Friday, October 2, 2009

An Evening With Sedaris

So tonight was absolutely fantastico! Two monthz ago, Shawn & I purchased tickets to see the one & only David Sedaris do his once-a-year reading @ McCarter Theater in Princeton. I've been a longtime fan of Mr. Sedaris and his short & hilarious biographic anecdotez were actually one of the tingz that inspired me to start Josh Is Trashy a year and a half ago. Taking everyday events and thoughts and transforming them into sumfing that is both entertaining and mildly [read as: very mildly] thought-provoking became a writing goal of mine that I still follow to this day!

Anywayz, before the performance, Shawn & I got some derriciouz Indian cuisine @ this restaurant in Princeton. I got the Chicken Korma which is basically the dead bird smothered in a sexxxy sauce of synonym & other spices. Yumz! As an appetizer we got some sort of lovely potato cake (feat. tomatoes, mango chutney, yogurt & garbanzo beanz). YUMz (the Next Morning Gassy Explosion Mashup)!

After we gorged ourselvez like cerdoz, we rolled ourselves on over to the theater and waited in bursting anticipation for David to grace us with his presence. And then he did! Weeee! Folkz always talk about how strange of a voice Mr. Sedaris has and they're right! It was elfish in nature but had quite a spitfire behind it, like when he read a piece written in the form of an email from a disgruntled bride to a wedding guest who gave a free pizza coupon as a marriage gift. I died prox thirty timez during that reading alone! He also shared with us a touching story about raising sea turtles in his childhood aquarium, a fictional book review written on a feminist website by a misogynistic bigot and finally a collection of quick exerts from his personal diary.

My ticket to hilarity.

There were several times that I nearly cried out of laughter [with a 75% chance of wetting my slacks] and I was going to stay after to have a book signed by him but a) the line was too long; b) I was afraid he would try and chitchat with me like he alwayz does with fanz and I wouldn't be able to come up with a quick and witty response to volley back at him; and c) I left all mah libroz at home. Oh wellzzz, it just meanz that I will have to see him again sometime in the near future.

If you've never read anyting by him, then you must check him out. My favorite story by him is called "Keeping Up" and it's out of his latest book, entitled When You Are Engulfed In Flames. Give it a read and tell me what you tink! Or have you read any of his work already?! Don'tchu just wanna give him a big hug?! Up until tonight, I used to tink he looked kind of like a sea turtle, but after seeing him in the flesh, I believe he has lifted himself out of the realm of "Shelled Marine Animal" and has earned a spot in the category of "Adorable Pepaw." Good jerb David! Keep reaching for the starz! LOVEZ HIM.

Check him out reading on the David Letterman Show:


Mel said...

Usually with the long lines they just move folks on through. I got to have dinner with him after a show he did in NH last year. The brother of a friend was the promoter for the show, so my David got it all arranged as a surprise for me. He (Sedaris) is a nice guy.

Adam said...

omg I'm jealous! Somehow I missed the fact that he was going to be in the area until yesterday when a bunch of my FB friends were statusing that they were going. Next time warn me so I can get tix! :)

Tam said...

Well, you have educated the ignorant. I've never heard of the guy, now I am sitting here laughing out loud in my living room. It must have been great to see him live. He does sound like and elf but he's very very funny. Hmmm. Secret Santa? I like books. :-)

David said...

Me Talk Pretty One Day is one of my faves.

He has a friend, David Rakoff, who is also a writer and humorist in a similar, if distinctive, vein. You might enjoy him as well.

Word verification: Pitio - the area in your backyard where you complain to people about things.

john said...

Tam: He is totally worth a read. I've read "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" and it is very entertaining.

Michelle M. said...

He's funny. I think Amy is great, too.

Katie said...

I'm sooo jealous!! I have read all of his books and he is hysterical!!

that's J-O-S-H said...

Mel: YOU HAD DINNER WITH HIM?!?! What did you feast on, other than his sheer comedic brilliance?

Adam: Last year we found out about it but it was too late to purchase tickerz! You know we ordered them as soon as they were available dis verano!

Tam: Seeing him live was amazerskatez! Near the end of his performance, he took questions from the audience and would go off on these rando tangent impromptu storiez that were absolutely deadly.

David: Yay! I will look into him! I'm always trying to find entertaining and comical readz that I can use to break up the general theme of depressing dismay that most of the bookz I read seem to feature.

Michelle: I lurrrve Amy Sedaris! The "Strangers With Candy" movie had me both laughing my azz off and uncomfortably cringing.