Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pimpin' Out

Well herrrro...

I've been buserz lately enjoying life and not dying like every other celebrity in the world. So I thought to catch up with y'all I'd use this entry to highlight some of the shiz that I've been digging as of late. These are the following five tingz I feel deserve to be pimped out and enjoyed by you, my wonderful blog-reading gringoz! I lovez it and you should shall too!

Album of the Moment

MGMT - "Oracular Spectacular"

A few entriez back, I was talking about Godspell and how it made me long to be a smelly, unshaven, wily hippie. Well, this album by Brooklyn-based duo MGMT further spearheadz my desirez to stop showering, run around naked outside and go to Burning Man. The music is brillz and the perfect ting for me to put on when I'm trying to write. It's engaging enough to inspire, without being poppy or overly produced to the point of distraction. The music soundz like how the album cover portrayz...two crazyass dudez making some bizarre music that makes you want to grab your nearest bongo and head on over to he closest beach bonfire and act a supa serial foo. Also, it might just be me and my lack of sleep blurring my eyez, but I find both of those dudez to be quite attractive. Lovez them! Take a listen to some of my favorite tracks from their album:

Movie of the Moment

The Savages

I think I am comfortable enough in my queer skin to be able to say that I am in love with Laura Linney and I for def def defferz would go to bed with her. She was phenomz in The Squid and the Whale and she starred in one of my fav moviez of all time The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I also love Philip Seymour Hoffman, but not in a pepaw crush kinda way, but rather as in a boring, I-respect-and-appreciate-his-artistic-talentz kinda way. Well, both of these thespianz kicked ass in my latest Netflix treasure, The Savages. It was a dark-comedy (though more dark than comedy) about some old guy who startz to go locomotion thus forcing his socially-effed up children to find a home to put him in. It's a simple enough story, but the screenplay was wonderful, as was the acting. Go watch it right now, hos.

Book of the Moment

"Snuff" by Chuck Palahniuk

I adore Chuck Palahniuk. And by "adore" I mean "I've read two of his bookz that I thoroughly enjoyed." What I love about his writing is that he doesn't give a shet about whever or not his books are too strange or unorthodox or effed up...he's gonna write dem anyway. When I was still in escuela, I had a creative writing professor who constantly stressed the importance of writing stuff that's bizarre and uncomfortable, even if it seems too silly or deranged for its own good. Considering all the bland bullshiz that gets turned into books/movies/plays, it's nice to have an author like Palahniuk who basically takes the literary world and givez it a donkeypunch and doesn't call it the next day. His book Snuff is about what you think it's about. A bunch of dudes have signed up to engage in a 600-gringo fuckfest to set the world record for most sexual partners captured on film. The movie stars some old slut star that everyone lovez and the book follows three men out of the six hundred as they wait their turn to turn that old bagina out. I can't give much more aware without completely ruining the rollercoaster ride that is the plot, but let's just say it getz mothereffing bizarre and it had my mouth hanging open wider than that gob on the cover.

Music Video of the Moment

P!nk -

Durhz. Everyone knowz that I love P!nk. She's my favorite ting in the entire world (aside from Fla-Vor-Ice and Caramel Cremez) and so of course I have to pimp out her new video and tell all you choloz to go buy her album. I was thirteen screaming orgasmz when I found out that she picked my favorite track off her latest record Funhouse to be her new single. The title track from the album is incredz and is fun and wild and slightly carnival-themed aka terrifying and wonderful. "So What" was fun & attention-grabbing, "Sober" was dark & introspective, "Please Don't Leave Me" was melancholy & I think it was very wise to choose "Funhouse" to release next, cuz it's just an effing hoot that combinez the feelingz of the aforementioned three singles and slingshotz it into your eartubez with glottal growling and pyromania deluxe! The video is effing bizarre and even though I was unsure of how I felt about it at first, I have grown to love it. How effed up are those "evil clownz"?!?!?! I died. P!nk stumblez around and dancez like me when I have one too many rum (feat.cokez) and then she starts to break shit and snarl @ the camera and act exactly the way I would if I had a music video. Then Tony Kanal from No Doubt (who co-wrote the song) popz outta nowhere to shower me in his gorgeznezz and (rumored) huge wang. Yumz! Now go buy her album. I'm serious. Do it now or I will kill you.

