Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cat Fight!

Today at the Pennington municipal building [one town ova] there were free rabies shots. And since Shawn & I lurrrve our sweet beautiful babiez [feat. anyting dat is free] we got our azzes up early and dumped Mowgli & Hermanita in the car and sped off. Baberz is one effing lucky cholito gato for getting his shot when he was high as a kitty kite during his anti-testicle operation, so he didn't have to get dragged to hell along wiff his padres. Shawn & I had our heartz explode while driving our poor pusses and having them scream their feline throats out. For serial, you would tink that by the way they were crying that Shawn & I were ripping their claws out with tweezers, not just driving 15 minutes up the road.

When we got there, I stayed in the car with one of the catz while Shawn took the other one into the building in our single carrier case. It didn't help that there were dogz everywhere surrounding the car barking like a pack of stupid buttholez. But neither Mowgli or Hermanita ran away, so I consider the venture a success. So proud of my baaaaabiez! And to honor them I thought that I would share a cute lil' video that I took last week while I was chillin' in the living room. Seriously...shit like dis is priceless and I'm lucky I caught it on video! Huzzzzzah!!!


hoteltuesday said...

Aww Baberz is cute (aka he lets me hold/pet him!)

Tam said...

You are a good Daddy. Hope they are feeling fine after their shots.

I think my Max had a bad night last night because he was in a pissy mood this morning and decided to take it out on Vanessa. Yours are so pretty, you must be proud.

Ray Avito said...

The "watch dis" tag is cracking me up big time (there was drinking last night). I love how in the beginning the one kitty was like "I'm attacking! wait, I have to clean my paw."

Mel said...

Aw, so proud of you for being a responsible kitty-daddy. I always tell people they gotta at least keep their pets vaccinated against rabies.

Polt said...

"explode while driving our poor pusses"

A sentence I never thought I'd ever hear uttered from Sassy josh.

Yeah, the kittahs were cute and all, but they're all STILL spawns of Satan. just sayin... :)


Verf word: horman (n) a male whore.

Christina said...

josh.. ets be clear about how THIN hermanita is. fat = grozz

FunWithGrindr said...

The tagging on that vid is awesome! :) hilarious.

And I love Mika, so that was a nice little bonus. ;)

Dave S.

Michelle M. said...

Music, cozy fire, cute kitty antics - looks like a fun night in.

David said...

I have to get my kittehs to the vet for a check up soon. I'm a bad kitty daddy, but I fear the struggle that will ensue in trying to get them to the vet, considering Lisa still freaks when I try to hold her.

I love your video tags. "I'm not dancing."

that's J-O-S-H said...

E. Copterz: Baberz does lurrrve you, which is surprising considering how he usually tears ass through the house if someone is within ten feet of him.

Tam: I wish I could hire someone [for free] to follow my catz around unnoticed and record all da tingz they do when I'm not sleep, piss, sleep, crap, sleep, lick, sleep...

Ray: I lurrrve how gatoz randomly will stop whatever they are doing to collapse to the ground and start licking a seemingly arbitrary fluff of fur with such sudden vigor that you'd think the world was ending.

Mel: I spoil deez kittenz. There isn't an hour that goes by when I'm home that mah kittercatz don't receive a thousand kisses. Serial.

Poltergeizt: Yes and who does Satan hang around with? Demonz? And what do demonz do? They drag me (feat. Enrico) to hell aka DREAM. COME. TRUE!!! No wonder I'm obsessed with cats.

Xtina: I swear...that precious grrrl gets only half a diet icicle every two days.

Dave S.: Yay! I have a celebrity crush on Mika.

Michelle: It's shit like dat which I live for.

David: OMGawdz...I can't imagine carry my cats around NYC! I'd be so scared they would run away and I'd kill mahself outta grief! Is there a veterinary office near your neighborhood?

goblinbox said...

1. Your petz r cyoot.

2. You cracking up totally cracked me up!

3. You're adorable, hon.