Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Music Playlist

Music! Weeee! I alwayz wanted to be a music writer for a fun, hip entertainment magazine and come up with different lists of songs and artists and all that good stuff. Categorizing music and ranking and picking dis and dat...I'm obsessed with it! But since the world hatez me, I can't seem to locate such a jerb. Geebz! Someone pay me to force my beliefs on the public! Ug. Anywho, since I don't have a magazine to vent my musical tastez on, I thought that I might as well do so on mah blogggggg. So here is my current playlist of songs that I can't stop listening to. Five are oldiez and the other five are current trackz. I'm eclectic!

[Listen to some clipz down below]


"She Wolf" by Shakira - A terrifying and addictive Columbian nightmare where Shakira relates herself to a coffee machine. Please note the unenthusiastic wolf howl during the chorus.

"We Are Golden" by Mika - Cutesy pop tune that sounds the way cartoons look. The music video is absolutely orgasmic and is what I do in mi casa when I'm alone.

"Paparazzi" by Lady GaGa - She's a moron, but this song is quite genius. The metaphor in the chorus is threatening and obsessive, just like moi!

"Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit - Crazyass weird Indie shiz (feat. high pitched wailing and DJ goodiez). Am I even cool enough to listen to dis? Probz not.

"Party In the U.S.A." by Miley Cyrus - It's a virus. No matter how many timez I vomit or how many hours I sleep, it won't leave me.


"Dirty Work" by Steely Dan - Lazy little tune about not puttin' up with people's shit. Wish I had this on playback with me @ all times.

"Monday, Monday" by The Mamas and the Papas - Makes me feel like a hippie. I've never been to California, but I think everyone there talks completely in Mamas and Papas lyrix.

"You Making Loving Fun" by Fleetwood Mac - This song gets me inexplicably aroused. I blame the supa hawt bassline.

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John - I can't play the piano like Elton. I can't write wordingz like Bernie Taupin. ::criez::

"Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson - EDIT: Now I'm crying. Saddest song eva! Or least for this week.


So what are you cholitoz and gringaz listening to?! Share the jamz!


john said...

YAY MUZIC! Can't live without the stuff. Of late I've been listening to the following almost non-stop:

"Apples" by One For The Team: Popppy with great guitar and harmonies. I got this cd earlier this year and 90% of the songs are pure awesome fun.

"Dotted Lines" by Electric Presidents: Fun and sad at the same time with great lyrics and a whispered under track line of "if you touch the fucking base, I'll kill you."

"Inspiration Information" by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Totally groovy.

"Let Me Think About It" by Ida Corr & Fredde Le Grand: Great dance track "I'll make you see, that I am the true way to ecstasy." Indeed Ida, indeed.

"This Tornado Loves You" buy Neko Case. Fantastic lyrics comparing the intensity of her unrequited love with the fury of a tornado. "I have waited, with a glacier's patience, smashed every transformer with every trailer til nothing was standing, 65 miles wide. Still you were nowhere, still you were nowhere in sight." Love this song.

"Tears Dry On Their Own" by Amy Winehouse: This totally reminds me of 60's Motown grooves. I'm not a huge fan of Amy, but this is a great song.

Polt said...

FINALLY, you list some oldies that are oldies even to me, not something I heard in college! :)

Most of your oldies are pretty good, and, per usual, I haven't heard any of the songs, although I've heard of most of the artists.

Guess I'll just have to wait until you sing them in car or play them on the keyboard in your underwear. (better than driving in your underwear, methinks.)


vuboq said...

luvluvluv Shakira. I've been a fan of hers since the 'Donde Estan Los Ladrones' album.

I've been on a RuPaul kick for the past few months.

Michelle M. said...

You are all musically cooler than me. I'm listening to Manilow! Maybe someone should send me some new tunes to jettison me out of the seventies. Hint, shameless hint.

I know all the oldies you listed, but the only newbie I knew was "We Are Golden". But only because it was featured on this week's "Make It or Break It" - a show about gymnastics that my inner 12 year old watches (along with "10 Things I Hate About You.").

Is the Miley song in "The Hannah Montana Movie"? Because that just came via Netflix.

Laura said...

Why don't we own more colorful top hats? I feel they would help us in our ever lasting quest to be judgmental of the deserving.

Also you better believe I'm going to chase you down until you love me!

David said...

Aside from all the P!nk and Kelly Clarkson I just received, I'm listening to The Trews (Paranoid Freak), Sheryl Crow (Leaving Las Vegas), The Posies (I Guess You're Right), and The Killers (Somebody Told Me) among others.

hoteltuesday said...

Eww. "You Make Lovin' Fun" is totally in the bottom half of Rumours (along with most of Christine's life, except for her contributions to Tango in the Night which are somehow amazing). Have you listened to the whole Rumours CD?! Dreams is the best!!

I love "Party in the U.S.A"! It might make an appearance at The Goods....

Right now I love Jazmine Sullivan's CD, especially "Bust Your Windows," "One Night Stand," and "After the Hurricane." I also love Ace Enders Australian EP which was super hard to find, but I'm glad I did!

