Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome to the FUNHOUSE

I died and went to heaven on Monday. Yes, it's true. I am dead [not just floating]. My location of death? Madison Square Garden. The cause of my death? Instant heart explosion bloodbath when I bared witness to the goddess of my life, Alecia Beth Moore [better known to the uneducated as P!nk] take place in her critically acclaimed Funhouse Tour. WEEEE! My friendz Laura and Val purchased ticketz with my like a million yearz ago [read as: 6 monthz] and alas, finally the day came! And was it ever worth it! But let me rewind...

To those who aren't smart, P!nk is one of today's most crafty, creative and talented pop musicianz. Her beautiful yet rough vocals have drawn comparrisons to the late great Janis Joplin and her songwriting capabilitiez are often praised for their sincerity yet freshness. She's had 4 top ten albumz, 9 top ten singlez and has won two Grammys during her short career. She's redefined herself time and time again and has consistently proven her worth in today's pop culture world. Sadly though, she never seemz to receive the respect or attention that I personally think she deservez [check out this spot-on article that detailz mah point exacterz]. That is why (as any friend of mine, bloggy or real life, can tell you) I make it a motherfuzzing mission of mine to talk about her whenever I can. It's also why I will now share with all your vundervill peepz the magic that took place at Madison Square Garden on October 5th, 2009.

I met up with Laura and Val in Nueva Nueva and we all were shizzing our pantz in anticipation for the concert, so we decided to get some grub. I know, I know...eating leadz to gaining weight [aka my least favorite deporte] but we knew we'd need our energy before witnessing the deity of our existencez come glittering into our livez. While we ate some derriciously greasy pizza, I noticed a flourescent heart on the wall that obviously was meant to be a real life metaphor of my burning inferno affection for P!nk:

That old dude there for totez doesn't appeciate P!nk like he should. What a dickface.

After we gorged ourselvez [feat. vomming it back up so we stay in shape], we walked over to Madison Squared Jardin and looked around @ all the other cholitaz/gay men that crawled out of their hellish livez to enjoy P!nk with us. I took an unnecessary pictura of the venue's sign:

We got inside and checked out the merchendice and chatterboxed with some rando hoz about how awesome P!nk and how excited we were to see her. Blah blah blah...then we got to our seats and sat through the opening act, The Ting Tings. They were good and fun and I'm almost convinced to get their album. I didn't boo! Kudoz them. Now get the hell off the stage and give me some P-exclamation point-NK! After a seventeen hour intermission, the lightz dimmed and a video started playing on the jumbotron monitorz! It was @ dis point that I started hysterically hyperventilating [I didn't stop till like two hourz later when the show ended]. I'd like to describe what exactly happened, but I feel showing you all might be more exciting. Luckily for me [and all you gringoz!] most of the concert has already been uploaded onto YouTube. She opened with "Bad Influence" aka one of my favo songz on her new album! Here it is:

After I located my eyez [which had ejected themselves out of my skull due to their inability to handle the excitement and pure bliss unfolding in front of dem], I partook in what eventually became one extended singalong through the music catalogue of my favo singer! She sang a wide spectrum of hitz including older gemz like "Just Like a Pill" and "Don't Let Me Get Me" [in which she playfully mocked Britney Spears' tendency to lipsynch by tapping on her mic and pretending to be caught not singing].

Of course she sang her latest hits "Please Don't Leave Me," "Sober" and "So What," to which the audience literally went apeshit and started fistpumping and dancing like maniacz [or maybe that was just me?]. She did several coverz including "Highway to Hell," "I Touch Myself" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" as well as an acoustic set that featured her anti-Bush "Dear Mr. President," her depressing mommy/daddy issue ditty "Family Portrait" and "I Don't Believe You" which alwayz makes my tearducts go into overtime.

The show was a brilliant spectacle with amazing dancing, nutrageous costumez, trapeze actz, pillow fights, molesting couchez and huge inflatable killer clownz. Her encore consisted of a carnival-rock version of "Get the Party Started" where she was launched into the air and sent tornado spinning above the crowd and a beautifully subdued "Glitter In the Air" where she was slung hammock-style above the crowd with no safety cords. It was touching and absolutely incredible and by far the best show I've ever been to. Good jerb P!nk! You make me lurrrve you more and more each day!

Check out some of the best performancez:


"So What"

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"Glitter In the Air"

"Get the Party Started"


Chris D. said...

That looks like it was a fun show! I am trying to get my friend's band to cover Funhouse at their shows.

Since you are a Pink expert, perhaps you can clear up a ponderance of mine: When she says "check my flow", I thought that may have been a musical or recording term. My friends thought it was a reference to her "menstrual flow". Do you have any thoughts?

Also when she says she will have to sit with "Drum Boy", I used to think she said "Trump Boy", until I saw the video.

I am glad that you had a nice time at the show.

that's J-O-S-H said...

When she says "Check my flow" she means a flow as in spurting out lyrics quickly and flawlessly. Menstrual flow is disgusting and makes literally no sense.

And durh you should force your friend's band to cover "Funhouse" (the entire album...not just the song).

Is this Josh Zuckerman's band?!

Chris D. said...

I thought I was right! :) I dislike menstrual juices. Yes, it is Josh's band. He was at the Pink show as well.

I forgot to mention that I didn't like the smoking in the intro video. Smoking is not cool, and is super gross. :(

Tam said...

You guys are disgusting.

Moving on to P!nk as she is fondly known on this blog, looks like a great show. I will have to look at the videos at home but I heard good things. Too bad she didn't come to Montreal (or Ottawa), I might have made the trek to see her. Glad it was everything you dreamed.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

P!nk, Pink, or Alecia, whatever you wanna call her.. she is AWESOME.

I had heard her performance in Glitter In The Air was awesome.. now I see why.

Glad you had a blast.

hoteltuesday said...

PSSSH. I'm SOOO jealous!!! And she did "I Don't Believe You"?! Love that song! I would have cried into my overpriced Sprite (speaking of Sprite, why does MSG only have THREE drink options?!?!).

Though this looks less exciting than the Circus tour, and that time I saw Kelly Clarkson, I still wish I could have gone!

FitzLikeaGlove said...

Ughhh you said you had funnn .. then I watched the videos and realized P!nk could have brought dead peeps back from the afterlife with those perfomances!!! Super-totes-jelllzzz

David said...

She covered "I touch myself"? That is totally cool.

Michelle M. said...

Sounds like a fantastic show. Maybe it's good that she's underrated. While other pop stars flare and burn out, she'll keep building a solid body of work.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Chris: I usually hate smoking, but for P!nk it's an exception. Plusserz, I tink she recently quit.

Tam: That's how her name is spelled on all her merchandise and on her CDs! The exclamation point es importante!

Soul Seared: MMMM! I wanted to be there swinging in bedsheets and getting soaking wet with her! That sounded dirrty.

E. Copterz: They did a poll of everyone in the world and the result is that P!nk beats Britney and just barely edgez out Kelly. Sorry...just the facts.

Fitz: I dropped dead numerous timez to only be brought back to life by her live rendition of "Just Like a Pill" and "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)."

David: AND she was molested by a couch at the same time. It was really sexxxerskatez and the camera man zoomed in on her hootin'annie while it was getting all felt up!

Michelle: That's true...I just hope she'll be appreciated enough to get her own theme night on "American Idol" so I'll be able to sing "So What" and make all my exez scared and uncomferz.

Milo said...

I'd not heard of Pink until reading about her/them here. Don't think they are well known over here. Flamboyant show though - looked like fun!