Monday, August 24, 2009

My Monday Muse

the Chicken Dinner Factory

So if you're smart and like to have fun, then you obviously have already heard of/watched/fallen in love with the genius television series Wonder Showzen. If you haven't, then close mah blog down, go onto Netflix and order it. If you don't have Netflix yet, then go sign up for it and then order it. Simply put, you must see it. It's the bread to my butter and the cran-raspberry to my vodka. Senseless skits and parodies that are offensive and completely arbitrary in nature?! Sign me up, douchebag! But by far the best part of the show has to be the dubbed over videos with youthful commentary. And the most hilar example of how children actually do say the darnedest tingz can be seen below. Take a tour through the Chicken Dinner Factory:

Now who out there can tell me that they aren't jellerz that they didn't go to the Chicken Dinner Factory? I know I was seeeeeeeething with the angerz after watching this! I <3 botulism, rat fecez & cockingroaches! I can't get enough of Daddy's magic powder! Yay!

Now I was never a big frozen food fan [side note: Fla-Vor-Ice do not count] but after dis exposé on the wonder and excitement of pre-packaged mealz, I don't tink I can resist! Just look @ those tiny little peep puff ballz! Derriciouz! I know that when I love an animal I scream @ it until it submitz to mah desirez to consume it! I haven't stopped yelling at my kittens for the 7 weekz they've been alive! Plus, according to that little girl on the video, if I eat that food, I will throw up 120 timez a minuto...fitz perfectly with my diet! Yay!

I just worked 5 effing shiftz at the restaurant since Friday, and I pretty much wanted to end mah life when I got out at 10 PM last night, but I watched this and felt a sigh of relief. Tanx0b020Gawd I don't work in the Chicken Din-Din Factory. I wouldn't want to be sub-human chicken-slicing dronez like those loserz. Yay!

Ok, well I must's time for me to practice my Español Maid-Talk. Toodlez to you my noodlez!



David said...

That was just nasty-ass hilarity.

john said...

"Chicken Genocide...Chickern Darfur" "Now if they can only solve a mother's love."

Where the hell do you find this stuff?

Christina said...

"Chicken dinners make me stronger! So I cacn yell louder."

best line

hoteltuesday said...

This is my fave video ever!

"Are you my dinner yet?!"
"They floored me with their lack of shame, with their jobs. They acted like it was normal. Like they were human. Losers."
"I hear in some countries, they cook their own food. Losers. We eat out of a box."
"There's my maid!"
"I screamed at the workers: show me how you work!"

But the best are the mother lines!

"Those chickens were almost as battered as my mommy."
"Now if they could only sell a mother's love in easy packages."