Favorite TV Show of the Moment

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Back before anyone liked me other than my family, I used to spend my summerz with my sister Melody in the room we shared together, watching Sailor Moon & Baywatch, playing N64, terrorizing our catz with millionz of unwanted hugz/kissez and eating bucketz mac & cheeze. And with all of this time spent together, we not only grew very close, but also very insane. But out of all the reclusive and abnormal gamez and shiz we would come up with to keep ourselves occupied, the greatest thing we ever did together was invent this game called "Mute". Basically, we would put on the televisor and turn off the volume and make up funny and artarded and offensive tingz to say along with what was on the screen. Not only did it cultivate my obsession with critiquing the pop culture world around me, but it kept me from living out my middle school dreamz of becoming a prostitute! Anywayz, in the midst of these summerz we stumbled upon this television show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 that has made me cry with laughter more timez than all the abusively hilariouz YouTube clipz I love combined (yes, including "Scarlet Takes a Tumble"). Basically this white dude and his two robot friendz watch old dumbass moviez and rip them apart in some of the most hilarious writing ever to grace television. Because the world doesn't completely despise me, Netflix has nearly every episode in their magic vaultz of wonder, thus causing me to constantly have a MST3K episode awaiting me in my mailbox (along with a normal movie...Borrrrring!). I'm serious...look @ my upcoming queue. I for serial can't fucking wait for Attack of the Giant Leeches! LOVEZ IT!


FDot said...

Ah...The Savages...such a good movie. I can't wait for Laura Linney to pick up an Oscar one of these days.

I haven't listened to Pink since she still really worth it?

With MST3K, if you haven't already seen it....Manos: Hands of Fate. Less said, the better.

hoteltuesday said...

OMG copycat. I just started listening to MGMT! I saw the "Kids" video recently (on MTV2!) and decided to listen to them some more. Why isn't "Electric Feel" on your playlist?!
The Savages sounds amazing. I wanna watch! And I LOVED The Squid and the Whale, as you know, I think.

FDot: Pink is BETTER since "Trouble." My fave album from her is I'm Not Dead, followed by Funhouse!

hoteltuesday said...

Wow! According to Wikipedia, The Savages not only made mad top 10 best movie of 2007 lists, but it tied with Away From Her, TWICE. And I LOVED AFH since it made me cry like 4 times and broke my heart in a zillion pieces! This makes me want to watch it more somehow. lol.

Nathan V said...

I haven't seen the Savages! I missed it in my 2007 Oscar blitz. I'll try and view it sometime, hopefully. I thought it looked good then.

Also, several of my friends have told me that I should watch Mystery Science Theatre, so I should try and get on wth that too.

So much to do!

Jere Keys said...

I really liked Snuff, though it wasn't as disturbing as Haunted and the story wasn't as tightly written as Rant.

john said...

"Lullaby" is my favorite Palahniuk book, but I also liked "Choke" and "Invisible Monsters". I haven't read "Haunted" or "Snuff" yet.

that's J-O-S-H said...

FDot: I haven't seen MANOS yet...but is totez on my NetFlix. And P!nk is amazing and I agree with my dear Enricoz about "I'm Not Dead" being her best album, followed closely by "Funhouse". PS Laura Linney is amazing. <3 <3 <3

Enricoskatez: I'm not a copycat! I started listening to them over last summer! I became reobsessed with them in the past two weekz.

Nathan: Just based on my interactionz with you online, I think you would LOVE MST3K.

John & Jere: I've read "Lullaby" and loved it. I have "Rant" and a collection of short storiez entitled "Stranger Than Fiction". I love how effing OUT THERE his storiez are. It takez guts to write the shiz that he does!

that's J-O-S-H said...

PS: Enricoz: I can't believe you didn't freak out about me having "Little Children" on my Netflix right now!

hoteltuesday said...

That's cause I'm disappointed that you haven't seen it yet!
However, I REALLY want to see "I've Loved You So Long" so please drive to OG and watch it with me. thanks.

David said...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was funnier when Joel, the original white guy, was on it. But it still is a classic.

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