Sunday, November 1, 2009


This entry is a pseudo-follow up to mah last entry about Helloween costumez and all that good shit. I hope you all had a vundervill time last night get sloppy and/or stupid and being all silly in ur different get-upz! As I mentioned, I went to Nueva Nueva last night and met up wiff mah two best friends from college, Xtina & Sam. We kabitzed about Canal Street wiff some of their awesome friendz and I was pleasantly surprised to have Jere Keys and David Pasteeeeeeeeelnick also join our motley crew of cowboyz, gangstaz, corpses, religious iconz and Rock of Love Bus hookerz.

Here is me before heading out:

[P to da S: the only ting I bought for this costume was the handkerchief which I got at a thrift store for $1!!]

I drank a lot, posed inappropriately wiff toy gunz, had a million pix taken of moi [cuz I'm a glamor hog], ate pizza and danced before stumblin' my goofy rodeo bunz back to Xtina's Brooklyn apartment and collapsing into a candy coma [feat. waaaaay too many Almond Joyz & Whopperz]. And though I thought my costume was pretty self-explanatory, it was alarming as to how many peepz felt a need to guess what I was. Some thought I was supposed to be Woody from that Toy Story franchise, though I don't know what about mah costume makes it seem specific to that character. I had one guy shout out "Yo Brokeback!" which I guess I had coming to me, considering the slut shortz I donned. But by far mah favo comment of the night was when this one grrrl walked up to me, pointed her index finger at mah chest, looked me in the eye and said "Homosexual." BEST. COMMENT. EVER!

All in all it was a grand night. I made some new amigoz, got mah party on and was able to up my Facebook photos count [aka the point of my attention-craving existence]. What did you folkz do on your Helloween night? Get dressed up? Go out somewhere? Watch a spookfest movie? Pelt children with candy?! TELL MEEEEE!


hoteltuesday said...

I screamed "Didn't We Almost Have It All" approx. 45 times, frightening Richard Parker, my housemates, and potential trick-or-treaters all at the same time! YAY!

Dorkys Ramos said...

A dollar?! You got me beat! Nice job :)

You know I didn't eat much candy yesterday. I'll have to make up for it over the week.

goblinbox said...


OMG R U GAY?! Srsly?


Mel said...

I worked 16 or so hours the night before, then drove and hour and a half to my parents' house to take a short nap, then drove another hour and a half to go examine a couple of sheepies I'm looking to get for the farm, then drove back to where my folks live, had dinner with my brother and his fiancée, then drove back to work to process sheepie blood and poo samples, then drove the hour home. By then it was really super late and I had to go to sleep so I could get up and work a day shift today.

And, ironically, my verification word is "revives".

Jere Keys said...

I spent the night in Bible class and prayer circle, because Halloween, queers, drinking and dancing are all sins. But you already knew that.

Michelle M. said...

I'm laughing at Pasteeeeeeeeelnick and goofy rodeo buns. And Jere's comment.

I just handed out candy and watched Orphan (while eating candy). Not as exciting as scaring hamsters or processing sheepie poo samples, but there you have it.

Adam said...

I strapped a toilet seat and some poo to my ass, a pillow to my front, and covered myself in an Elvis costume. But def not as much fun as playing with real sheep feces all night.

Enrico - I actually have that song on a record ... omg am I old??

Tam said...

Sounds like great fun. I handed out candy (not many kids) and then took my daughter and some friends to Rocky Horror.

Since I'm an official blog contributor now I guess I have to pimp my post on the blog. You can read about my experience here.

john said...

I went do dinner at one of my sister's houses and watched my nephew scare the poop out of little kids as he was dressed as the scarecrow on the front lawn.

I didn't take any of the poop samples or analyze them though.

David said...

I bought a sexy guy a beer. But he didn't put out.

that's J-O-S-H said...

E. Copterz: I tink that on Thankzgiving we should put on a marathon performance of "I Have Nothing [American Idol Every Season Mashup]" around our neighborhoodz and ruin everyone's festive dinnaz.

Dorky: By the end of the night, there was more candy in my body than blood.

GoblinBox: OMGAwderskatez! Don't tell mah parents!

Mel: What did you have for Halloween din-din?! Please tell me whatever it was had comically named festive names. Spooktastic Spaghetti, Ghoulish Garden Salad & Jack-o-Lantern Jell-O! Yumz!

Jere: So many's such a surprise [read as: shame] that we haven't been dragged to hell yet.

Michelle: How was "Orphan?!?!" I wanted to see it!

Adam: That is awesome! Did you have an accessory bag of soggy, dripping bacon?

Tam: Wait...a production of "Rocky Horror" or a movie showing?!

John: Every year I am constantly scared poo-less by dooderz dressed up as scarecrows. Will I ever learn?

David: Um...your compensastion is being blessed with having not only ONE sassy young blogger in your bed tomorrow night, but TWO.

Tam said...

Movie. Not a production although you'd think that based on the costumes present. LOL I'm not sure it's kosher to throw toast at live performers.

SAM said...

I passed out apples with Razor Blades to all the kids! Then had a party where all the guys drank too much and let me feel them up.

Michelle M. said...

Josh - it was okay - not scary, more of a thriller. There were some plot holes. The little girl who played Esther did a great job. I would recommend it.

Craig said...

Great costume!