John: I love "Tears"! I love most of her CD, but that's one of my fave tracks.

vuboq: "Ladrones" is a great CD. I think I prefer her Spanish music. My fave CD of hers is "FijaciĆ³n Oral Vol. 1."

Michelle: No, it's not in the movie! It's off her upcoming EP (exclusively sold at Target!) but the movie DOES feature "The Climb"!!

Tam said...

Willie Nelson? *shakes head* And if I have to explain the meaning of why she's a freaking she-wolf in the closet to my daughter one more time I'm going to scream. She just doesn't get it.

Umm. I don't know. I downloaded some stuff that Ryan suggested before I went on my trip, I have Busted, The Click Five, Cute is What We Aim For (saw them in concert last Aug.), Owl City, Ill Scarlett, McFly, Faber Drive (also saw them), Pushmonkey, Saving Abel, Social Code (I think my daughter finds this a bit close to screamo for her taste but I like it), Pitbull, Ten Second Epic, The Veronicas, Every Avenue, Boys Like Girls, plus more misc. stuff.

If we're talking old stuff, Bay City Rollers (Saturday Night), Louis Armstrong (Its a Wonderful World), Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain), Meatloaf, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

Tam said...

Oh, I just realized I seem to have an inordinate amount of Bowling for Soup as well. Their version of the Gilligan's Island theme song is brill and I can't help but sing along at the top of my lungs.

Chris D. said...

I like She Wolf. I hear it on the radio quite a bit. It is a nice driving song.

I had not heard that Mika song. I am going to see his show in NYC in October with some friends. I hear that he puts on a good show.

I had not hear Paparazzi, Sleepyhead, or Party in the USA before.

Last Sunday I saw (and videotaped) a new band called The Neon Kingdom ( (I think I preferred their live sound, their demo tracks seem a wee bit "over produced") ) at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. They had a very Bowie-esque sound. I think they could go places. I will try to do a blog post about them with some video once I finish editing it and get some clearances.

Anonymous said...

Miley Cyrus??? Why Josh? Why????? All the others right on. Of course! "You Make Loving Fun" is a great song...sorry totally disagree with ya there hoteltuesday, but I know what you mean about "Dreams"!

"Yellow Brick Road", what can I say? The whole album is amazing. Have you ever listened to Elton's first album Josh? I think you would really like it. It being his first one, it is very simple, like Elton John unplugged or something like that.

What am I listening to right now? I bought a Michael Jackson greatist hits CD recently (Number Ones). There are some great songs that are bringing me back to my childhood in the 80's. Ooooh the zipper jacket, the glove! Anyway,the beat in "Don't Stop Till you Get Enough" sends me into dance orbit instantly! Other good ones..."Rock with You", "The Way You Make Me Feel" of course "Billy Jean" and "Thriller". Me and one of the girls I look after are currently teaching ourselves the Thriller combo. Love it!

Aaah ooooo!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I see that once again I neglect to pay attention to the fince details of song titles. "You Make Lovin(not Loving) Fun".


that's J-O-S-H said...

John: If you like that Amy song her throw-back should check out her "Me And Mr. Jones." Reeeeeeks of old-skool Motown.

Polt: I've driven to the gas station in my 'roonz before. The attendant said something like "Don't get dressed up for me or anything," and we both chuckled. I felt self-conscience.

VUBOQ: I LURRRRRVE "La Tortura" (feat. Alejandro Sanz). SO. GOOD.

Michelle: Email me your address and I'll send some supa sexxxy mixes your way!

Laura: I'm you mothereffing biggest fan.

David: Good jerb on listening to P!nk and Kelly! They are better than everyone. Sheryl Crow is one of my least favorite people in the world. But I like the Killerz!

E.Copterz: I have heard it, but really should invest more time in it. And I love your Good's acoustic performancez!

Tam: What wrong wit Willie Nelson?!?!?! That song is a masterpiece.

Bowling for Soup? Rando!

I saw Cute Is What We Aim For a few years ago. I played their CD out hardxxxcore for a month and haven't listened to it a single time since.

And you have to let her out so she can breathe!

Chris D: I WANT TO SEE MIKA IN CONCERT [read as: sneak backstage and coerce him to sleep with me].

Cindy: I never heard Elton's first CD. I get scared of classic rock oldiez' first albums...I'm afraid I won't get into them if they don't have hooks or hits I'm vaguely aware of!

And chut up! That Miley song is gooooood! #2 song en los Estados Unidos.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

First off-ALL of Elton John's music has hooks and catchy melodies-its simply his style.

"You Make Lovin' Fun" is a fantastic and understated love song. "Dreams" has its moments, but its nice to be able to take a break from Stevie's """LISTEN TO MEEEEE I'MMM A GYPSYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" vocals so one can indulge in the smokey and mellow sounds of someone who doesn't feel the need to be front and center all the time. Don't get me wrong-I love Ms. Nick's vocals, but sometimes ya need a break from all that.

Anywayzzz eventually you will burn me the new Dredg album and I will finally give you what i have of Karate...perhaps also some Dinosaur Jr. and American Football.