Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

My sister Melody is extremely talented and it pissez the snot outta me. She's been drawing ever since the world came into existence [aka my first burfday] and she has really put all the chicken-scratching to good use! She stole a college degree from someone with the same name as her and conned her way into a publishing jerb en la ciudad de Nueva Nueva.

Oh I kid, I kid. Har har! I'm funnerz. For serial, she's an incredible artist and her fiancé, John is also quite skilled, focusing his talents on grafitti-inspired work. Well, the two of them teamed up to make me feel umotivated and worthless and put on an art show. And hooray! It was wundavill! It was yesterday in Red Bank, New Jerzee at this cute little book & art "cafe."

I met up with my family early in the day and we drove to Red Bank to be the supportive nucleus that everyone wantz to be a part of. Our main direction given to us by my sista was that the bookstore was across the street from a pale yellow church. I naturally scoffed @ such a vague comment and made numerous jokez about how we'd have to turn left at the broken-down Chevy and ask Glinden, the hooker of Marshall's Corner, to direct us the rest of the way...but I fucking deep-throated my wordz when we actually did stumble upon said church, and thusly mah sister's show. Fuck off me.

As we approached the store I noticed that one of my sis' pieces was actually sitting in the display window:

When we were done oogling the window display, we ventured inside to begin ruthlessly criticizing the rest of their work...but to our surprise, there was nothing find fault with! And for me to not be able to find something to bitch about...well that is quite an accomplishment. Here is a look at some of Melody's arte fantastico:

I also adore John's work to boot. Not sure if y'all remember (or care enough to remember) but back when I gave a "tour" of my house, but in one of the shots of my room you can see a painting sitting on my dresser of a robot. John did it and bequeathed it to me as a burfday present two yearz ago! Very modern and very awesome, I adore his work for its strangeness and its admirable execution. Here are a few shots of his work:

I even helped with one of the pieces! My sister asked me to look @ two drawings she had been working on and put my creative writing minor to good use and construct a poem inspired by them. She imprinted my poem on the drawing and it came out really great! You can't really read it in the photo, but it's there!

A good time was had by all. My sister and [future] bro-in-law were able to display their work (and even sell a few piecez!). I drank five glasses of wine. Yay! Here is a picture of mi hermana y yo in front of our collabo piece -- and yes, I know I look uncomferz and high:

My sister checks my blog semi-regularly, so leave her a comment and tell her what you tink of her shiz! Also, check out her Flickr page HERE. Oh, and HERE is John's page as well. Apparently "thetruthcomesout" featurez a quote that yours truly said once in regards to an ex of mine. Whoopz! BLACKMAIL!



Tam said...

Wow very cool. Your sister does amazing faces, I love the one by the wine glass. Yay you for being a part of it with your poetry. Congrats all around.

David said...

Talented families piss me off.

Both sis and bro-in-law-to-be do really great work. I especially liked your sister's "woman in a mask" pen and ink and biltb's robot profile painting.

john said...

Your sister and John's work are quite good. I love your sister's portrait of Elvis. Thank you for posting her flickr account as well, I'm glad I got a change to look at her pieces close up. I really like "voyuerfinal".

John's work is fun too. I love his sketchbook pieces. His "ascension" piece is definitely a favorite.

Michelle M. said...

Your very own poetry show (feat. Melody and John)! How generous of you to let them showcase their talents as well. Singing, dancing, poetry, comedic stylings, social commentary - is there anything you can't do?

hoteltuesday said...

Wow. This art is amazing! I love it all. I want a box with a less scary person painted on top!!

Did an ex really say that to you?!

P.S. your sis really loves the boobs, huh?

callonmevalerie said...

How much would a piece of MEL original set me back? (SAY I GET A DISCOUNT BECAUSE I KNOW YOU)

I want original art to brag about :(

Jere Keys said...

Nope, not going to come here and stroke the egos of the uber-talented, at least not until they learn how to make awesome art in MSPaint.

Okay, fine, everyone in this post is awesome. Even the random guy standing by a tree in the photo of you and your sister.

Anonymous said...

YaY! Good work showing the love Josh!! Mel and John will be most pleased with the extra exposure! Although, you should of put at least some quotes, if not the whole poem that went with Mel's newest artwork!


Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

Thanks for the shout out Josh ;)

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments.

Hoteltuesday: I do indeed love the boobz. Naked women are, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet. I could be biased though. Either way-its fun to draw them ;) Also-Josh had said that about an ex, not the other way around. I was present at the time he spat out that little gem.

As far as art pricing-I have been selling the smaller drawings for about $100. Larger pieces it depends on how much I love them and how difficult it was haha.

BOSSY said...

So cool, nice nice work, there, sista.

Chris D. said...

Great art! Your sister and her fiancé are very talented. Congratulations on having your poetry included in your sister's work. That is pretty cool.

callonmevalerie said...


Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

That is a really tempting offer, Val. Do I get a recorded archive of said song?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Look Mel! Look @ all the friendz you have now! You can finally say that you have FRIENDS! Say it with me...F-F-Frieeeeendz! Good job! Now go draw me sumfing.

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

You're an ass lol...I don't care if I have no friends because I don't like people. But anyway-what do you want drawn?