Friday, August 21, 2009

Excuse me, there's an alien in my stew.

I try to make it to the moviez once in awhile, just so I can keep up on all the latest flickz. And in this week alone I have gone TWICE. Look @ me...I'm so popular and busy. Well, the two peliculaz that I went to see couldn't be more polar oppositez. The lovably heart-warming Julie & Julia and the violently disturbing District below to feast on my geniuz opinionz!

District 9

Get your fuckin' tentacle out of my face!

Of course I went to see this movie! Durhz! Alien thrillaz are what I live for (along with big-budget, plot-hole filled disaster films). Before viewing, I read a million reviewz of District 9 any everyone was praising how amazing it was. I was surprised cuz for usualz critix don't usually les gustan movies of this genre. But after going with mah sister Cindy and housemate Shawn, I for supa totez understand why everyone is suckling on this moviez weiner. It was quite incredible and volleyed me across a broad spectrum of emotionz. I was sad one second, happy another, terrified the next, and crying right after dat.

The plot was strong and a nice twist on the whole "alien comin' to Earth schtick"; instead of the aliens coming to kill us or whatevz, they simply wanted to check tingz out, only to have their craft stall out and become abducted by humans and thus put into concentrate camp-like slumz where they live. Much sympathy is dredged up for the alien beings, or "Prawns" as they are derogatorily called, and unlike other stupid extraterrestial films, they are given personalities that the audience could relate to.

Now, the film makes a blatant political statement which scared me @ first. I can't stand politix and all that borrring unfun shiz [it fills mah lungz with limitless yawns], but this movie touched on some very crucial and disturbing topics that I thought they executed in a very effective and efficient way. Kudoz them!

The effects were fantastico and I was happy that the aliens weren't hidden away for a shocking unveiling "BOOooOoOOOo!!!111!!!1one!11!!!!" moment, but instead were shown clear as day to let the viewer know that these tingz weren't to be feared, but understood. I was for def def defferz impressed and recommend anyone that is smart and isn't a douche to go see it. Oh, and "Christopher Johnson" is the best name for an alien eva!

Julie & Julia

If no one's in the kitchen, who's to see?

Hello?!?! Meryl Streep! I love everyting that she's eva done [sans Mamma Mia! cuz that shit was just stooooopid]. And when I try and tink of any other cholita that would be able to pull off Julia Child, she's the only one that popz into my cabeza. Well, aside from Rhonetta, but she can do anything!

Anywayz! Since I loved Doubt and couldn't wait to see this rousing follow-up, I enlisted the company of mah amigo David, and we were off! And did I love the film? Of course, you idiot! It was brillz!

The film revolves around Julia Child's life and her ascent into the culinary world. She's adorable and fearless and out-going [aka three tingz I wished I was!]. Juxtoposed with that storyline is a modern day tale starring Amy Adams as a blogger (!!!) who attempts to follow Child's cookbook and catalogue her adventure through every one of her recipez. Reviewz have been spewing in that all praise Streep for being the greatest person ever, while hating on the contemporary storyline, but all those people are assholez, cuz I thought that both parts of the film were entertaining and crucial to the other.

The film also made me want to cook more. I made a million gallonz of chicken, potato and onion soup last week that I am just now slowly working mah way through...though I have yet to poach an egg or bone a duck or anyting that requires a great amount of skill [inset: something I don't have].

Well, I hope all you wonderful bloggy personaz are convinced to go see both of these filmz and then comment on how great they are [and by consequence, how great I am for recommending dem to you].


chris said...

Um D-9 was good but weird! Dont get me wrong I liked it alot! Mainly when anyone got shot with the electric gun thingy and poped like a zit! Fun Fun! However I think your right about the political shit. Having been made filmed and all in south Africa the whole appartide thing kinda struck alittle too close to home. I dont know seemed too real. I guess I wasnt expecting such a Realastic version of what would happen.

hoteltuesday said...

I was supposed to go see Doubt II last week, but my stupid sister was like "I wanna see G.I. Joe!!!" so I let her go to the movies alone.

And I want to see District 9!!! Lucky! Stop seeing all the movies I wanna see w/o me! You only live like minutes away!

john said...

I want to see both of these as well. District 9 looks like the shiz! And I love the ads for Julie & Julia. Streep seems to do a convincing portrayal.

The next movie I am looking forward to seeing is "9" by Tim Burton.

Tam said...

We want to see District 9, maybe tomorrow. I'm torn on the Julia/Julie thing. I ADORE Julia Child, she was an amazing woman with that whole war spy/ambulance driver stuff, but I'm not sure I'm keen on the modern part. You said its good but it's just not appealing so I'll likely wait to see that one on video.

Michelle M. said...

I want to see both as well. I looove Meryl. I want to see Meryl as an alien in District 9.

I'm looking forward to seeing Jennifer's body.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Chris: Yeah, it made me feel like a bad person...but the exploding rando bodiez soothed my disturbed state of thought.

E. Copterz: Yo! Let's go to the moviez next time sumfing non-sucky comes out!

John: Meryl dies no wrong. And I wanted to see "9" tooooo! Cute & weird.

Tam: Just sleep through the Amy Adams' parts so you can be well-rested for all of Ms. Streeps.

Michelle: I want to see
"Jennifer's Body" too. "I go both wayz..." That line in the trailer kills me!

David said...

"adorable and fearless and out-going [aka three tingz I wished I was!]"

Well, you know my opinion about the first ting.

Totes fun hanging with you and seeing the film. Let's see more now!

Rachel said...

Fucksickles, I almost forgot to post before bed.
They'll amuse you, they're about abuse. And you're right, anyone who disagrees with you IS an asshole.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

poaching an egg is fairly easy...even John does it all the time-super serial. Next time you are over John and i will show you how. You can show off to all your friends lollercopterzz...