I found it very uplifting at the end and there were so many amazing performances in it. Mo'Nique was truly remarkable and Gabourey Sidibe was equally terrific.

Finian's was everything a musical revival should be. It honored the spirit of the original while finding moments throughout the show that had resonance with contemporary life.

Plus, two days in a row with Josherz? Win-Win. :-)

Laurie said...

O man I LOVE movies that make me sad .....(wonder what that means?)

If anybody reading this is the same (anybody?) go rent "Snow Falling On Cedars". It's smart and beautiful and profound and sad as HELL. Man, I love it!!!

Guess I better go see "Precious". Better warn whoever I go with. My eyes tear up as soon as the preview starts--and I've seen the preview at least fifty times now ......

Thanks J-O-S-H!

Ray Avito said...

I like watching sad movies when I have eyeliner on. It gets all streaky and stings my eyes.

The Blind Side does indeed look like an eye-roller...

Michelle M. said...

I'm definitely going to see this. I like the movie poster, too.
Shaun of the Dead is a great movie.

David does seem to have a million things going on during the weekends. I'm glad he could squeeze you in.

Shut up. That's not what I meant.

Jere Keys said...

What the f*@% are you on about now? Too long, didn't read. I most certainly am not tripping over myself to praise everything you post, no matter what others may "tink."

And feel free to holla any time you've got 4 hours to kill in the city. My daily agenda is slightly less loco than David's (sometimes).

that's J-O-S-H said...

E. Copterz: ::eatz hairy feet:: ::livez in bubble under the sea:: ::barfz in trashcan::

Tam: When it winz every Oscar (even ones it isn't nominated for), just golf-clap and nod in appreciation.

David: Tanx for lugging mah stupid azz around wiff you. I know how embarrassing I am to be with out in public!

Laurie: I kept mahself composed throughout the first half of the flick...but then came this one scene with her Mom and mah jaw dropped and I couldn't breathe.

Ray Avito: I will have to remember the eye-liner when I go see it another 10 timez in the theater.

Michelle: PERV! But you get away with it since you're just so darn perfect.

Jere: Come on Mr. Keyz...join the circle jerk!

goblinbox said...

Having to blow four hours iz totes harrd, butchew did it! Yay!