Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One In a Million

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001

So I don't want to get all saddy and crybabish up in herre, but I wanted to take a break from my normal routine of garbage banter to dedicate my blog to the memory of one of mah absolute favo singerz eva, Aaliyah. Today is the eight year anniversary of her death aka one of the saddest dayz of mah life! Killed in a terrible and foolish plane crash, I remember hearing about her death on the news when I was just a little high school tot. It shocked me and was the first time in mi vida that I remember having to really cope with death. Grandparents had passed, but that was when I was younger and less susceptible to the full magnitude of such jarring emotions. Yes, I was a mess of tearz for the following few dayz. It got to the point that Aaliyah's name became synonymous with mine in my class. My friend Val and I would constantly shout it out as an exclamation of excitement, or if we were looking for each other in a group of other peepz.

Long story short is, I love Aaliyah and still miss her. So feel free to check out some of her supa hawt videos below and tell me how sad you are that she's gone.

Are You That Somebody? (feat. Timbaland)

Try Again

More Than a Woman

Miss You


hoteltuesday said...

You didn't even post my favorite Aaliyah songs here:
- Four Page Letter
- The One I Gave My Heart To (my first cassette!)
- We Need a Resolution
- Rock the Boat

Alright, now I'm sad :(

that's J-O-S-H said...

I absolutely adore those three songz too. Especially "We Need a Resolution" (feat. huge snake and sexy high heelz)!

Anonymous said...

Good one Josh, and you posted some of my favs of hers!!! She, like many other artists left us way too soon. :( One song I would add to the list..."I Care for You". It's one of the most simple, honest and humble love songs out there.

Peace out,

Laura said...

AALIYAH!!!!!!!!!!! You better still have that FRAMED photo of Aaliyah that I won for you at physics day by out smarting the guess my age/weight guy with my super ultra unhuman skinniness!

Michelle M. said...

My favorite is "Back and Forth".

Julia said...

so i watched the "miss you" video right after i found out the Ted Kennedy was dead and it brought tears to my eyes.

john said...

It's all about "Rock the Boat". Sexiest song ever.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Cindy: Oh my...I LURVE every Aaliyah song, these were just the tunez I thought most peepz would remember. And sorry, the song is called "I Care 4 U"...numerical!

Laura: Eff yeah I still have it. When I get my own pad, I'm gonna hang it above my fireplace, you know, like where my college diploma/picturez of mi familia should go.

Michelle: That song freakz me out cuz it was produced by R. Kelly I tink, and didn't he marry Aaliyah when she was like 8?

Julia: I cry every time I watch it. I didn't cry over Ted Kennedy though. Insensitive?

John: "Rock the Boat" is where I got my AIM screen name (Rockdaboat56) from! So. Sexxxerskatez!