Monday, November 30, 2009

the Monday Muse of 2009!

Round II has officially ended and let me just say that it was a neck & neck race between the ShamWow Pepaw & the Kittenz Commentator. Sorry to the other two contestantz (they never stood a chance)! Next time, be funnier! And even though I personally soiled mahself on numerous occasionz tanx to Mr. Shamwow & his nutz (he's right, I do love them!), kittenz always prove to be tough competition! That rando little grrrl and her even more rando commentary will be heading to Hawaii! to the next round in three weekz!

But let's get down to business. This week's set are, IMO, the best batch of Monday Muses yet! Good luck picking your favo! Remember, the winner of dis whole shebang will become your new Josh Is Trashy savior. Pick wisely! Here are dis week's hoz...

Virgania Horsen - Why deal wiff the inconveniences of the post office & the airport?! This sexxxy trick will help you avoid those long lines and those threats of terrorism. And don't worry, she's not one of those people that doesn't know how to be quiet!

Pickle Surprise - Culinary mastermind! He will haunt enrich all of your wildest nightmarez sueƱos! Repeat his mantra: "Haaaaaaaaaam..."

Chicken TV Dinner Factory - Where the best food in the world is made! Make sure you force your stupid teacher to take your class on a field trip here! Chix dinnaz make you stronger so you can yell louder!

Steven the Beautiful - The most gorgeous cholita in the entire mundo. Look @ those browz! Chut uh! Stop grillin' him! You need to excuse his beauty!

GellieMan - For def def defferz the lost Backstreet Boy. Those movez! Dat voice! The Minnie Mouse bedspread! Prepare to have dis Romeo break ur corazon.

This week is gonna be mad dificil, so get ur tinker capz on and concentrate. Pretend you're takin' da S.A.T.s again! Focus, focus, focus. This will be graded.


Michelle M. said...

While I love Kristen Wigg, I have to go with Pickle Surprise.

But my heart belongs to Nannerpuss.

Mel said...

Soon as I saw Pickle Surprise was in the running, the contest was over! Some days (maybe every day) I just wander around saying "pickle surprise!" in my head all day long.

Ryan said...

I voted for chicken dinner. I don't know why I am so amused by children saying twisted things.

Pickle Surprise stole a portion of my life that I will never get back.

I'm now listening to Outlandish.

Ryan said...

Oh, and Virginia Horsen is awesome as well.

Jere Keys said...

Not hard at all. For sheer insanity that you can't stop watching, nothing will ever top Pickle Surprise. Not even an Adam Lambert-Lady Gaga-Tom Cruise threesome sex tape.

Dave2 said...

I am horrified beyond measure, but still managed to place my vote. If that doesn't speak volumes as to my dedication, I don't know what would.

Tam said...

Yeah, okay Pickle Surprise was weird and I loved Gellie boys (really, he's no man) Mickey/Minnie Mouse bed set, but Steven was brilliant. The cop was hilarious. Although the video doesn't show up on your link anymore. :-(

So I wonder if Steven ever got back to Arizona?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Tam: Are you sure the video doesn't show up?! I can see anyone else having trouble seeing Steven the Beautiful's beautiful video?!

Tam said...

Hmmm. Maybe it's just my work computer then. I get a blank white spot in the post. Sometimes our firewall blocks stuff out. Although why it would block a goddess like Stephen I can't imagine. I'll rewatch it at home tonight just for the pleasure.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Best Lines From Each:

"With horses, you don't need stamps! You need stermps, which are stamps but larger."

"Spread sammich spread."

"Are you my dinner yet? Hurry up and be my dinner!"

"I alwaaaayz have I.D.! It's just dat I LOOOOST IT!"

"I don't knooooooow, I don't kn-oo-ow."

john said...

I have three words for you: "Excuse my beauty."

Justin said...

I voted, of course, for Pickle Surprise.

But I'm still recovering from choking on my water when reading about the "Adam Lambert-Lady Gaga-Tom Cruise threesome sex tape". I just can't stop laughing. :-)

Craig said...

Virginia Horsen because anything Kristen Wiig does beats anything anyone else does ever! Even me! Okay, maybe not me.

goblinbox said...

So your blog is called JOSH IS TRASHY (DO YOU LOVE IT?) and I would like to answer that question.

Yes, yes I do love it!

That is all.

Ray Avito said...

Pickle Surprise is so ridiculously twisted and weird. I love it now. I will vote for it thusly, please.

Steven looks like my friend Marcus in drag. I am horrified.